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"Please prolong our life!"

It is terrible to think how many needy old men in Georgia are today.
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It is terrible to think how many needy old men in Georgia are today. Moreover, many of them are absolutely weak, bedridden and live out their lives in terrible poverty and complete solitude. In fact, it turns out that if a person does not have children and relatives, then he is doomed to starvation ...
With God's help, the Avetis Sisters still hold on. Until now, they somehow manage to cope with numerous difficulties and struggle with their weakness, but what will happen tomorrow is a big question.
Olga is 80 years old. She is caring for her sister-86-year-old Svetlana, who, after a stroke, is bedridden, has lost her memory and is not oriented in time and space. Despite her many sores, Olga with all her heart takes care of her sister - she cooks, takes out the ship, changes the bed, gives the medicine.
This petite woman has a great will and a great sense of nobility! Despite the fact that she herself cannot stand upright due to a bone disease and goes all curled up, Olga takes care of her sister tirelessly. She recently slipped and hurt her thigh. So now Olga moves about the apartment with difficulty, besides she has problems with hearing, and the pressure of 200 to 110 just tortured the poor woman.
It happens so that when Olga cooks food in the kitchen, she does not hear Svetlana’s screams, but as soon as she hears, she “runs” like mad to help her sister. This is how these lovely old women spend their days in love and care, but in need and sorrow.
     We talked with Olga Avetisova and asked to tell about ourselves and our family, about difficult everyday life and urgent problems.
     Are you completely alone? Are there no relatives?
     Olga: I had a brother and two more sisters. They died. From them only 2 nephews remained. One lives in Germany, and the other in Russia. Of course, there are distant relatives, but all have their own problems and difficulties. They come in sometimes, but they themselves need it and cannot do anything from a material point of view.
-What is your profession? How was your life?
   Olga: I was born in Tbilisi, my native language is Georgian, and then I learned Russian and French. She graduated from the university, 50 years worked as a design engineer in the Institute of "labor protection". My family has never been. My sister Svetlana also never married. That left for old age alone.
-And this apartment in which you live, yours?
     Olga: this house has a big story. It was built by my grandmother in 1889. She was the sister of the national writer of Armenia Hovhannes Tumanyan. After the Sovietization of Georgia, the house was nationalized, and our family was left with 2 rooms, where we still live. The house is absolutely dilapidated, the walls are cracked, the ceiling is leaking, the windows are being blown, the floor is shaking, because the house has not been repaired for 40 years!
    - Probably very seriously ill woman to care for another sick person, especially bedridden?
Olga: it's over hard. I myself barely walk, for 10 years now I can not straighten up, all the bones ache, and after falling, my health has deteriorated altogether.
-How do you cope? What do you live on?
Olga: while I am alive and can walk, my sister will not leave without care. This is my duty, my duty ... We get a pension and social benefits. Somehow I am twisting, although there is not enough money for diapers and medicines ...
-Who helps you?
    Olga: your foundation helps. Constantly the nurse comes and brings order, brings medicine. Thank you so much for this, I am very grateful. No one else helps, and I don’t know how to ask for help, it’s impossible. A neighbor says - “write to the mayor's office, the deputy, the head of the district administration to make repairs, fix the ceiling, fix the floor ...”, but I hesitate. However, it is no longer possible to live in such conditions ...
  Yes, of course, be sure to contact them for help. If they refuse, we will write about it, because more than half a million readers read us and let them be ashamed of their heartless and negligent attitude towards their voters!
   Olga: with your help, I want to appeal to people to come into our position and help. Good people, prolong us life! Whatever you say, you don't want to die ...
      -Can I ask about your unfulfilled dream? Is she still valid?
      Olga: unfortunately, she is no longer in power ... I dreamed of creating my own family, having children, grandchildren, breathing their life, but I did not succeed ... But in my career I achieved success and in that regard I was lucky. Now I dream only about one thing - how to stay in “form”, because if something happens to me, then my sister will come to an end ...
      - Things are so bad, huh?
      Olga: you know, I really look at things, but never for a second I forget about God. I trust that the Lord will not leave us, but kind people will respond and lend a helping hand. I do not lose hope, I don’t fall into despair ... And sometimes, in the evenings, I sit closer to my sister and sing songs, old songs, I remember my youth ... And this makes me so warm that I don’t want to die ...
     Respect for the elderly, perhaps one of most important principles of humanity and morality. Therefore, it is very important not to turn away from their problems, not to close their eyes, but to help - completely and disinterestedly. What is insignificant to us becomes a great value for old people. After all, they need quite a bit - so that we become a little more attentive and kinder. It is simple, but very important!
     Friends, give help to these lovely old women. They will be happy even from attention to them!
    First of all, the sisters need medicines and hygiene supplies, as well as food.
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God commanded us to take care of the old, be ready to give a shoulder and support in difficult times, to pray, to listen, to help!