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Aunt, do you happen to have any candy?

What a horror that already at the age of 2, a child understands that he or she he lives in a deep poverty, knows what real hunger is and can only dream not of toys, like all children, but of food and sweets…
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  With this question, looking hopefully into my eyes, met us 2-year-old Barbare… And while I was trying to think of an answer in confusion, the little girl added funny, misrepresenting the words: "Or something else to eat?" Friends, what would you tell this little, sweet, hungry angel?

  What a horror that already at the age of 2, a child understands that he or she he lives in a deep poverty, knows what real hunger is and can only dream not of toys, like all children, but of food and sweets…

  – Don't worry, we will bring everything to you, baby... – I answered confusedly as our acquaintance with this large and wonderful Georgian family began: father – Zurab, mother – Tinatin, and their five beautiful daughters: Mariam – 16 years old, Tamuna – 12, Anna – 8, Lika – 6 and Barbare – 2 years old.

  Dear friends, here are five girls, five Georgian beauties with no future if we stay away. They suffer from hunger, cold, and, above all, the humiliation they experience at school and among their friends. Not to mention the fact that there are no conditions for learning and normal development! This cannot be the case in Georgia. In the country of the kindest and most faithful people in the World!

  – They love each other so much... – Mother Tinatin begins her sad story. The girls are all grown up, and we are all huddled in this tiny room, with no beds or even room for beds, so cramped that we often have to send the eldest, Mariam, to my parents. And she misses me and her father and sisters so much… Yes, what am I talking about, thank God that at least we are not under the open sky…   

  Reporter: Nino, calm down and tell me everything in order.

Tinatin: A few years ago, my parents, with whom we lived, lost their apartment due to debt. It was a difficult time, and we were not able to buy even a small living space. Thus we remained in the street.

For several years, we rented an apartment on the outskirts of the city, and it was too hard to raise children, feed them, clothe them, train them, and pay for housing.

For 5 years, I wrote letters to all authorities with a request to provide our large family with housing. I had no other choice...

And so, we were given one room for 7 people in the shelter. This building is similar to an old hospital with a common corridor. Thank you also for not leaving us with young children in the open air.

My husband couldn't find a permanent job, and I have no one to leave my children with. That's how we live with one social allowance.

 – What is the main problem of your family at the moment?

Tinatin: We live with 5 children in one room, in a social shelter, where we have no conditions for existence, not to mention the conveniences and appliances. There is no way to feed children normally. We don't even have a place to sleep, you know? There are a lot of us, the girls are already big, and they sleep with us, on double beds. They have no place to study, only a lame table that serves both for food and for the girls' classes. My heart sinks when I think that my children will not be able to receive proper education in such conditions… And when you have an empty stomach, would you study well?.. My eldest daughter, Mariam, often spends the night with her grandmother, and she is my main support and assistant, the younger ones love her endlessly, and miss her very much when she is not at home.

  Reporter: – How did your family "start"?

  Tinatin: This is a story of a great love! – The mother of the daughters stopped crying and turned to memories. – My husband and I met while visiting my best friend, Lia. He is 5 years older than me, and then he seemed so grown-up, so serious… We liked each other immediately. I felt like a little girl next to him, and he seemed to me a reliable protection from all the miseries of life… We soon realized that we were just made for each other and decided to run away, it seemed so romantic at the time. Under the pretext that I would pick up little brother from the kindergarten I walked out of the house. And after a couple of hours, I found myself in the village, with relatives of my spouse. And when my parents were called from kindergarten, and asked to pick up my little brother, of course everything was revealed. Today it is funny and shameful to recall this, but love often pushes young people to such "feats".

  But... Don't think anything bad...! I don't complain about fate. We have healthy, beautiful daughters and we believe in God. This is the most important for us now. Everything can't always be bad! So you came to see us…

– Is there anybody helping you? Parents or relatives? 

Tinatin: Our parents live on one pension, on the contrary, we should help them, but as you can see, we are in distress and cannot provide for ourselves or our children. There is no one else to help us, and the time is very difficult.

– Did you ever think that such a misfortune could happen to you? How did you imagine your future?

  Tinatin: The plans were simply Grand. They did not take seriously the hardships of an unsettled life. We wanted to create a strong and prosperous family, have many children and raise them in love and prosperity. Our dreams have partially come true, we have five of the best daughters in the world. Both of them are so beautiful... But at the same time, everyday problems have increased at times, and I want a happy and comfortable life for my girls so much. They deserved it!

– And have you asked someone for help? The local authorities, for example?

 Tinatin: The state helped us with housing. This was an unsolvable problem for us. My conscience does not allow me to ask for more. It's hard for everyone now. We receive social assistance as we have many children. I used to attend the free canteen, but since we were given housing in another area, now it is not possible to go from one end of the city to the other to get free bread and lunch. And at the new address, we have not yet been added to the social canteen lists, and we can't get anything.

– What do you believe in? What do you see as salvation?

Tinatin: Every single day, I turn to the Almighty and pray for the well-being of my children, that they live better than we do… And also, I ask his forgiveness for the fact that I cannot provide them with a decent existence... (crying)

  – Do you believe that strangers can be good to you?

  Tinatin: I hope for people's kindness and compassion. One of the commandments says: Love your neighbor as yourself. I hope that the Lord will send us good people. And the fact that нou are here is his will, I believe it.

– Tell us about the children. Do your children go to school or kindergarten?

  Tinatin: The youngest is 2 years old. The older ones go to school. If possible, we try to create conditions for them to study. Eldest Mariam (16 years old) studies very well, and we have high hopes for her. Tamuna (12 years old) and Lika (6 years old) love to dance, Anna (8 years old) is a good swimmer, she learned to swim at the river in the village where she stayed with my parents. Of course, it would be great to take them to some extracurricular activities, but you know, with our income, this is not possible. It is not always possible to provide girls with even the most necessary things.

  – What do you usually feed them?

  Tinatin: All our financial resources are spent on their food and education. It is impossible to provide the children with proper nutrition, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and their favorite treats. They're teenagers... They need so much, but instead, you often have to feed them with lunch from the free canteen.

I have to limit us in food. Children should be dressed, shod, and provided with school supplies. We make do with inexpensive products, pasta and cereals.

 Despite many problems, I try to inspire my children with faith in the future. Once I told the older girls, and now they tell the younger ones, stories where good always wins over evil. My strength is not the same, and my health is failing. This duty was assumed by Mariam and Tamuna. Normally all fairy tales are about princesses; they are girls and dream only about this…

  – Let me talk to the kids now. Shall we talk, girls? What games do you like to play or do you go in for sports?

  Mariam (16 years old) I used to attend football classes, and I really liked it. But then I couldn't continue because of my finances.

 – How do you study? What are your interests?

  Mariam (16 years old) I study well. I love books and I read modern literature, science fiction, and others. I borrow them from my friends as we can't afford to buy books. My friends help me a lot. I would really like to go in for swimming, but it's too expensive for us…

 – Do you believe that we will help and even pay for the courses? Which courses are you going to attend and why: swimming or football?

   Mariam (16 years old): (laughs) I think previously I'd rather opt for swimming, I was little then, but now I think football is more for boys. I believe with all my heart, you have already helped so much.

  – How do you help mom and dad?

  Mariam (16 years old) My sisters and I always help my mother around the house, in everything. Mother is very tired! We are many, and she is one! I feel sorry for her. Besides, she doesn't have a washing machine, and her family is big. Women like my mother should have monuments erected during their lifetime. She has never reproached us. And how kind and caring she is!

  – What is your dream?

  Mariam (16 years old) I dream of becoming a journalist. I want to see the whole World and see how people live in other countries. I would like to help those who have a bad life! I want be a reporter in flashpoint areas. I also dream of a beautiful house where I will finally have my own room, but I will definitely take my parents with me! 

  – What do you dream about before going to sleep?

  Mariam (16 years old) Before going to bed, I imagine myself at the Institute. I sit in the classroom and listen to the lecturer! And then I walk down the corridor! I feel so happy then!

  – Who are your best friends and why them? 

Mariam (16 years old): I have many friends. I love and appreciate them all. They can be trusted in everything.

  – Are the boys good or stupid?

  Mariam (16 years old) I have a good relationship with boys, but I'm more friends with girls.

  – Don't they insult you?

  Mariam (16 years old) They don't dare to. I can answer them.

 – Have you ever thought about your future family? How many children will you have?

  Mariam (16 years old) I live in terrible poverty and I don't want my children to suffer like me and my sisters. If God gives me money, there will be a lot of children. If not, I'll have 1 child or 2.

  – Are you amorous? Do the boys like you? What kind of husband do you want?

  Mariam (16 years old) I'm not interested in boys. And I will choose a husband like my Dad: caring and loving.

  – What do you want to wish the children of Georgia?

  Mariam (16 years old) We wish all Georgian children to have the opportunity to learn, beautiful toys and lots of delicious food.

  – Tamuna, what is your favorite toy?

  Tamuna (12 years old): I don't like playing with dolls, but my little sisters do, so I let them play.

  – So what is your favorite toy? What's her name? Do you put her to bed?!

  Anna (8 years old): This is my favorite doll, Marie, it was given to me a long time ago, look how old the dress is. But I still love her, she is named after my sister. Mariam and Tamuna no longer play with dolls, they are big, but Lika and I need them very much. And you know, aunt, there is a shop on our street where hundreds of beautiful dolls live. A whole city of dolls! But mom can't buy them for us.

  Lika (6 years old): My most favorite toy is this bear, look how soft it is. Touch it, scratch it behind the ear. He loves it… Little Barbara likes it very much, and she wants to take it away from me. And I don't want to give it away! It is very dear to me.

Aunty, please, buy at least a little bear for Barbare. I feel sorry for her. And I feel sorry for my bear… And I feel ashamed…

 Barbare (2 years old): Yes, Yes, a bear. Like Lika's… I really want to… And more candies…

 Lika (6 years old): She is still not able to speak well. – Explains the sister.

 –  Well, I think we understand each other. What stories or songs do you like to listen to before going to bed? Who tells you them? Who is your favorite character?

  Tamuna (12 years old): My mother has a lot to do and is very tired, so we read fairy tales to each other. We sing and dance a lot. I like princesses. They are adorable. And the Princes come for them. And do you have a prince? (giggling)

  Anna (8 years old): Marie tells us stories... My mother is tired, very tired. I like the fairy tale about Snow White, it is my favorite, there are such funny dwarfs…

  Lika (6 years old): I don't like Snow White. The Queen is evil there. I love the story about sleeping beauty, where the Princess is more beautiful, I saw her in the cartoon. And you, aunt, have you seen how beautiful the Princess is? Isn't she more beautiful than Snow White?

But Barbare does not listen to fairy tales. She likes it when we all sing songs together.

  – What do you sing to her? Sing, please.

  Lika (6 years old): No. Otherwise you will fall asleep and what will our mother have to do with you? We already have no space and we only have little food. – The child used cunning. 

  – What do you want to become?

  Tamuna (12 years old): – I want to be like Mariam in everything, she is the smartest and the most beautiful. I also want to be a journalist, or a TV presenter. They are all so beautiful and I want to be a dancer.

  Anna (8 years old): I'll be a teacher. We have such a great teacher at school and I miss her so much.

  Lika (6 years old): I don't know if I'll be a princess or a policewoman.

  – What do you need to be happy?

  Tamuna (12 years old): I... don't know... But I want my mom to have a washing machine. She won't be so tired then. We also don't have a refrigerator to keep food from spoiling. And my sisters and I are very fond of sweets.

  Anna (8 years old): I want a bicycle. And we would like to attend dancing and swimming courses.

  Lika (6 years old): I want a bicycle too.

  Anna (8 years old): We don't need so many bicycles! One for two is enough. It is better to have a washing machine for mom!

  – What do you want to wish the children of Georgia?

  Tamuna (12 years old): I want everyone to be healthy

  Anna (8 years old): I want children to have everything like in a fairy tale!

  Lika (6 years old): Everyone should have toys…

  – Can you draw? Can you...?

  Tamuna (12 years old): Yes, and I love it... My mother says my drawings are nice.

  Anna (8 years old): I also lile to draw princesses.

  Lika (6 years old): I am good at drawing houses for princesses. Only I don't like to draw with pencils. I draw better with markers.

  – Are you a pretty girl? Who has told you that?

  Tamuna (12 years old): (laughing) I... don't know... Dad says I am.

  Anna (8 years old): Yes, I am beautiful. My sisters often tell it to me.

  Lika (6 years old): I'm pretty, too. My mother always tells me "my beautiful girl".

  – And which of the children does your mother love the most?

  Tamuna (12 years old): She loves all of us in the same way. Our mother is the kindest.

  Anna (8 years old): She loves everyone equally, but she loves Barbare the most because she is the smallest.

    Lika (6 years old): She loves me.

  – Is your mother beautiful? Is she kind?

  Tamuna (12 years old): Mom is the most beautiful, but very tired and often does not wear beautiful dresses and does not paint her nails. And when she does, she's like a princess.

  Anna (8 years old): Yes, our mother is very beautiful and the kindest in the world.

  Lika (6 years old): My mother is very beautiful and very kind.

  – What was your most interesting dream?

  Tamuna (12 years old): Once I had a dream that I perform on stage with my friends. We dance and people applaud us!

  Anna (8 years old): I dreamed that I lived in a palace and was dressed in a pink long dress.

    Lika (6 years old): And I don't know.

  – Who do you love the most and why?

    Tamuna (12 years old): I love my eldest sister Mariam.

    Anna (8 years old): Me too.

    Lika (6 years old): and me too.

  –  Tinatin, you have wonderful girls. Tell me please, what's your family's income? What can you afford?

 Tinatin: We receive social assistance and assistance for large families. That's all our family budget. My husband has not been able to find a permanent job, and I am at home with my children. There is no help to wait for either. This is barely enough to provide children with basic food and not starve to death.

– What is your most cherished dream?

  Tinatin: My dream is to see my daughters truly happy. My heart bleeds when they don't finish their meal and don't say anything, they don't want to upset me...  How can I refuse her when she asks for something? How do I explain why not? I only dream of their bright future, so that today they are fed and clothed, so that they can get a decent education. And also... I dream of not sleeping six in the same bed…

– What are in your opinion the things you need at home in the first place?

 Tinatin: I would love to have a washing machine and a refrigerator. This has turned into a dream for me. At the moment, my children are very badly in need of a computer and the Internet, they need it to keep up with the school curriculum. The issue of their education will be resolved. And of course, we need food very much.

  – Why did you decide to contact us?

  Tinatin: You've helped a lot of people, we know... They say you're wizards. People bless you endlessly. I hope so much that with your help, my children will become a little happier.

– Do you want to meet friends of the Fund? Do you want to find new friends?

Tinatin: I only hope so… We have absolutely no one to address to, I will be happy to all who will support us at least with a kind word.


Friends, as you can see, the large family is in extreme need. The family is in need of food, diapers, household appliances and beds!

Let's support them, show mercy, give the children a chance to develop normally and have a happy childhood. You can personally visit this family and provide assistance. The children and their parents will be merely happy! Call Tinatin, find out about her needs, cheer her up, support her, tell her that she is not alone and that nobody will leave them alone in their trouble! It is very important.

  Here's their address: Tbilisi, Orkhevi, 12 Mukhadze street, apt. 24, tel.: 558 74 03 53

Dear friends, Chernovetskyi Fund initiates a charitable action: to help Tinatin Dundua and her children. As you know, the Fund does not stop at one-time assistance. Without children, the country and people have no future. Take care of the younger generation! Help them survive! "Write them down" as your relatives. And we are sure that the Lord himself will bless you.

And be sure to repost our publication. Let all your friends know about the grief of this family! It is very important.

God gives us the opportunity to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves. Not all people are the same. And not everyone is as kind as we are. Please, do not pass aside the sorrow of others! Unhappy people are given to us from above so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!

Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend, do a Charitable deed, write to us by e-mail:

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