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Miracles of the Lord!

Revaz and Nelly Boquelles love Christ the Savior very much! And the Lord showed them a real miracle!
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 Revaz and Nelly Boquelles love Christ the Savior very much! And the Lord showed them a real miracle!
   There was no chance that their son Nikolay, who was seriously ill with epilepsy, would make them happy grandparents.
   But, once, Revaz, seeing how his boy was suffering from loneliness, introduced him to the same sick, lonely and very suffering girl.
   They prayed for twenty-four hours and, despite the doctors ’cry“ not, ”they didn’t have a single one in their old age, but three beautiful and absolutely healthy grandchildren.
 Look at the end of the article ... After all, however, handsome, friends!
   There was much, much happiness, but today the time has come to pray again: Revaz has grown old and very, very poor. And the wife is so sick that she hardly gets out of bed. They all really, really need help! After all, they live high, high in the mountains and around - nobody ...!
 The son and daughter-in-law are not just sick, and at times completely devoid of reason, and if the father does not look, the son can fall into the well, and the daughter-in-law can lay hands on herself.
 Friends, it is impossible for the work of the Lord to be so needed. Read their story ... It's very moving!
- Tell us, what is the problem of your family?
          Revaz Bokveli (Father): Oh, how many of them! But the main thing is that we are very poor! Grandchildren are starving! I can’t look at it! Look what kind of doves they are. Can not be so…
 Myself, already 67 years old! There is no strength to look after all. And if I die? What will happen to them then?
  Wife 65 and she no longer gets out of bed. All day long she’s only crying, and not only from pain, but from her son. After all, Nikolai is our son so sick! He has chronic epilepsy. Not for a second can he be left without attention. Seizures - the old man bitterly cries! He is also so good !. But Falls. Once I almost fell into the well! Can you imagine? How would we live then?
 - And how did it happen that you married your son? Revaz Boqueli: I will be frank before you and the Lord, I have nothing to hide. I saw how my boy suffered terribly, was plagued, and could even cut his veins because of an excited nervous state !.
   So I began to pray and God gave me the idea to marry him. We introduced Nikolai to Manana, who lived in a neighboring village, she also suffered from a nervous breakdown. They fell in love and got married. And I continued to thank God for this and put it to Him every day!
     - So she is also disabled?
-And now tell us how they got their first child?
      Revaz Bokveli: Oh, you know, when my wife and I found out that my daughter-in-law was pregnant, we were horrified. Did we really need another sick man? We decided to take her to the doctor and have an abortion, I did not find another way. But as they say, God knows best! I went to our church and told the priest about everything. He tells me: “Revaz, fear God, do not have an abortion to your daughter-in-law, Christians don’t do this, for all God's will!” For 9 months, my wife and I were in terrible tension, praying, holding fast, caring for the pregnant daughter-in-law as best we could. And a miracle happened! A completely healthy baby was born. The Lord heard my call! You can’t imagine what joy it was, because I will have a successor !!!
      - What was the name of the boy, how old is he now?
      Revaz Boqueli: They called the boy my name - Revaz, that is, Rezo. He is in the 9th grade, a very good granddaughter, an attentive and diligent guy. He is the hope of our family. You know, Rezo is the only one who helps me with the housework, either chopping wood or bringing water from a well, because we don’t have tap water.
     -And where is Rezo now?
     Revaz Bokveli: He and his class went on an excursion to Kutaisi, today is Saturday, there are no classes at school.
     -And does he have a phone to call and ask what is his dream?
     Revaz Boqueli: Where did the phone come from? Only in my house I have antediluvian phone. But I will tell you what he dreams of. He dreams of a bicycle. I constantly promise him, but so far I have not been able to fulfill my promise. I confess, of course.
      “But the miracles didn’t end at Rezo, and you still have grandchildren, haven't you?”
      Revaz Bokveli: 5 years ago, my daughter-in-law gave birth to twins. The girl's name is Gvantsa, and the boy's name is Andria. Perfectly healthy children, real angels, they do not go to school yet, and there is no kindergarten in our village. While the eldest grandson is at school, I drive with them, and when Rezo arrives from school, he looks after them, although Gvantsa and Andria are already accustomed to independence.
     -Children, go here and tell us what you dream about?
    Andria (5 years): I dream about chocolate, and more about bananas ...
    Gvantsa (5 years): but I dream about toys, I have almost none ...
    -And do you receive gifts from Santa Claus?
    Andria: Santa Claus doesn’t come to us ...
    Gwanza: do not listen to my brother, Santa Claus walks to us. True, he is not real. This is our grandfather Revaz, he gives us churchkhela. And we quickly eat ...
     -And whom do you love the most?
     Andria: grandfather says that you need to love God the most!
    Gvantsa: I love mom, dad, grandmother ... ... .. grandfather, of course, grandfather Revaz love most!
    -Okay, artfall off the children. And I will continue the conversation with your grandfather. Revaz, tell me how you deal alone, it’s probably insanely difficult, isn't it?
Revaz Bokveli: It’s difficult, very difficult, especially when everyone gets sick together, all the more so because we have poor living conditions: we drag water from a well, gas and a bathroom in our shack, the floor has long been rotted, the furniture is outdated and breaks down, a washing machine No, but the refrigerator is out of order. Social benefits and pensions go mainly to medicines. Do you know what expensive drugs are now ?! Horror! I am also a sick person. I have a navel hernia, hypertension, my legs hurt. Now, now I will show you my medicines ... Now, only one such pill (shows - approx.) Costs 2 GEL. You need to drink four times a day, and I save and drink twice. Without this, I can’t live, and who will take care of the family? So you have to buy these damn pills or you need to have surgery. Well, this is for me from the realm of fiction ...
     -You said that a believer. What are you praying for, if not secret?
     Revaz Boqueli: When you approached our gate, saw a two-meter wooden cross?
    -Yes of course. Did you build it?
    Revaz Bokveli: Yes, I built it 5 years ago when the twins were born. I am a deeply religious person and could not do otherwise. When the house is in trouble and suddenly the Lord sends a miracle in the form of healthy grandchildren, you need to be grateful. And in this way I expressed my sincere gratitude to God! I pray only about one thing - about the health of my grandchildren!
      - Does anyone help you, for example, neighbors?
     Revaz Boqueli: What are the neighbors? In our highland village, only poor families remained, the rest had left for a long time. Oh, people are fleeing from the villages, everyone wants comfort, work, a normal life. What is there to do? The authorities will not reach us in any way (waved a hand - approx.).
     -And how do you live here?
     Revaz Boqueli: I don’t go anywhere, I can’t leave my family people even for a second. I quit smoking long ago, I don’t drink, although I used to be a toastmaster at large tables; I’ve not bought clothes for 10 years; I’m like a “squirrel in a wheel," I'm spinning all day, if only the children had something to eat and what to wear. I have no right to make a mistake! One mistake can cost the lives of my household, so I am always awake.
    - What do you think is happiness?
    Revaz Bokveli: When my sick son was born, I considered myself an unhappy person. But now I don’t think so. Late in the evening, when I go to bed, I experience an incredible feeling of happiness. Yes, it is happiness when three little hearts embrace you; the granddaughter clings to my chest, the leg of one grandson on my stomach, and the arm of the other granddaughter hugs my neck. I sleep with my grandchildren and this is real happiness!
    - Tell me, what are you dreaming of?
     Revaz Bokveli: I dream that my grandchildren grow up healthy and happy children, that they become worthy citizens of the country, so that our family hearth never withers. While I am alive, I will do everything for this, but I need help from kind people. That's why I turned to you. I believe that the Lord hears me now, and your readers, Christians and with God's help, will extend a helping hand and a good heart to my family. I believe in you!
This family needs medicines, hygiene items, food, a refrigerator, a washing machine, bedding, toys!
Tel .: 595 28 26
And if you want to visit the Batiashvili family, here is the address: Chiatura, Zodi village
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Today, friends, the Lord has specially given you this story so that when you have something to say to God, you can convey through it all the good that is in your soul. After all, martyrs for God are the main priority. He always hears them.