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Drunk "beast" - the most evil and dangerous in the world!

"On your knees you will creep up to me when you die of hunger,"
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“How cruel he is when he's drunk!” Just like Hitler! He spent 4 years in prison for bullying us. But all the same ...! "- Grieves mom ...
Can we really let this monster “finish” Mariam with hunger? And after her death - again mock innocent creatures ?!
     Look, friends, into the eyes of these innocent children ?! How sad and scared they are!
Together, can we give them a chance for normal development? Otherwise, we will never forgive ourselves for indifference!
Unfortunately, nobody except for us and the Lord cares for them: neither the village administration, nor the municipal deputy, nor the public of the region. They have children arranged. What else is needed ... It's a shame that people are so heartless!
But he was a normal man, - in a whisper, so as not to scare the children, he talks about his father - the monster Mariam! It is impossible, whispers, that native children hate their father. Little else. They almost do not remember how we barely took our feet away from him. Death almost caught up! How alive they were - only the Lord knows! Children often remember him. They survive, poor little ones ... Their friends have a dad and they want their "own"!
Let your readers pray. May come back to life ...
- Mariam, what is the main problem of your family?
Mariam: It’s hard for one and children to feed anything! And get sick ?! Where to run?! To whom!? But it’s better than living in constant fear, in humiliation and in expectation of beatings!
- For example, what do children eat? What is their daily diet?
Mariam: beans, greens, bread, watery soup ... what else can 450 GEL benefits be enough for? I also have a sick mother. She needs medicine every day! If he doesn’t accept, he will die! So you have to invent some “dishes”, you have to somehow dodge ... recently, the children cooked bread soup ... (crying)
- The house you live in is your own?
Mariam: this is my mother’s parental home. After the death of her parents, there was nothing to change. It is so dilapidated that it is about to fall apart. It is absolutely uninhabitable. The roof slanted, the walls, as you see, are shabby, covered with mold, our furniture is old, what my grandmother received in the dowry ... there is no washing machine, there is no refrigerator either, the TV does not show, the children listen to cartoons ... In winter we heat the stove if we can somewhere collect dry branches ...
“I see that you are a believer, since there are many icons on the wall ...”
Mariam: I am a parishioner of a local church. I constantly pray. I ask the Lord for happiness for my children so that they do not starve, that they have a roof over their heads and the opportunity to learn. When I go to bed - I ask God only one thing - to help me feed my children.
-There are people who say that "you can’t give birth to children when there is no means to support them." How do you feel about such a statement?
Mariam: Yes, I know, I read such comments and it is very painful for me to hear this ... for a very long time I did not contact you because of this ... But I do not blame them! The Lord sees everything ... He sees what I have to do, how to suffer every day, for the sake of children! And I wholeheartedly believe that God will make my children be the best and most happy world! Like this!
Believe it?
-Of course, Mariam! The Lord can do everything. But he acts only through people. And we believe him. Soon, soon, you will have many new and reliable friend-defenders. No one will remain indifferent. Children are beautiful. And you are a good and caring mother.
-What is your biggest dream?
Mariam: I only dream of the happiness of my children now! Survive these hard times. I believe that the Lord will not leave!
- Or maybe you have some kind of everyday dreams? What do you need most?
Mariam: Oh, no one ever asked me about this ... I was confused ... here we really need a washing machine, and we don’t have a refrigerator ...
Keti (10 years old): moms, we don’t have a gas stove and there are no beds ...
- And now I’ll talk with the children. Keti, here you say what mom needs, but what do you dream about?
Keti (10 years): I want a ball ... I don’t dream of anything else. Do not need anything. The main thing is to have food. And I will play with the ball with the sisters, at least it will be fun!
-And you help mom?
Keti: Of course I'm helping. I look at the little sister, chopping wood, cleaning the room ...
“Tamara, what would you ask?”
Tamara (8 years old): I dream of having a beautiful doll! So that she has more “clothes” than mine!
Nino (4 years): And I need a bunny!
- Do you want a teddy bunny?
Nino: noooooo, what a teddy! I need a real bunny ... here to run! And he moved his ears! To hug him! A real bunny! Dreaming I really need him!
     Friends, as you see, the large family of Mosesvili is in dire need. They need food, medicine, home equipment, children's clothing, household appliances, furniture!
     Let us support them, show mercy, give children a chance to develop normally and have a happy life.childhood. You can personally visit this family and provide assistance. Children, believe us, will be happy! Call Mariam, find out about the needs of the family, cheer and support, say that she is not alone and that we will not leave them alone in trouble! It is very important!
Here is their address: Gurjaan Municipality, the village of Bakurtsikhe, tel .: 597 03 68 43.
Friends, the Chernovetsky Charity Foundation begins an action: to help the Moseshvili family. As you know, the Fund does not stop with one-time assistance. Without children, the country and the people have no future. Take care of the younger generation! Help them survive! “Write” them to your relatives. And we are sure that the Lord Himself will bless you.
And be sure to CEREAL our post. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It is very important!
God gives us the opportunity to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves. Not all people are the same. And not everyone is kind, as we are with you. Do not pass by someone else's misfortune! Unhappy people are given to us from above so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!
Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or acquaintance, do a charitable deed, write to us by e-mail:
Our fund account is GE15TB7194336080100003, GE42LB0115113036665000, GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Moseshvili family). You can also transfer money from our site.
You can transfer money from the terminals Nova Technology, TBCpay, ExpressPay. Find our foundation in the charity section. (Additional rights and obligations of the Fund can be found at

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