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We want to live like your children!

We want to live like your children! Even if not as good as yours ... But ... We want to live ...
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        “We want to live like other children, so that smells of delicious food also leave our home ...”
“When I leave school, I stop near the houses where it smells good ... and imagine what mother is cooking,” says (name) that the third (fourth ... you need to indicate where he is)
Remember, friends, what did you feed your children today? Dairy products and meat included in their daily diet? And the fruit? And maybe they gave candy, if not indulged in ?! And right! Children need to love. After all, they are angels on Earth!
      Do you know what these kids eat every day? Stale bread! Hard, huh ?! Or maybe there are no such children in Georgia? So here they are. In front of you!
The dilapidated building inhabited by these angels is like a hut on chicken legs. There is not even water and toilet! Tattered walls and old sprawling furniture!
You just wonder how these babies can be kind, how mothers manage to bring up all the qualities that children in the 21st century are lacking - love, compassion, politeness, sympathy ...
      How else to call the fact that the children picked up a small, hungry puppy from the street and share their bread with it? Angels are always kind ...!
"The puppy was called" Bun. " He is so soft, fluffy and tasty - say the children. "And as small as our Manana"
     We talked with Lea Koberidze, the mother of four children.
       -Liya, how do you manage to raise your children like this?
     Lia Koberidze: where there is love, where there is God, it is not difficult! One falls tight, but I manage. Nikolozu is 11 years old, George is 10 years old, Natia is 9 years old, our little Manana is 4 months old. Older children are very supportive and help me with Manana. I have them just clever! I thank the Lord for each of them! As my husband and I wanted a lot of children! But he died of a heart attack, he was very worried that he could not find work that he could not give the children elementary. Heart could not resist. After his death, I decided with children to return to my home village. I have nothing of my own, settled here in this abandoned building.
     - but is it impossible to live here?
   Lia Koberidze: Yes, the conditions here are catastrophic. The nest of swallows is stronger than this structure, everything falls down here, the walls are crumbling. The toilet is in the courtyard, there is no water at home ... as I bathe the children, I don’t even want to tell ... very embarrassing. I feel guilty for them! Social benefit is our only income. All the money I spend on food. Rather on bread and pasta. My children do not know the taste of ice cream, look at the children and so that I do not worry, they say they do not want ...
      - Have you ever regretted having given birth to so many children? After all, some evil people do not approve of large families who live in difficult conditions?
     Lia Koberidze: I believe that this is not Christian! How can a woman forbid having children? We are Georgians and so few nation if all mothers decide not to have more than one child, will we soon die out? We will not stay!
    - Do you want to appeal to the deputy? Can we help you with this?
    Lia Koberidze: we don’t have water and a bathroom in the building. Please ask a deputy to help us resolve this issue.
     -Liya what does the mother of many children of these wonderful children dream of?
    Lia Koberidze: I dream that my children grow up healthy. I also want my children to prove to everyone that the main thing in life is to be born and to have support from the Most High, and the rest will work out!
   -Now, let's talk to the children.
  -Nikoloz, how old are you and what are you dreaming about?
  Nikoloz: I am 11 years old, I study in the 5th grade. I dream of a bike. I want to go around the world on it. After all, the bike does not harm the environment! I want to take care of the planet!
   -What is your favorite subject in school?
  Nikoloz: natural history. I love nature very much!
  George: I am 10 years old and I dream of a phone. It hurts me that every class has a telephone, but I don’t. But this is not the main thing.
 Natia: I am 9 years old, I study in 3rd grade and dream of a tablet. Yes, this is my biggest dream ... and I dream about a beautiful dress ... about shoes ... about a delicious cake (but then Natiya was interrupted by her elder brother, "it’s so uncomfortable to ask," he said)
 What are these children guilty? Why in the 21st century they have to starve and dream of a piece of bread?
    Friends, who are we waiting for? Here you have a story, a real and not a made-up fairy tale! Here you read it and now it's your business how you act. Go and buy yourself a cold refreshing drink, or help these babies! After all, we always have a choice!
You can visit and personally assist them. They live in the village of Variani of the Gori municipality (tel: 598227876).
    The account of our Fund to assist the Koberidze family: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Koberidze family).
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