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The story of when being dead is happier than the living that you left

“Mom is my soul,” the lips of a 46-year-old seriously ill son, Edisher Chaav!
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“I didn’t save it! And now what will I tell my husband when I will soon meet him in heaven? ”Bitterly, bitterly, mother cries, Tatyana, a 70-year-old grief-stricken old woman.
    Poor thing! She feeds from the last forces from a spoon and drinks from a bottle of her beloved son!
What about the toilet? And to bathe? And also do a million things. And she is already 70 years old! God help me!
 “My son was born a healthy and flowering guy!” She continues. - “Thank God, she only said!” We were so happy!
- And what happened?
- The kidneys got sick. I wanted to see a doctor. But he’s an adult ... He didn’t listen and went to the sorceress ... I drank her damned potion! Only a few drops and fell, poor, to the floor! Lost consciousness. When I came to, my legs were forever taken away.
  Which of us could stand it, friends ?! Georgian mothers need monuments in life!
   Edisher’s legs are paralyzed, kidneys are damaged, the liver is enlarged, the whole body is swollen! Oh, what a sorrow! Is it worse ?! Really leave without help ?!
 “Is Edisher’s condition not improving?”
      Tatyana Chaava: No. And now I don’t know which of us will die before!
 Edisher: “I dream in heaven to see a dad whom I have never seen in my life!”
- Tatyana Afanasevna, when did your husband die?
Tatyana Chaava: Thank you very much for remembering my husband. My poor Valera, he died in a car accident. I was then in my fifth month of pregnancy. Very worried about the death of her husband. This, you know, how? That's when a bird flies with one wing ...
Mother and son are starving. Edisher has nothing to buy diet food. Therefore, he now has a fourth degree of obesity. The social allowance - 100 GEL - mainly goes to medicines.
      - And your pension?
      Tatyana Chaava: 4 years ago, when my son’s disease began to progress sharply, I borrowed money and now my pension goes to cover this debt.
      - Does anyone help you?
     Tatyana Chaava: Neighbors help as they can; they themselves are poor and their help is little tangible in material terms, but morally - huge support. They come, console me, cheer Edisher, call an ambulance ... But local authorities practically do not help ...
-You said, "practically." So, they still help with something?
Tatyana Chaava: Last year, the City Hall allocated 100 GEL for medicines. Now they want to supply gas to our shack, and the government promised to do it for free.
Mother and son live in a wooden hut. They do not have a bathroom, the floor falls through, the ceiling leaks.
-In what year did you build this house?
Tatyana Chaava: I built this house 46 years ago with my own hands. My husband was from a neighboring Gali district of Abkhazia; I lived there for a while, but after his death, I decided to return home. I bought this small plot and began to build a house for me and my son.
“I see the terrible conditions here ...”
Tatyana Chaava: Oh, don’t talk. Here is a nightmare. Our bathroom is in the courtyard. Recently there was a severe hurricane and the wind lifted our wooden toilet trolley into the air and smashed it to pieces. Now I don’t have a toilet, and I have to go to the neighbors ...
-Tell me, and you remarry, why didn’t you come out?
Tatyana Chaava: I really loved my husband, I loved to madness. When the accident occurred, he was in his second year at the Faculty of Law. When Valera was dying in the hospital, I prayed for a long time and made a vow to God - I would be faithful to him until the end of my days, if only the child would survive in my womb, because my stressful state did not give hope for this. In the end, God wanted my edisher to be born. This is the will of God.
- Do you often dream about your husband?
Tatyana Chaava: I often dream about it, but my dreams are pretty blurry. And recently, I see him in a dream, and he says - "Receive guests!". I woke up in a sweat, and could not even guess what kind of guests we were talking about. A few hours later the door opens, and there you stand! This is a prophetic dream. Now I know that the good people who read about us will certainly help my son, and I will pray for them. Now I’ll go and light a candle for the health of your readers!
Friends, we told you another story about a poor family. Most of all they need medicines, food, a washing machine and a refrigerator. We hope your heart will not remain indifferent. You can also support Tatyana Afanasyivna and Edisher by calling them. We will also be grateful for the repost of this heartbreaking story.
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