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We beg, do not let the mother take the kidney!

Nine kids are ready to starve and live in ruins without light and a toilet, if only mom would not sell a kidney to feed them!
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   Nine kids are ready to starve and live in ruins without light and a toilet, if only mom would not sell a kidney to feed them! And she was already going to the hospital ... She can’t see the starving children. What a nightmare!
 - They must be fed, dressed, shod. Do you understand? - cries mom Tamara. - Our dad "laid hands on himself" when he saw all this horror! God forgive him! Three months after we were kicked out of the village, we have nowhere to live, nothing to eat, but no one to help. They don’t take us to school. Nobody needs us. It’s like someone cursed us.
Corr. - Children do not study?
Tamara - And how hungry and naked they can do it. A kidney for a while will help!
Corr. “Tamara, how are you still holding on?”
      Tamara Abesadze: I am a believer and I cannot take my life! Close your eyes and leave the children ?! Who needs them without me? And they love me so much ...! Thank God!
    When I tell them that with God's help everything will be fine - they, you imagine, are small, but they believe God and know that everything will be so. They feel sorry for me. But the kidney is not the end of life. I’ll live for a while ...
“I even know what you're dreaming of!”
     Tamara Abesadze: Yes, I dream of a small room in which the roof will not leak, into which rats will not crawl out of the cracks. I dream of a room that will have a window. This is our common dream! Our prayers will be answered, I believe!
Poor kids! The Lord will surely reward them!
     Ã¢Â€ÂœTamara, tell us how you ended up in such a terrible situation?”
       Tamara Abesadze: My family was in extreme poverty 3 months ago. Prior to this, we lived in the village of Mtidziri in the Gardabani district. I got married early. At 16, she became a mother, gave birth to the first-born Levan! I myself am from a large family and always wanted a lot of children. I was happy that my husband supported me in this. We did not live richly, but in warmth and harmony.
       After Levan, a year later Johnny was born, then Murman. After three boys, the long-awaited daughters were born - Jeanne, Mac and Anna Maria! This is just happiness! But then everything went awry!
      “What exactly happened?”
      Tamara Abesadze: 4 years ago, my husband started having health problems. He could not work, we were on the edge of the abyss. The husband began to drink. All savings were over, and we were left without a piece of bread. My husband was so humiliated that he was shy and did not come home for several days. And then he said: “I can’t do this anymore” ... and one day killed himself. Just ask, do not judge him, not everyone can endure such a fate (crying, - approx.).
      -And then you left the village?
        Tamara Abesadze: after my husband’s death, the children and I moved to a rented apartment, began to collect scrap metal: we paid rent, utility bills, somehow we made ends meet. But my little daughter Anna-Maria fell from the second floor and hit her head ... Oh, God, how we all got scared! They did the examination, naturally, they needed expensive drugs. The money that was postponed for renting an apartment, I spent on medicines. We could not pay and we were put out on the street. This is the third month since we settled in this building.
         Ã¢Â€ÂœTamara, why didn’t you move to live in the village with your husband’s relatives?”
       Tamara Abesadze: We could not live with my husband’s relatives. Please do not ask for details, it hurts me to remember this.
         - Good. Do not worry. Just living in such conditions is dangerous! You said you have 6 children. How old are they?
          Tamara Abesadze: Levan is 17 years old, Joni is 15, Murman is 12, Jeanne is 10, Macke is 6, and Anna Maria is 4 years old.
      - And who are these cute girls who also live with you?
          Tamara Abesadze: This is Annushka, the daughter of my sister. She is 15 years old and she has been living with me for almost 8 years. My sister went to Turkey to work and since then I have been raising Annushka as my own daughter. Her mother does not even remember. And she calls me mom. But this is Shorena, she is 19 years old. She became my daughter 8 months ago. My son met her, fell in love and married. Shorena from the orphanage, and with her husband, she actually had brothers and sisters, and even a mother! That's how we live.
      -And do you believe in God?
      Tamara Abesadze: I thank God every day for the fact that my children are healthy! This is the only thing we have, but if this continues, I don’t know how we will continue to live. I even thought to sell my kidney in order to earn extra money, but the children dissuaded.
        -And do not expect grandchildren yet?
Tamara Abesadze: Not yet, but if my daughter-in-law becomes pregnant in such terrible conditions, in constant hunger and cold, then it will be God's will! But I hope that the Lord will take pity on us, and I will babysit grandchildren even in a room with windows and a roof! - In such an environment in which you live, they don’t even keep cattle. Even farm chickens have better conditions. How do you manage to survive?
      Tamara Abesadze: (crying, approx.) I can’t even say that I have a roof over my head, I can’t even say that we live in fournah. There is no whole wall, no water, no gas, no light, not even a toilet. Do not ask how we deal with this - NO !!!
-You can ask some questions to the children. Feel free to tell us what you dream about?
      Anna Maria (4 years old): I dream of a beautiful pink dress and a Barbie doll.
      Maka (6 years old): And I dream of a beautiful backpack. I was supposed to go to school now, but I don’t have a portfolio. Probably, I can’t go to school now. Mom said no places. I don’t understand how there can be no places at school. Or maybe they just don’t want to accept me?
      - What are you, Tamara? How to understand this? What does it mean there are no places in the school?
     Tamara Abesadze: We were registered in the village, from where we were kicked out due to non-payment of rent. It is very late now to undertake something and enroll it in a new school, and we cannot afford to go to the former. (10-year-old Jeanne intervened in the conversation - approx.)
       Jeanne: Please, and ask me what I'm dreaming of, please!
        “Of course, dear, what are you dreaming of?”
      Jeanne (10 years): I dream that we have a warm house! We all fit in one room, I promise! We don’t need much! One table is enough for us, if there are beds for everyone, it will be excellent. And if they don’t, we will sleep together. I can’t even imagine what will happen when it gets colder ... Yes, and I also want to become a doctor! I want to treat the eyes of those officials who do not see the poverty we are in! And not only us! There are hundreds like us! (burst into tears and ran away, and little Anna Maria broke the awkward silence - approx.)
         Anna-Maria (4 years): And you know, I do not like doctors, but my sister will be a good doctor! She loves children! I know she will heal everyone even without money, she is kind!
- Does anyone help you: neighbors, strangers? The fact that relatives are not helping you, I already realized!
       Tamara Abesadze: There are no neighbors nearby. There is one military unit, and when the soldiers pass by our ruins, they give the children canned food or stew ... probably from their rations. So kind! So good!
        - What do you think can happen when we write about your family and people learn about your problems?
       Tamara Abesadze: I am afraid that I will not be deprived of parental rights, that children will not be taken from me, that I will not be kicked out of this shack, because we are here illegally. But I hope that someone, with God's help, may help!
        - Contact our readers! You have a chance to reach out, finish it, you have a chance to be saved! All Georgia is reading us!
       Tamara Abesadze: Look at my children! Look into their eyes! Then look at yours. My children also have the right to life. Save them!
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     Friends, the Chernovetsky Charity Foundation is launching a fundraising campaign for a large Abesadze family. And we do not intend to stop on one-time help. These beautiful children must live. After all, we all bear a proud name - Georgians!
   To survive, the family is in dire need of food, hygiene products, medicines for children, furniture, household appliances, and clothes! These Georgian children should become ours. After all, not foreigners should take care of Georgian families? We ourselves!
Help them survive, help the children go to school. Dress, shoe and remember them always!
And better - call Tamara, learn from their mouths about pressing needs, cheer up this family! You can also personally provide them with all possible assistance, and God bless you! And be sure to CEREAL our post. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It is very important!
Do not pass by someone else's misfortune! Unhappy people are given to us from above so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!
Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or acquaintance, do a charitable deed, write to us by e-mail: 📩
Here is their contact phone number: 588 88 73 27.
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