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Levan will live!

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     This tragedy occurred in November 2004. Minibus, returning from a wedding, suffered a terrible accident on the road. All 14 passengers died. Only one survived - 18 year old boy Levan Sogomonov. Since then began a long and hard struggle for every breath, for every beat of the heart, for every second of his life! One operation followed another, surgeons stitched up numerous wounds, stitched, poured blood ... When at last breathing was restored and Levan opened his eyes, it was already obvious - a real miracle happened! The guy actually returned from the dead. Apparently he was not destined to die, for such is God's will !!!
     15 years have passed since that unfortunate day! And in the photo, you see what Levan looks like today. He is confined to a wheelchair, practically unable to talk, has completely lost his memory, his legs are paralyzed, he breathes with a tracheotomy tube, often suffers from convulsive seizures, swallowing is difficult, and the oral cavity has come to a terrible condition.
     We talked with Olga Sagomonova, Levan's mother, and asked us to share our experiences with us:
     - Any mother will be unbearably hard to see her child in this state. What did you experience when you learned about the tragedy?
    Olga: it would be such a strong shock that I lost consciousness and fell to the ground. When I came to myself, I thought - now is not the time to die, I need to help my boy. The husband died in 1995 and in fact, apart from me, the boy had no one left. She began to pray to God with tears in her eyes, asking Him for help and mercy. The Lord heard my prayer! You see, 15 years have passed and he is alive !!!
    -Treatment of such a heavy patient, especially numerous operations and prolonged hospital stay, is very expensive. How did you manage to deal with it?
   Olga: firstly, I sold my three-room apartment, and secondly, the government helped me a lot. Then Mikhail Saakashvili was in power. For Levan, 26 thousand lari were listed, and his spouse, Sandra, helped my boy separately. I will be damned if I forget this good! I always remember and thank the Lord that with the help of gracious people they managed to save my son.
     -What is the current government helping?
      Olga: the ceiling has fallen in this hut where we live. I wrote a statement to the mayor's office, sent a brigade of workers and repaired it. The Ministry of Health a year allocates an amount for medicines three times. It is small, but covers part of the cost.
     -And what means do you live on?
     Olga: disability pension and a small social benefit. We live very poorly. Everything goes to medicine and food. Of course, I cook myself, as there is not enough money to buy “special food”. However, I am most worried about the condition of Levan's oral cavity. The gums are inflamed and bleeding, all the teeth are rotted, and the jaws fail. I found out and they told me that there was no such program and, therefore, could not finance it.
     -Why don't you ask a local deputy for help? He can and should petition the Ministry of Health or another agency to help you in this matter. Deputies are elected to solve vital social problems of the population. It is their duty and not to be "shy". And if they are "fingered", then we will write about it, because more than half a million readers read us!
      Olga: Of course, I know. How can I not know? Your Foundation has been caring for my son for several years now. I am so grateful to you that I often think: what would I do without you ?! And it's not just about medical procedures or the delivery of diapers. You know, every appearance of your doctor and nurse, is a real treat for my son. He is so happy, so happy. It costs a lot!
    -How old is Levan now and how does he feel about his condition?
    Olga: he is now 33 years old, but his behavior is like that of a small child. This is due to severe brain injury. He does not remember what exactly happened on that ill-fated day. Also, he does not remember that he was a second year student at a university, that he played football in a student team ... Sometimes he tries to get up from a wheelchair and when something works out, his eyes shine with happiness ... Thank you, Lord, that my son is alive! You know, I have one cherished dream and I hope that the Lord will hear me.
    What dream if not a secret?
     Olga: so that Levan could walk on his own ...
Friends, social networks - a chance to pass a vital treatment! We ask each of you for information support! It is absolutely not difficult, it will not take you much time and will not bring absolutely no damage to your wallet! We simply ask to share information so that as many people as possible know about Levan. Among them, there are sure to be Wizards !!!
    You can also visit this nice guy and personally assist! He will be sincerely grateful to you! Address Levan: Tbilisi city, st. 9 brothers №57.
    Well, those who are willing to help, but because of the occupation 
since the victims cannot find the time to visit or at least call and encourage, the funds can be transferred to the account of our Foundation:
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By helping you make this world kinder and better. How important it is to know that there are good people. Life is not becoming so scary, and there is hope for a miracle. Thank you family for your support and kindness!

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