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The life of a dying girl hangs in the balance and is

How many people in the Light are there without a heart, without conscience, without God in the soul!
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   How many people in the Light are there without a heart, without conscience, without God in the soul!
Why is that?! We in the Foundation would propose a law in Parliament to deprive such men of the right to marry and have children! And prohibit such greetings and give a hand in Georgia! And spiky scoundrels - publish annually in national newspapers!
    Let's see what the deputy of the Parliament will answer, that he was elected from this district to our appeal to him. (letter to the deputy under the text of the article)
     This tiny girl, who suffers from congenital cerebral palsy, was abandoned by her father, leaving her homeless! Such a rascal act of the father could not but affect the child’s health, which is deteriorating every day, acquiring the most severe forms.
The baby is bleeding! To cerebral palsy, epilepsy, microcephaly, gastric ulcer was added, which bleeds and finishes a young creature.
Thank God, there were good people and many thanks to them from us all, who, despite their own needs, could not ignore the misfortune of these children and showed a high civil position! After all, the mother has one more son - 10-year-old David!
 Friends, take a good look at this photo, on these crouched children's hands, on this depressing face of the little angel. From what he sees in any person, the heart will tremble as the girl's life hangs in the balance and is about to end!
    The poor mother does not know how to cope with this misfortune alone and prays to God, to send good people to her for help!
   We talked to Shorena, the child’s mother, and asked to share our problems and experiences:
   -Tell me, what is the child's condition at the moment?
   Shorena: very heavy. Epileptic seizures intensified, the liver practically does not function, the stomach ulcer bleeds, there is bleeding from the mouth, and not only ... every day it gets worse and worse ...
   -And how is the treatment?
   Shorena: no way! The girl needs an examination to find out the specific cause of the bleeding. But I do not have the means to pay. One survey, after all, I managed to do to her. But this is not enough. Need to continue the course of the survey.
 - What is your income?
     Shorena: pension and social benefit, total 460 GEL. To do the survey, I took the social allowance 3 months in advance and paid 700 GEL. How to live on, I do not know. Now there is almost nothing to buy medicines and food ...
     - Does the mayor's office help you?
    Shorena: 4 times a year allocates money for medicines from 100 to 200 GEL. However, it is - a miser. That's all the help! However your foundation helps. The child is the beneficiary of the Home Care program. Thank you so much for not forgetting about us, caring for my girl, giving us hope. May God grant you all the best and success in your work!
     - Probably incredibly difficult to care for a sick daughter and at the same time raise a 10-year-old son. How does this work out?
    Shorena: only with God's help! I am a believer and I constantly pray for the health of my children. Fortunately, around me there are kind people who help as much as possible. Otherwise we would die of hunger. Familiar refugees let us into their apartment in this hostel. Thank you very much for that. As you can see, this is a tiny room, where there is no bathroom, but thank God there is a roof over your head!
  -What do you dream?
     Shorena: to be honest, I already forgot what the word "dream" is. For me now the main thing is my children. It is impossible to cure a sick daughter, but it is possible to prolong her life. Lord, send us good people who will share our pain and help us!
          Friends, as you can see, the life of this family is an existence full of sadness and grief, feelings and hopelessness. Unfortunately, as is often the case, our authorities do not seem to notice people who are hard and need help! The Ministry of Health has developed a vicious practice, when socially unprotected people are denied funding for surveys, which leads to the death of these people.
       But if the authorities are silent and inactive, we cannot sit back. This family is now in need of medicines, hygiene supplies, food, washing machine. Human attention is also very important. You can visit them at the place of residence and personally assist. Here is the address: Tbilisi, st. Gamsakhurdia 41 "a", apt. 11, tel .: 555 522261.
      You can also provide financial assistance by donating money to the account of our foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Elelena Tskhadaya).
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                He who favors the poor lends the Lord, and He will repay him for his good deed!