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Levan will live!

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     This tragedy occurred in November 2004. The minibus was returning from the wedding and got into a terrible accident. All 14 passengers were killed. Only one of them survived, 18-year-old Levan Sogomonov. Since then the long and hard fight for every breath, every heartbeat, every second of life began! One operation followed another, surgeons sewed up numerous wounds, sutured, transfused blood... When finally breathing was restored and Levan opened his eyes, it was already obvious that a real miracle had happened! The guy was practically brought back from the dead. Apparently he was not destined to die, for such was God's will!!! 

     That unfortunate day was 15 years ago. And in the photo, you can see how Levan looks like today. He is confined to a wheelchair, almost unable to talk; he completely lost his memory; his legs are paralyzed; he breathes with a tracheotomy tube, often suffers from seizures, swallowing is difficult, and the oral cavity has come to a terrible state. 

     We spoke to Olga Sogomonova, mother of Levan, and asked them to share their experiences with us: 

     – For any mother it would be unbearably hard to see her child in such a state. What did you feel when you heard about the tragedy? 

    Olga:  It was such a shock that I fainted and fell to the ground. When I recovered myself I thought: now is not the time to die, I must help my boy. My husband died in 1995 and, in fact, the boy has no one left but me. I began to pray to God with tears in my eyes, asking Him for help and mercy. God heard my plea! You see, 15 years have passed and he's still alive!!!

    – Treatment of such a serious patient is very expensive, especially numerous operations and long hospital stay. – How do you cope with the problems all alone? 

   Olga: first, I sold my two-bedroom apartment, and secondly, the government helped me a lot. Then Mikhail Saakashvili was in power. 26 thousand lari was given by the government to Levan, and his wife Sandra helped my boy separately. I'll be damned if I forget that good! I always remember and thank the Lord that with the help of merciful people my son was saved.

     – And how do the current authorities help? 

      Olga: The ceiling once collapsed in this shack where we live. I wrote a statement to the mayor's office, and they sent a team of workers, so the ceiling was repaired. The Ministry of Health gives me money for medicines three times a year. The amount is small, but it covers some part of our costs.

     – What do you do for living? 

     Olga: We have a disability pension and a tiny social allowance. We live very poor. Everything is spent on medicines and food. Of course, I cook by myself, as we don't have enough money to buy special food. However, I am most concerned about the condition of Levan's mouth. Gums are inflamed and bleeding, all teeth are rotten and jaws are aching. I asked and was told that there was no such program and, therefore, they could not finance it. 

     – Why don't you address your local deputy for help? He can and should apply to the Ministry of health or other Department for assistance in this matter. The deputies are elected in order to resolve such urgent social issues of the population. This is their duty, so don't shy off. And if they bounce you we will write about it because we have more than half a million readers! 

      Olga:  I know about that. Certainly I do. Your Fund has been taking care of my son for several years. I am so grateful to you (note: crying), that I often think:  what would I do without you?! And it's not just about medical treatment or supply of diapers. You know, every time your doctor and nurse come around, it's a real holiday for my son. He's so happy, so happy. It is worth doing! 

    – How old is Levan now and how does he feel about his condition? 

    Olga: Now he is 33 years old, but he has a behavior of a small child. This is due to a severe brain injury. He does not remember exactly what happened on that ill-fated day. Neither can he remember what he studied in his second year at the University or that he used to play football in the student team... Sometimes he tries to stand up from the wheelchair and when he succeeds his eyes are glowing with happiness... I thank God that my son is alive! You know, I have one cherished dream and I hope that the Lord will hear me.

    – What is your dream, if it is not a secret?

     Olga: I wish that Levan could walk on his own.… 

Dear friends, social networks are his chance to pass the vitally important medical treatment! We ask each of you for informational support! It is not difficult at all and will not take you long. It will not make no cost to your wallet! We just ask you to share information so that as many people as possible learn about Levan. Among them there will always be wizards!!!

    You can as well visit this man and help him in person. He will be sincerely grateful to you! Levan's address: city of Tbilisi, 57 Nine Brothers St.

    Well, those who are willing to help, but cannot find time to visit or at least call and encourage, can donate to the account of our Fund: 

GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Levan Sogomonov). You can also transfer money from our website. 

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Helping people you make this world kinder and better. It is extremely important to know that there are good people. It becomes less scary to live and a hope for a miracle emerges! Many thanks to you, dear friends, for your support and kindness!

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