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Mommy, what is meat?

This year a 6-year-old boy and two-year-old baby are praying for a piece of bread on their knees and the icy concrete floor this year.
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The bastard-husband threw another young beauty. Like cattle! Wearing such rascals! Due to his diabolical aggression, the third baby was born prematurely and died. Yes, he does not have a heart, but a stone! Lord, why are they so punished!
This year a 6-year-old boy and two-year-old baby are praying for a piece of bread on their knees and the icy concrete floor this year. They did not even have elementary toys. How so, God!
The walls of this old shack could not stand it anymore. Once she fell and nearly killed the eldest son. She saved from disaster. “I save every child,” Miriam cries.
- What are you doing? It was our Facebook foundation and invited to my place. - Oh, dear ones, I often feel bad, my heart hurts, faints, suffers from neurosis, has suffered swine flu. This condition can develop into a "bad" disease.
The Orthodox cross from childhood, from birth, and believes that the Lord God did not leave her. He believes that the time will come when the judge will step aside and say: “You have enough trials. Live calmly ... ". Her affairs are very bad
-How did your husband leave you? What happened? But what about the kids?
Mariam: he left us three years ago when I was in position. And that is good! And then he would have killed the baby with drunken fights. Beat on the stomach! And so - healthy, the baby was born. Thank God!
Vodka took from the father of my children. He is not a man! He is not at all interested in children, he does not care, they are starving, sick, living in this stable.
When you got married, you probably even assumed that your life would become hell?
Mariam: I got married in the city of Ozurgeti. She lived in her husband’s house. She dreamed of a big and happy family. When she gave birth to her first child, Otar. But after a year, he must have possessed a demon. He started drinking, cursing, shouting at me, stopped working ...
-And how did his parents react to this? They did not help you?
Mariam: father could not respond. He said - "endure." So I endured. Being a pregnant second child, the husband had to beat me. I gave birth to a second child. He was premature and moderate after some time. I experience tremendous inner pain that still haunts me.
-A third child, daughter Lydia, where did you give birth?
Mariam: When I became pregnant for the third time, I decided to go to my parents in the village of Khovle in the Caspian region. I know that parents cannot give me this. Lydia was born here, an absolutely healthy girl ...
-And what is your husband?
Mariam: I can no longer tolerate insults and humiliation. After all, they practically starve me ...
-Tell about your parents. Why are they in such distress?
Mariam: Mom and Dad are the closest people to me. I don’t have brothers and sisters, not even close relatives. There was an uncle, a brother of his father, and he died 5 years ago. We are completely lonely people. Mom is 56 years old, she is not able to work. So to speak, he worked as a technician in a communications system, earning a living from bread. The hospital was cured of stomach disease, severe bleeding began, underwent surgery and the miracle survived. Since then, he is disabled.
-House, or rather, this barn in which you live is about to fall apart. How do you manage to exist in such nightmarish conditions?
Mariam: This hut was built 40 years ago. No plaster, and the floor is concrete. Last year, one wall collapsed. The child stood nearby, but his grandmother managed to grab him by the arm and pull him out.
-I see that you have already restored the wall ...
Gennady Bakhtadze is a good-natured person. He helps us a lot. In general, our neighbors are good people, poor, but kind. Help as far as possible. Well, they recently bought firewood for us, though it’s enough for a couple of months. Therefore, we need to cook on a wood stove. I drag water from the neighbors, and the toilet - in the yard.
-What is the size of your social benefits and what do you spend on?
Mariam: We get 340 GEL. We spend half of this amount on drugs for the father, and the rest on food. We have to interrupt watery soups, potatoes and noodles. My children have never eaten meat, devoid of sweets. For example, in the summer, an older boy asked me to buy ice cream. Well, how to refuse a child? That day I bought ice cream for the children, but there wasn’t enough money for my portion of bread, so I remained hungry, because bread is our main food.
     -And do local authorities help you?
      Mariam: No, they don’t help. I turned to them several times, but in vain. They say that we receive benefits, and this is supposedly enough. That's how they kick me every time.
-Mariam, do you regret getting married?
       Mariam: Yes, I regret that I married this man. This happens - once made a mistake and now have to suffer. Yes, the matter is no longer in me, but in the fact that my children grow up without a father, without support, without fatherly care.
        -And if your husband returns, accept him?
       Mariam: There is no question of our further life together, but if I decide to see my children and somehow help, I will not resist. Although, he is such a callous and irresponsible person that it is not necessary to expect “transformation” from him, I do not believe in it.
       -And what do you believe in?
       Mariam: You know, I believe in miracles. Isn't it a miracle that you are here now? I did not dare to write to you for a long time, I thought that in the letter I could not state the whole severity of my situation. But the Lord sent me a miracle - you instantly responded to my pain and visited me. Glory to you Lord! I am very grateful to your foundation for the attention shown to my family.
      -Mariam, do you believe that luck can smile at you again, that your life will come out of the black band and misfortune will turn into happiness?
     Mariam: Although I am still young, nevertheless, I do not care about my personal life, as this is secondary. The main thing for me now is my children, I need to feed and drink them, dress and put on shoes, and then give an education. Not believing that they will be happy means disbelief in God. Therefore, I believe that with God's help, with the help of compassion and mercy of good people, with the help of prayers to the Lord, happiness will come!
Friends, here is another sad story that requires our urgent intervention. A young mother can break down and fall into despair at any time, and this is a great sin. Let us not contribute to this with our inaction and render all possible assistance to her and her children; let us tear them out of poverty and calamity and instill a ray of hope.
       This family needs food, a washing machine, a refrigerator, a TV, dishes, blankets, children's clothes and toys! They don’t have anything. Yes, yes ... it's true! They don’t even have a TV, and the one that is available was released in the late 1980s and has not been working for a long time. These people live in complete poverty!
      You can visit this family and personally help them. Here is the address: Kaspi district, the village of Khovle, tel .: 558-735873.
      If at the moment you do not have the financial ability, do not worry, the main thing is that you want to help an unhappy family, and CEREALING this post is also a very important form of help! So do not forget about it!
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