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"Good aunts and uncles, save our mother from death!"

Thanatin Bazhadze, 38, suffers from the most terrible disease that the devil invented for people - Hodgkin's lymphoma.
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Two angels every day see their beloved mother slowly dying: these children must dream of toys, and they have to look at the inhuman sufferings of their mother ... should little Georgian children look at such a nightmare ?!
"God, don't take our mother, we really need her, we will never offend her, we always listen and we will always listen to her, we will never ask for toys, and we will never ask for new clothes, we will never ask for sweets, only would my mother live! ”- this is how little brothers pray every day - 10 years old Saba and 7 years old Luka.
Thanatin Bazhadze, 38, suffers from the most terrible disease that the devil invented for people - Hodgkin's lymphoma. She has already undergone several operations, but her condition worsens from day to day. Terrible pains in the neck, lack of air, unstoppable cough - shortens the life of an unhappy woman.
The pain does not leave her even for a minute ... when she becomes unbearable, Tinatin, asks the children to take a walk and when she is left alone, she screams in pain and sobs buried in a pillow ...
At the moment, Tinatin needs one thing - to be examined! But the Ministry of Health finally lost their conscience, refusing the poor woman to pay $ 1,300 of the next survey. These monarchs, these monsters simply do not know how to empathize! There is nothing sacred about them!
We talked with Tinatin Bazhadze and asked to share our experiences and problems:
    -It is a shame when they are denied assistance where they should be given assistance first of all?
    Tinatin Bazhadze: I applied to the Ministry of Health 2 times to help me, but was refused. Yes, I'm not worried for myself! Death for me is salvation from hellish torment ... But! What will I say to the children? How are they without me? You see, they don’t leave me for a minute, as chickens run after me, they look in my eyes ... they give up everything, if only I have enough money for medicines ... but do you know what is the most offensive? If I do a test in time and then surgery, I can live! ” - sobbing told us Tinatin.
      -We will definitely write a letter to your majoritarian deputy in the hope that he will help you and eliminate injustice. Now tell me, what does your family live on?
      Tinatin Bazhadze: My pension and social benefit, some pennies. Most of the money goes to medicines, sometimes money is not even left for bread. My husband and I often starve and give our "portion" to the children ...
     “We’re looking at your house ... these terrible living conditions probably also aggravate your situation.”
Tinatin Bazhadze: Oh, and do not say. This junk, in which we live during the wind, shakes, There is nothing whole of furniture. Beds are needed for children, bedding ...
Our conversation was interrupted by children who all the time did not leave the mother.
    Saba (10 years old): No, no, we don't need anything! Our mother is very kind and good. I dream that my mother was not sick, that she was always with us. Let us have a bad house, and we will sleep on the floor, we will walk in old clothes, and we don’t need toys. We just want us to have a mom, and not cry ... and let the other children have toys ...
   Luka (7 years old): I also want our mommy not to cry ... (Luka’s voice trembled, he hugged mom and wept bitterly) ... then he wiped away tears and asked “Good aunts and uncles, save our mom from death!”
    Friends, every second brings this young woman to a sad outcome. Leaving her without attention is a crime, first of all before your conscience! If it does not help her now, tomorrow may be very late, then tomorrow, it may not come! While the authorities are silent, they cannot cope without your support! Help a sick cancer patient, give her a chance to survive and enjoy life. It needs urgent diagnosis, as well as medicines and food.
    You can personally visit this family, help financial, encourage and breathe a spark of hope. Here is the address: Vansky municipality, Ukhuti village, tel .: 598 90 81 13. And if you have a desire to help, but do not have time to visit this family, we inform you about our account number: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Tinatin Bazhadze). You can also transfer money from our site.
     You can transfer money from the terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. In the "charity" section, find our foundation. (Additional rights and obligations of the Foundation can be found at
     Friends, helping a person who is in trouble, we make this world kinder and better. How important it is to know that there are good people. Life is not becoming so scary, and there is hope for a miracle!