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The cruel husband tortured his mother and demanded a son ... And when he found out that her son was born sick, he drove her like a dog into the street with two young children!

Irina was left completely alone, without any help, and even with a seriously ill son in her arms and a baby daughter!
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 How else does the earth endure such scum ?!
      -And what do you think, why did this happen?
     Irina: I can’t say for sure, but most likely it is after many years of stress that I suffered. The fact is that my husband treated me very cruelly, humiliated, beat, constantly insisted that I was useless, since I could not give birth to a son.
     -But the son was born disabled ...
    Irina: Yes, this greatly influenced our relationship, he hated the poor child, constantly kept saying that I would be taken to the hospital. And when he was refused, he drove me out with the children into the street and said that "my spirit was not in his house."
   -And where did you go?
   Irina: At first I was in a state shelter, and then the city hall rented a basement on my outskirts on the outskirts of Tbilisi. Of course, I could refuse a sick child and make my life easier, but, understand, I’m a mother, I couldn’t take such a cruel step. Do not run away from responsibility, like my husband is a rapist, but you need to take care of a sick son, cherish and love him. This is how God sent him to us, so this is my cross!
     -And why did you marry your ex-husband?
     Irina: He abducted me 15-ribbons. My parents were already in Russia by then, and I alone could not resist. I ended up in a terrible family, where everyone mocked me, I was like a housekeeper (crying, - approx.). We had a daughter, but this did not reassure them. She tolerated, lived in hell, cried at night, suffered greatly both in body and soul. What could I do?
   Luca Navroziani was born with many terrible diseases - microcephaly, epilepsy, deformation of the extremities, lack of a chewing reflex. He cannot talk, hears hard, he barely breathes, he practically does not feel anything. The only thing he reacts to is the touch of the mother, whose sigh has life force for her.
      “Nothing foreshadowed the troubles: all the tests that I passed during pregnancy said: a healthy boy should be born, especially since this was my second child,” Irina recalls. But, unfortunately, the newborn was transferred to the ward, and I was informed that he was born disabled. ”
“What is Luke’s condition today?”
    Irina: Worse and worse. It becomes increasingly difficult for him to swallow food, and terrible epileptic seizures, simply, “finish” him. During seizures, he writhes terribly, groans, makes a heartbreaking cry, if at this time he is not held tight, the consequences will be fatal. Recently, in a fit of epileptic anger, he turned over the pan with hot porridge, this was our food, that day everyone was hungry, because very often we don’t have an extra piece of bread.
      - And do Luke have calm moments?
        Irina: You know, he freezes when I sing him a lullaby in a quiet voice. At this time, he calms down, and clinging tightly to my chest, calmly falls asleep.
     -And what is your income?
    Irina: Disability pension of 200 lari and a meager social allowance. Most of the money goes to pay for drugs. Epilepsy drugs are especially expensive. Without them, Luka will not survive, so sometimes we are left without bread, just to get these medicines, if only my son would be alive ...
   -Irina, what does a mother mentally care for a seriously ill son?
    Irina: It has been 16 years since I endure unbearable pain, it can’t be dulled in any way, it can’t be abated! I know that my boy is doomed to a bad outcome, but while I am alive, I will pray to the Lord to extend his life, I will fight for his life to the end. And in this, I believe, your readers will help me - good people who are ready to work miracles with their attention and mercy. I only dream about one thing - that the Lord God have mercy on my son!
    - Does anyone help you?
   Irina: My daughter, Marinochka! She is my only assistant.
   - Are the neighbors so callous people that they cannot serve a bowl of soup?
    Irina: In the former apartment there were disgusting neighbors, just completely insensitive people. But the city hall improved our living conditions a bit and rented a new apartment. Here the neighbors are kind, helpful people. They themselves are barely making ends meet, but they are trying to help us. Someone will donate 1 lari, someone will buy bread, and someone will bring hot soup. And so we live in constant fear in tomorrow, so as not to die of hunger.
Friends, Irina is a real heroine! Such a huge responsibility fell on her fragile shoulders that in her place many would have surrendered long ago. But how could it be otherwise, because it is her own son and there is no way to leave this “heavy cross”. Well, our dog, as citizens of our country, to provide all possible assistance to this family, not to leave it in trouble and to fulfill its Christian duty!
    Fear is what fills Luke's mother. She is trying to help, cross