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Only a mother is capable of such a feat ...!

The condition of Vladimir will plunge any person into shock: he is completely paralyzed, cannot even utter a word, it’s hard even to open his mouth
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Vladimir only once in his life said the word "mother"! And for all, all his life - he got her love, but lost - his wretched father! Who left the unfortunate to die in poverty and suffering!
Do you think, friends, should such fathers be accountable to the Law when they abandon 3 children in terrifying poverty and disease ?!
Vladimir was born, who is holding a loving mother with the most severe form of epilepsy and cerebral palsy. Horror!
Oh my God! A holy woman - this Nino - is a mother, albeit an adult, but still a child !. Her heart is full of love! She “did not hand over” her son to the shelter. And never, never will, although she herself suffers, misery and humiliation by poverty! Lord, help Georgia so that there are no such troubles and such fathers without a soul and conscience!
Maternal love is one of the miracles of the Lord!
The condition of Vladimir will plunge any person into shock: he is completely paralyzed, cannot even utter a word, it’s hard even to open his mouth, not to mention difficulty swallowing food, blood pressure sores appeared on his body, his hands and feet are deformed so much that they cannot move. And also, recently, a stomach ulcer burst, putting a big question mark for his future fate!
“Leave the boy in the hospital, he will die anyway or you will suffer all your life,” people said to me, when on the third day after birth, Vladimir began the first attacks, ”says Nino Avaliani, the mother of our beneficiary. I could not take such an inhuman step. Since he was born like this, then this is my cross, and I must bear it with all responsibility. However, my mother’s heart, in any case, would have burst from the mere thought that somewhere my child was dying in a hospital room. ”
      23 years Nino Avaliani does not depart from the son. She takes him in her arms and leads him out into the yard to breathe fresh air; she feeds him from a bottle with a pacifier; she is both his mother and father, and the caregiver, and the doctor.
Poverty rolls over in the Avaliani house: old, dilapidated housing, no water and gas, no basic household appliances, nothing to heat in winter, and in the summer there is unbearable heat in their closet. The total wretchedness of being is what the life of a once prosperous family has turned into. What do these people live for and how do they survive? We asked Nino Avaliani to answer these and other questions.
     -What is your monthly “income"?
    Nino Avaliani: Son's Pension for Disability and Miserable Social Security Benefit. All the money goes to medicines and diapers; there’s nothing to buy firewood for, there’s practically no money left for food, we go around in everything old and torn, there is a tiny garden, we grow potatoes, which is our main food. Thanks to God and for this, otherwise they would have died of hunger ...
    - Does anyone help you?
   Nino Avaliani: My mother comes from the village and brings corn flour. She lives in a neighboring area, is very old and has difficulty moving, but visits her grandson whenever possible. A neighbor gave me a wheelchair, but we don’t actually use it, because Vladimir doesn’t perceive anything except my hands, so I drag a 23-year-old guy in her arms (crying, approx.).
    -And the authorities help?
     Nino Avaliani: Several years ago, as a socially vulnerable family, the room was renovated. Last year, medicines were issued for 120 GEL. That's all the help from the state.
    Tell me about your family, what does your husband do?
   Nino Avaliani: When we got married, we lived not badly. But after the birth of a sick son, the first crack appeared in our relationship. My husband did not want to look after the child. Then the middle son Levan was born, and 4 years ago - the girl Niya. All this time, the husband then worked, did not work, did not take any part in raising children. The whole burden of caring for children fell on my female shoulders, but suffered. I thought that my husband would come to his senses, however, as they say, he will correct the hunchback grave. In the end, we got divorced.
   -And how did the children take such a step by their parents?
    Nino Avaliania: I have wonderful children, they are my assistants. The middle son works as a loader and buys medicine for his brother with the money earned. True work appears extremely rarely. And the youngest daughter is a real angel. Despite her age, she understands the state of her brother and tries to help - she will bring a bottle of water, then she will be on duty at the brother’s bed ...
    - You are so tormented by a difficult life that you probably don’t dream of anything?
     Nino Avaliani: I dream that my son once again uttered the word "mother". For 23 years, only once from his lips it escaped. He never said any more words. God will give, and he will call me again, this will mean the path to recovery, because “mother” is a truly magic word!
      Friends, the state of Vladimir is becoming more and more depressing every day. Epileptic seizures, scoliosis, stomach ulcers, bedsores - all this leads to imminent death. But since the Lord God after all this does not take him to the next world, then - does the guy have every chance to recover ?! And you can play a key role in this, lending a helping hand to this long-suffering family
     The Avaliani family needs everything - first of all, medicines and hygiene items, as well as a washing machine, TV, refrigerator, basic furniture and utensils.
     You can personally visit this family and provide all possible assistance. As you see, they need a lot, they are begging. Call them and find out how to help them. And God will help you! And be sure to repost our post. Let your friends know about the grief of the young guy! It is very important!
     Address of the Avaliani family: Zugdidi, st. Griboedova number 10. Tel .: 568 94 43 64
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