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Lonely and poor old age of the former doctor

an elderly woman bedridden while away the rest of her days alone, sickness and pain, and terrible poverty!
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The story that now we want to tell you, unfortunately, is typical in our country - an elderly woman bedridden while away the rest of her days alone, sickness and pain, and terrible poverty!
It is terrible to think how many lonely old people today are to whom no one cares. After all, their children love more than their children and do not understand that their parents are their children too, only aged and sick! Orphans, to whom no one cares!
So our 71-year-old Mariam Nonikashvili is bedridden. She suffers from chronic joint disease and blood vessel inflammation, her knees are completely paralyzed, constantly suffocating from lack of air, and from systematic malnutrition and metabolic disorders, her entire body is swollen.
This poor woman is completely alone, and she lost the opportunity to serve herself on her own 5 years ago. Once a week, a kind neighbor looks at her: brings water, bread, takes out the ship, - God bless her with health and happiness!
It is strange that it happens! Mariam is a neuropathologist by profession. She completely devoted her life to her beloved work, treated others, cared for friends and strangers, and, helping others, could not create her own family. Her family - there were people who needed her care! Well, she remained very lonely in her old age.
    Sometimes it happens that Mariam is hungry all week, there is no one even to give a glass of water. She lives in an almost destroyed house, where only one room is more or less suitable for living. The house, built by her ancestors in 1933, is about to collapse. Gas in the house there. No heat. There is no water. There is no toilet. There is no refrigerator, the ceiling is leaking ... Virtually nothing !!!
A pension of 200 GEL is the entire income of this sick woman, who knows how to be treated, but cannot because of a catastrophic shortage of money for medicines.
We asked Mariam a few questions:
-May, where did you work, Mariam?
- I worked in many places. After graduating from the Tbilisi Medical Institute, I was sent to Gori to the district clinic, then I worked for many years at Tbilisi 8th Clinical Hospital, then I was sent to Cuba for 3 years, and after my arrival I defended my thesis, got settled in the Labor Protection Inspectorate. She stood at the origins of the creation of the Georgian National Guard, where she served as a doctor.
-How did you find yourself in this situation?
- The 90s had sad consequences for my family. The devastation reigned around, the money depreciated, the wars claimed the lives of people, lost their jobs, and there was nothing to live for. It was necessary to buy expensive drugs for the father and mother, who discovered the oncological disease. And what means to treat? Where to get food? So she sold the apartment for a pittance, and moved to the village, to the house that grandfather built in the 1930s.
-How old are you bedridden?
-5 years can not get out of bed. The bones hurt terribly, my legs were swollen, there were pressure sores, I can only sit down and then with difficulty ... I have a stroller, but how do I get there and who will be walking around? I am completely lonely.
- Who is cooking or bringing you water, because there is no water in the house?
- A good neighbor comes in a week once for an hour, and the rest of the time I am alone. Fortunately, there is an old TV with which I speak as a person, and what should I do?
- Does the local administration help you? Are they aware of your situation?
- Of course in the know, but no one helps! It hurts me so much with my body and soul!
 - And for whom did you vote?
- I did not vote, and I am not going to until there is a worthy candidate for Georgia! My voice and my heart still belong to Zviad Gamsakhurdia!
- But you understand that thereby they deprived themselves of a defender?
- Do they protect those who voted for them? Are you sure about that?
-What is vital for you at the moment?
- Medicines, first of all medicines ... and, of course, food. My metabolism is disturbed and as a result the body swells, I am all swollen, and frequent fasting contributes to swelling of the body.
-What are you dreaming about?
- (crying): I pray to the Lord God that He will send me a kind person who will take care of me. I don’t need much to sometimes visit, bring hot soup at least once a week, help me put the house in order, talk to me, comfort me a little ... At least talk to someone on the phone. But I don’t have a phone either ... After all, one person is not a person, in solitude he turns into an animal. And I want to die with dignity!
Friends, the state of Mariam Nonikashvili is very sad. Video frames that we offer you can not describe the emotional pain of this lonely woman. But these shots well show how hard it is for her. She speaks with such a bitter resentment that from the first second of communication you feel how hopelessness flutters in her, as she suffers from weakness and helplessness.
It turns out that a person who has worked all his life for the benefit of the health of other people, today lies and counts his days, receiving a blow from society
under the breath - lie down and die!
We appealed to the Ministry of Health and the Social Agency with information about the scandalous facts of deprivation of social benefits of unfortunates suffering from diseases, hunger and loneliness of people, but have not received an answer yet. We will definitely tell you if we can restore justice for this unfortunate and lonely woman, but while the authorities are inactive, our help is simply necessary!
We cannot pass by the grief of this 71-year-old woman and announce a charity event! Let us extend a helping hand to her, so that she does not feel completely abandoned and abandoned by all. Let's save another life, as we have done together more than once!
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