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“I pray to God that my mother should not die!”

Poverty, a half-starved state, complete helplessness and despair gripped a 33-year-old woman, to whom, sadly, nobody cares.
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A lone mother suffering from cancer fights for the life and future of her son. She is afraid that if something happens to her, no one will leave her a ten-year-old boy.
Lela Aladashvili - single mother. Her husband left her when she was pregnant in the fifth month. Parents - they died long ago, close relatives - somewhere “disappeared”. For 10 years she alone brings up her favorite son Shotiko, who doesn’t love her soul, helps her mother with the housework and prays to God so that she does not die. Recently, the child also had health problems, his legs began to ache, and especially the heels. Every day the situation is worsening, and there are no financial opportunities to go to Tbilisi for a checkup, not to mention treatment.
     Cancer is the most insidious disease, and if it is not stopped in time, death is guaranteed. The whole village knows about the plight of the mother and son. However, what can simple peasants do when they can barely survive? But why is the village administration silent? Why is the school inactive? How can you so indifferently look at the torment of this unhappy family and be in the role of soulless observers of someone else's grief? It is just a crime!
Friends, now is the moment when we can show the authorities that, unlike them, our hearts have not hardened in any way, and we are ready to extend a helping hand to a single mother and her son in a depressing state.
       We talked to Lela Aladashvili and asked to share our problems and experiences.
- Lela, when did you learn about cancer and how do you feel at this stage?
Lela Aladashvili: last year. Said - the second stage of cancer and operated. The operation was paid by the state. But then my condition worsened. Terrible pains continued and continue to this day. Often I have to call an ambulance, which makes painkillers for me, otherwise I will not be able to endure the hellish pains.
- And you have no money for the next examination, right?
Lela Aladashvili: where to get the money? The state does not finance diagnostics. I can not even go to the Tbilisi clinic to make a calculation and find out exactly the right amount. The village doctor said that the examination costs about 2,000 lari. But my child worries me the most. Recently, he complains of pain in his legs. He says that the bones ache and heels. He also needs an examination (crying, - approx), but there is no such possibility. Heart breaks when he groans in pain ... It often happens that we moan and weep together ...
- What do you live on? Who helps you?
Lela Aladashvili: we receive social benefits - 150 lari. Close neighbors help. They are poor people, but they do not mind for us plates of soup and a couple of pieces of bread ...
     - You should have sought help from a member of your constituency for a long time. Helping the people is the duty of every deputy. They are chosen to take care of people, help in difficult times and contribute to the solution of social issues. What happens? You don’t apply to the deputy, the local authorities are inactive, and your health and your son’s health is getting worse and worse! We will definitely send a letter to the deputy about the state of your family and if we get an unacceptable answer, we will write about it on our Facebook page. About half a million users read us. And let him be shameful for his neglect of the problems of voters.
Lela Aladashvili: Thank you very much to your Foundation for having found us, arrived from afar and will help!
         - Now tell me about yourself.
Lela Aladashvili: my husband left me when I was pregnant in the fifth month. Parents died long ago, no close relatives — no, and distant ones — do not communicate with me. It was very hard. She cried at night from despair, but then pulled herself together. When Shotiko was born, it was a great happiness for me. His appearance - saved me from a desperate step. Thank God that I managed to stand the test of fate! Well, now a new challenge. I pray to the Lord to endure this attack with the help of kind and helpful people ...
      - And this is whose house you live in?
 Lela Aladashvili: this is the parental home. The second floor has come into complete disrepair, and on the first floor - only two rooms are more or less adapted for living. The ceiling is leaking, the walls are covered with mold, the floor is concrete, the front door is barely hanging, windows are being blown, reptiles appear in the house in the summer ... I have practically no furniture - a table, an old bed, two plastic chairs and a small table ... I don’t even have a griddle to mention a washing machine or a kitchen set ... Sorry for the details, but I have to tell you that we don’t even have a toilet in the yard. We go to the neighbors. My son and I dug a hole specifically for this, but again we need money to build a toilet ...
        - Lela, can I ask - what are you dreaming about?
Lela Aladashvili: t
Only about the happiness of my son. This is my joy, my consolation and my great pain at the same time. I dream that my legs do not hurt, to develop like all children, to have enough food, clothes and opportunities to learn. I don’t think about myself, but I’m terribly afraid for his future, if the irreparable happens to me.
And now we will talk with your son. Shotiko, what grade are you in? Which item do you like the most? Do you go to any club?
Shotiko: I study in the fifth grade, I love literature lessons, but there are no circles in our school ...
-What do you want to be?
Shotiko: I want to become a soldier to defend the motherland!
- I know that you help your mom with housework, is that so?
Shotiko: Yes! I help cut wood, wash, plant in the garden, dragging water ...
     -And pain in the legs strong?
Shotiko: sometimes very strong, such ... that I cannot walk ... but after a while the pain goes away.
- What do you dream?
Shotiko: (thinking, - approx.) I pray to God that my mother will not die! We have icons in our house, I light a candle and I pray ...
-What are you a good boy, God forbid you health and a happy childhood ... Now tell me what you want most?
Shotiko: (thinking, - approx.) TV ...
Friends, every second brings this young woman and her son to a sad outcome. If they do not help now, then tomorrow, for sure, it will be too late. While the authorities are silent, they cannot cope without your support! Lela Aladashvili needs almost everything - from food to building materials to replace the shaky door and leaky windows!
    You can personally visit them, help financial, encourage and breathe a spark of hope. Here is their address: Kondoli village of Telavsky district (Kakheti), tel: 599 32 68 01. And if you have a desire to help, but do not have time to visit this family, we inform you of our account number: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Lela Aladashvili). You can also transfer money from our site.
You can transfer money from the terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. In the “charity” section, find our foundation. (Additional rights and obligations of the Foundation can be found at
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