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“I am ready to endure everything if only my daughter’s breathing has not ceased”
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“I am ready to endure everything, if only my daughter’s breathing has not ceased”
     The breath of this cute 3-year-old girl can stop at any moment. Her life hangs in the balance and only with God's help does she manage to fight death. Lord, do not leave this child in the networks of the devil and give little life to Cecily!
     For the past year and a half, this child has not recovered and is fed through a special probe. The poor mother carries a girl from one clinic to another; spends the night on a bench near the chamber; spends last savings on numerous medications; cries and calls for help, but she is nowhere to be seen.
      But no matter how paradoxical it sounds, instead of supporting her, she received a stab in the back - suspended the payment of state social benefits! The unfortunate 60 lari, which she spent on diapers and medicines, now may have gone to official bonuses, as has happened more than once in recent times.
     You just wonder how long the social agents will continue to rape and arbitrarily manage the taxpayers' money, that is, our money ?! But as long as society does not sharply demand that the authorities restore order in the system of the Social Service Agency, thousands of our fellow citizens will suffer from these savages. No compassion and sympathy for a man, only money on his mind and not a drop of conscience!
      Why the social benefit was suspended, what happened to the child, what the family lives for and what it hopes for - we talked about these and other topics with Nestan Bolkvadze, Cecily's mother:
      -What is the reason given in the Social Agency?
Nestan Bolkvadze: they said that we pay for utilities, and therefore have money. Yes, we pay for electricity, but what to do, how to be heated in winter? Us - 8 people: grandfather, grandmother, uncle with his family, which has no shelter ...
-And in what condition?
Nestan Bolkvadze: Oh, this is the old house of my husband's parents, who is on the outskirts of Batumi. It is so old that it blows from all sides, there are terrible living conditions ...
 -What is the father of the child?
Nestan Bolkvadze: he is a handyman. When he manages to find something seasonal or one-time, this is a great happiness for our family. Any penny earned by him goes to buy medicines and special food for the child.
      -What is the state of the girl at the moment?
Nestan Bolkvadze: still no clearance. It lasts a year and a half after suffering an epilepsy attack of 1.5 years.
      -And who pays for a child in hospital?
NestanBolkvadze: 80% paid by the state, and 20% -we. A girl’s disability pension in the amount of 200 GEL is completely spent on medicines and special meals. No more income. My husband and I are actually in a half-starved condition. I am ready to endure everything, if only my daughter’s breathing has not ceased.
      -Did you ask the authorities for help?
Nestan Bolkvadze: yes appealed to the local administration, but it is useless. I cannot forgive myself for making the wrong choice in the elections and cast my vote to unworthy people. I want to appeal to the people so that during the elections they carefully weigh the candidates in question, blindly not give in to propaganda and give their votes to worthy people, those candidates who do not fill their pockets, but take care of poor people.
- Nestan, do you believe that your daughter can recover?
Nestan Bolkvadze: this is my only dream. I have no more dreams. Every mother can understand my condition - I have practically not been alive, I have been on the verge of a nervous breakdown for a year and a half, but I hold on. Sometimes they run me into a ward overnight. I sit beside my daughter and quietly pray to the Lord to send her mercy, give relief and breathe life!
Fear ... That's what fills little Cecily's parents life. They are trying to help, jump over their capabilities ... But alas, this does not always help ... Where to look for money? What to do? One hope remains - to ask people and hope for their help.
       Friends, do not leave this post without attention and help little Cecily. She needs special nutrition, medicine and hygiene supplies.
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Let's make this world a little kinder. Give a chance to those who at the moment need us and our help. God bless you!