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Guram, we will help you!

Guram wanted to become a star of Georgian football and help other people, and now he is paralyzed!
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The Chernovetskyi Fund would like to tell you the tragic story of a young, charming and cheerful young man Guram Fotini.
A year ago he graduated from high school and planned to start a new adult life! He wanted to enter a sports school, become a famous football player and glorify Georgia all over the world. After all, his idol Andres Iniesta who also came from a small village has become a world legend and cares about his countrymen! But unfortunately, his dreams did not come true...
On a hot August day last year Guram decided to swim in the river. This day became fatal for him. Guram was an excellent swimmer and since childhood he jumped from high rocks into the water more than once, but this time one wrong move predetermined his future destiny! He hit his back on a log and fainted because of unbearable pain... When he was pulled out, Guram did not breathe, he turned all blue and could not move.
The diagnosis was terrible – fracture of the spine and serious damage to the spinal cord. All the plans of this young and promising young man collapsed altogether! There was only one dream – to survive!
And in order for Guram to regain his feet, he urgently needs expensive medicines and a course of rehabilitation! Each day of delay reduces his chances of recovery!
We talked to Guram and his mother Rusiko Putkaradze:
- Guram, do you believe that you can ever regain your feet?
Guram: Most of all, I want to get up again. And become the same as I was before! Still, I want to enter a sports school. I probably will never be able to become a football player, but I still do not lose hope! But unfortunately, I can't do this alone! I see how worried my parents are, I understand that they have already done everything possible and even impossible for me... They are ready to beg, if only I became healthy again! It hurts me to look at this.
    –Do you feel pain now? 
     Guram: No, there's no pain now. But, the whole body is paralyzed. I have been in this condition for about a year already.
 – Rusiko, tell us how did this tragedy change the life of your family?
       Rusiko Putkaradze:  We were never rich before, in our village there is no work; we do not have a plot of land to grow vegetables. The house is not ours, a relative felt sorry for us and let my family in. The house is old, dilapidated, the walls are torn off, the ceiling leaks, there is almost no furniture.
     – I imagine how difficult it is to care for a bedridden man...
 Rusiko Putkaradze: Yes, indeed. Since there is no washing machine, and we cannot afford buying diapers, we have to wash cloth napkins in cold water for my son.
    – What is your income: 
         Rusiko Putkaradze: We have a social allowance of 210 lari. We pay for electricity, and the rest is spent on food and medicines. Recently my husband went to work in Turkey to earn money for the next operation of his son. He's a handyman. But at the moment he can't find a job...
 – Did you apply for help to the authorities?
          Rusiko Putkaradze: I have no claims to the mayor of our municipality and the Ministry of health. They fully financed the first operation and the post-rehabilitation course. In August my son will have a tomography and a new operation will be scheduled. However, the Ministry of health will pay for this operation in part. We must pay the rest of the amount. But there is no way to find money. Therefore I will have a huge request to you: to petition before the Deputy on the Senaki Municipality for assistance in this matter on our behalf. As soon as the missing amount is known, I will inform you. I sincerely thank you in advance. 

       Friends, the young man is in trouble. Let's give him a chance for recovery, for a happy and healthy life! It is important for Guram and his family to know that there are good people who are ready to lend a helping hand. Then life will not be so terrible and there will be hope for a miracle! 
   At this stage, Guram Fotidi and his poor family is in need of hygiene supplies, anti-bedsore mattress, medical supplies, food, fridge, washing machine and bed linen. 
Dear friends, the Chernovetsky Fund has already helped a lot of unhappy people and changed their lives for the better with your support! And we believe that together we will be able to restore Guram's health!        
You can personally visit this family and provide assistance. Here are the coordinates: Senaki Municipality, Akhalsopeli village, tel.: 551480600.
And if you have no time to visit them you can transfer money to our Fund account: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Guram Fotidi).
You can also transfer money from our website; we report for each spent tetri in detail in the next post about this family!
You can as well transfer money from the terminals of Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the additional rights and obligations of the Fund by following the link
Nobody is insured against an accident, and no one knows what will happen to us tomorrow! Therefore, please do not be indifferent, do not pass by someone else's grief, because this wonderful young man has his whole life ahead of him! Today his life is in our hands!


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