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God is the witness - the mother is fighting for every minute of her daughter's life!

For two years, these infrequent women lost the breadwinner - their father, whose kind heart "exploded" when he saw another attack of his pet's illness!
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“What pink cheeks,
and in each shines a fire
and blue eyes are blue
are still awake. ”
When I read the lines of poetry, in honor of which I named my beloved daughter, her eyes light up. I am sure that she feels at this time how much she loves her and yearns for my soul! After all, I love her with all my heart !, says Tamara Targamadze, mother of 18-year-old Anna, a seriously ill girl with epilepsy!
For two years, these infrequent women lost the breadwinner - their father, whose kind heart "exploded" when he saw another attack of his pet's illness!
 Epileptic seizures. Oh my God! God forbid anyone to experience this with his child. This is a real horror! She wriggles, falls to the floor or bangs her head against the wall, screams piercingly, and sometimes even faints. ”
God is the witness - how much strength and energy she puts mother in her own daughter so that she lives!
   “Lord,” she prays with us, “do not leave my daughter while I go to the store!” And He helps! Once, after buying food, I had to go to the pharmacy, but something my heart told me: "urgently go home!". I run into the apartment like crazy and see - my bloody daughter is lying on the bed and groans. It turns out that she pierced her eye with a pencil ... ”, Tamara recalls.
 Tamara can be called a heroine mother, who is completely alone caring for a sick daughter, fighting for every minute of her life, and God be a witness - how much energy and energy she puts into her own daughter to live!
Neighbors helped Tamara set the front iron door so that Anna could not escape from the house. When mom goes to the store for food, the patient has to close in the room, in the hope that she will not harm herself.
-And how does Anna sleep at night, are she often bothered by bouts?
        Tamara Targamadze: attacks occur at night and day. No one knows what it depends on. And she sleeps restlessly, constantly turning in bed. I actually do not sleep myself. Only three hours a day. So what to do?! I noticed that when the full moon, Anna sleeps peacefully at night. Here, I look at her face, lit by the moonlight, and suddenly a peaceful smile appears. She probably dreamed of a Guardian Angel, which warms, soothes and lulls ...
      - She's like a little kid, huh?
      Tamara Targamadze: yes, she has only grown, but her character has not changed. She is the same child as she was 18 years ago. You see, children's toys are scattered everywhere. She is still played by them. Oh, I'm sorry, I'll go, take Anna away from the window, otherwise it may fall out. But today she is more or less calm. I gave her a sedative and a drug for epilepsy. How afraid I am when this will all end. What money will I buy life-saving medicine ?!
      - It turns out that your main need is medication?
      Tamara Targamadze: yes, this is salvation. Otherwise, she will not be able to live. I ask you, good people, to enter my position and to extend a helping hand to my unfortunate daughter. I believe in you!
      Friends, as you see, the mother and daughter of Kalandadze need our urgent help. Everyone who has at least a little compassion, this story can not leave indifferent. Do not put off good deeds for tomorrow! They need to be done right now!
       Anna needs first of all medicines, hygiene items and food. Also very important is human attention. You can visit them at the place of residence and personally provide assistance. Here is the address: Tbilisi, Gldani V m / r, bldg. 26B, floor 8, apt. 48, tel .: 591 67 63 89.
     If you cannot help financially, we will be grateful if you make a “repost” of this publication. This is also a very important part of the help! Let more people read about Anna, hoping for blessed help! ,
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       Good deeds always return to those who do them. Therefore, once in a difficult life situation, you can count on help!