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Lord, save our children in Turkey. Give them work at home!

“Do not worry mom, we will dance at my wedding” - these were the last words of my beloved son when I accompanied him to the operating room!
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 “Do not worry mom, we will dance at my wedding” - these were the last words of my beloved son when I accompanied him to the operating room!
Shako dreamed a lot and spoke before leaving for Turkey ... "I am already an adult, I also want to help my family, you and your father have done so much for me, at least I will earn money for my studies myself."
 He got to work in Turkey on a tea plantation. Mom did not want to let him go, ka felt ... What forever !!!
But who would have imagined that having gone to Turkey to work on holidays, he would be close to death. Although nothing fatal happened there. While working, Shako accidentally cut his leg. The wound was deep, but not fatal.
“How one cut could lead to such a thing” - still mom cannot believe!
- Iamze, tell me how it all happened.
Iamze Tsilosani: Shako called and said that he had cut his leg, I insisted that he come. I worked as a nurse in the hospital and thought for the sons here to take care, heal and send back. But his condition worsened every day. And he did bandaging, they said that he was young and healed everything and sent home! And my leg ached more and more. After 10 days, the pain became unbearable, and the son decided to have an operation ... that's when it all started, and ... rather, ended ... after he was given the surgery, he told me "don't worry, mother, we will dance at my wedding" - these were the last words that my son said to me ...
During the “simplest operation” (this is how the doctors evaluated this operation), there was abundant bleeding, and Shako's heart stopped. What then happened in the operating room, I do not know ... but after that my son did not come to his senses.
- How does he feel now?
Iamze Tsilosani: that's how ... lies, looks at one point, does not react to anything ... but, you know, I sometimes think that he hears me ... maybe I just think, but somehow you need not to go crazy when 3 years looking after your half-dead son? How is it necessary to hold on? This is my hope! Yes! Shako hears me!
Friends, you know what? Seeing how Shako reacts to his mother's voice and touch, we understand that he really hears mom, we even think that he probably has a dream. He wants his mother to be always there. He wants to hug her, ask for forgiveness, thank you for everything and carry her around. That's what we saw in this guy's eyes.
And Jamze continues to believe and continues to be close to his son. Yes, only she has absolutely no strength at all. The mother is near, but she cannot be awake all the time, she is disconnected ... And this may cost Shako the life for which he holds on so.
“I worked all my life as a nurse in the hospital, and now I became a nurse for my son!” Jamze says with tears in her eyes. - “All the money earned by honest labor has long gone on treatment. A meager pension is not enough for anything ... I turned into a beggar ... I look into the hands of good people. It should be noted that the deputy and local authorities also help me. But this is also not enough ... I am very ashamed, but I turned to you for help! I saw with my own eyes more than once how you helped the hopelessly ill, how your help was vital for them!
  Perhaps there is no need for extra words! You yourself understand ... And if you don’t understand, then you don’t feel, and if you don’t, then you must have read it all ...
And if, after all, you are an indifferent person and want, together with our Foundation, to alleviate the suffering of this family and give them hope: not only Shako, but his mother's selfless, we will write below what they need. And for you, healthy and strong, you just need to read all this and, if possible, help with what you can.
Shako needs medicines of a different spectrum of actions, hygienic means, special food! If you cannot help, at least share this story so that it finds its addressee.
You can visit them at the place of residence and personally assist. Here is the address: Lanchkhuti, village Machkhvaareti, st. Sameba # 54
tel .: 555 22 54 18.
      You can also provide financial assistance by donating money to the account of our foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Shako Zenaishvili).
You can also transfer money from our site.
You can transfer money from the terminals Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. In the "charity" section, find our foundation. (Additional rights and obligations of the Foundation can be found at
Please do not refuse help to this innocent angelic soul, and may your kindness be a hundredfold back to you and your children!