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She was named Mariam. In honor of the Mother of God

The biggest dream of 14-year-old Mariam is a wheelchair, which will finally allow her to see her only the tattered walls of the room, and the wonderful light of God: the sky of sunny Batumi, the sea and waves, a beautiful promenade.
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After all, Mariam has been bedridden from birth because of a terrible disease - Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus and epilepsy. And for the life of the unfortunate girl alone her mother, the 37-year-old Leila, is courageously fighting.
Leila - I am 37 years old, but I am so tired of life that I seem to have lived forever. So many troubles fell on me ... My childhood was bright and carefree in my life.
See how we live, and you yourself will understand that misfortune and poverty settled in this house. Every night I spend my thoughts about how to survive the next day, how I will feed my four children, whether my 14-year-old Mariam will have a seizure ...
In childhood, everyone dreams of a bright future, I was no exception. But fate decreed otherwise ...
On the advice of my parents, I married almost a man I didn’t know. Our parents agreed on marriage, I normally didn’t even know my future husband, but I couldn’t resist my parents - I loved my father very much! And he wanted so ...
Getting used to living with an almost stranger, of course, was difficult, but with time you get used to everything ... My husband’s family lived very poorly, no one worked, including my husband. I don’t know how we got out ...
At first, my husband treated me normally, but then he began to drink often, explaining this by worries due to unemployment. Over time, things got worse ... My pregnancy didn’t change the situation ... The news that I would soon become a mother both pleased and scared me. It frightened me because we ourselves did not have enough to live on, and yet the child needs so much of everything ... But I was young and believed that the child would change everything for the better. But fate again turned its back on me ... My daughter was born with the hardest diagnoses: Cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus and hernia of the spinal cord.
It was a verdict! Doctors did not give the slightest chance that the child would survive, the girl could not breathe on her own ... This was a shock for me, but as a mother, I never lost hope that my girl would live and please me!
On the second day after the birth, it was decided to operate the baby and remove the hernia from the spine. The operation was the most difficult; it was carried out in Batumi. Today I am very sorry that we did not go to Tbilisi and did not have an operation in the capital, as the situation only worsened after the operation. The girl started having epileptic seizures, the baby literally died in my arms. It was unbearably painful to look at the blue body of the barely breathing, wriggling convulsions of a child ...
Everyone except me already buried my girl, but I did not stop praying, I believed in a miracle, and it happened! My husband’s family is Orthodox Christians; according to Christian tradition, they decided to baptize my girl and give her the name Mariam in honor of the Mother of God, so that she would patronize our baby. For the sake of saving my girl, I agreed and asked the Mother of God to save her life! And a miracle happened! I returned home with my daughter Mariam! The Most Holy Theotokos has truly created a Miracle for us!
I believe that God is one and helps everyone, despite his belief. The main thing is to believe, hope and pray, albeit in your own words, not knowing prayers, but with a pure heart!
- And what was Mariam's forecast for the future?
- It was not a prognosis, but a life sentence - a disabled person with the hardest diagnoses Cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus and epilepsy. These diseases are killing my child! Due to hydrocephalus, a lot of fluid is collected in her skull box, which presses on all nerve endings and causes side effects: the brain does not develop, vision problems, blood pressure rises, epileptic seizures and much more ... But I have to look at it all helplessly and live with this pain ... But I agree to endure until the end of my life, only let my girl be with us! I ask nothing more from Allah, nor from Christ and the Virgin Mary!
-How did your husband react to the birth of a daughter? What has changed in your life?
- Mariam was our firstborn and, of course, the husband was happy about the new life. We fought for the lives of our daughter throughout the whole family. The trouble rallied us, but as it turned out - only temporarily. After Mariam, we had three more healthy children - Rabbi, Murat and Salome. My husband drank from unemployment and grief, and 7 years ago he died in a car accident.
- Who helped you in this difficult time for you?
- My parents. I had a great father, he cared for us as best he could. I returned to my parents' house and now I live with my four children with my mother, sister, brother and his wife. But grief does not come alone. So my beloved dad died 2 years ago, depriving us of reliable support. He worked hard and especially loved Mariam, fulfilled all her desires ...
- In what conditions do your children grow up?
- We live 9 people in one apartment. This old apartment with minimal conditions
yami for life. Repair has not been done here for a long time, everything is already so old that it collapses, water leaks in the bath and floods the neighbors. We have a large five-room apartment and there is enough space for everyone, but not enough beds - the children sleep on old iron beds.
And Mariam, she’s a very large girl, she weighs 110 kg and sleeps on the ottoman we were presented with. But she broke down and I'm afraid that soon the weight of Mariam’s body will not withstand and the child will be left without a bed. She is my bed patient and completely helpless! I often have to turn it from side to side to change the diaper, wash, clothe, feed. If we had a double bed, a bed with a strong iron frame, then it would be convenient for Mariam to lie down, and it is easier for me to look after her.
- How do you deal with problems requiring tremendous physical and moral strength?
-When a woman becomes a mother, the forces to take care of a child appear somehow by itself ... And when your child is hopelessly ill, then you are forced to become a real superhero who can withstand everything ... You understand that if you do not do everything possible and impossible Your child will be worse. And nowhere is worse ... And you turn inside out, not remembering about your problems, about your health, desires and needs.
- Do you have health problems too?
- I had gynecological problems, I had to undergo surgery. A few months ago, the doctor discovered a tumor in the mammary gland and recommended surgery. I have severe pains, but I can’t leave the children, especially Mariam. And finance does not allow you to think about yourself. After everything that happened to me, I also started to have psychological problems. Often I lose consciousness. But I can’t turn to the doctor - everything needs finances, which we don’t have ...
- What is the income of your family?
- We receive Mariam’s disability pension and my mother’s pension - she is 65 years old. The status of a socially unprotected family was withdrawn from us 2 years ago after a social agent found a washing machine and a refrigerator bought in installments at our place ... What can I do without a washing machine? There are 9 people in our family: four children, a disabled person and an elderly mother. Only Mariam bedding should be washed several times a day.
For two years now we have not been able to restore the status of socially vulnerable.
Nobody works in our family, mother and brother are very ill ... My daughter-in-law, my brother’s wife, and I worked part time to clean other people's apartments and houses, but for two months now, after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, there are no more orders, and we are completely without income. We are running out of food supplies, so many debts have accumulated in grocery stores that they will not let us go into debt soon ... I don’t know how we will continue to live, we will face starvation!
- And nobody helps you?
- Help friends, friends, relatives. Someone who can, mostly clothes for younger children. But Mariam also needs clothes! She is a very large girl, weighs about 110 kilograms, and she needs large-sized clothes that are not so easy to find even in second-hand stores. I also can’t buy her clothes.
- Have you turned to someone for help? To local authorities, for example ...
- I often turn to the local authorities for help. They give us a cash allowance of 200 lari once every 3 months. Thank you very much! But only one medicine for Mariam from attacks of epilepsy costs 200 GEL per month, and yet, in addition, she needs other medicines, large amounts of diapers, which are very expensive. And what to feed a family of 9 people, including 4 children? I'm not talking about other expenses ...
- Do you believe in the kindness of strangers?
“If it weren’t for the good people, perhaps we would not have been alive ... When all hope disappears, someone will surely appear and give us a helping hand.”
- Tell us about your younger children.
- Rabbi is 8 years old, Murat 7, Salome 6. I have healthy children. Rabbi and Salome are calm, good girls. But Murat is a mischievous person, not to keep up with him.
- Children go to school?
- No, they don’t go to school. We have no way to buy them clothes, shoes, textbooks ...
- And at home do you teach them to read, write, count?
- Sometimes we deal with them. They are hard to read. Rabbi thinks well.
“Do you tell fairy tales to them?”
- Very rarely it turns out. More often I turn on cartoons to them. A lot of time is spent caring for a disabled person and a sick mother. It is necessary to wash, cook, feed them. The rest of the children also need care.
- How do you imagine their future?
“I hope their life will be better than mine.” I can’t change anything already, it’s too late for me to learn something, but I’ll try to teach children some profession so that I can provide for myself. The main thing is that they be honest and kind people, and this I teach them.
- Who, in your opinion, is the most talented of the children and what do they need to develop their gift?
“They are all very smart children.” Rabbi loves messing around in the kitchen, cooking. She watches all cooking shows on TV. Murat likes to play football, and Salome fiddling with dolls, dresses them in different dresses, which, incidentally,
sews herself.
- Do children also go in for sports?
- We have no financial opportunity to drive them to sports clubs. They play in the yard with children, go swimming in the sea. Murat loves to ride a bike. He doesn’t have his own, but the boy next door sometimes gives him a ride. Murat is so happy at this moment ... He asked not to love, but one day he sadly said that he really wanted to have a bicycle. My heart sank from the fact that I can not fulfill this his desire.
- Leila, what do you dream most of all?
- In dreams, I often imagine that Mariam has recovered, and we are walking along Batumi Boulevard. Now we are not succeeding, since Mariam does not have a wheelchair ...
- What is the daily diet of children?
- Oh, I can’t say that my children eat normally. Very often you have to cook a simple soup on the water, pasta, buckwheat porridge ... That is not expensive. Pamper children with their favorite foods
- Can I talk with the children? Can Mariam talk to us?
- She is 14 years old, but she speaks like a small child, and even then not always. Only in the mood. Mariam talk to your aunt? She wants to ask you what you love and what you want to be presented.
Mariam could not communicate with us, and Leila's mother herself spoke about the wishes of her eldest daughter:
Leila - She loves colorful, sounding toys. He likes to listen to music, watch cartoons. We used to have a small tablet, and I included cartoons and music videos for her, and she was very happy. But the children accidentally dropped it and broke it - it was the most tragic day, everyone - both children and adults cried ...
“Does she like it when you talk to her, tell tales or sing songs?”
-When Mariam was little, she loved to listen to a lullaby, although I sing terribly (smiles through tears). She loved the tale of Cinderella and the Snow Queen, but recently asked to watch cartoons and music videos for children. She probably doesn't like my "singing" voice anymore ...
Eight-year-old Rabbi, seven-year-old Murat and six-year-old Salome agreed to talk with us
- Children, what toys do you like?
Rabbi (8 years) - I love Barbie doll. She is so beautiful and slim. One girl in the yard has such a beautiful Barbie, with long golden hair
Salome (6 years old) - I also love the Barbie doll. But I don’t have it. But I have a doll Masha and I sew her outfits myself. I can sew! Mom gives me old unnecessary fabrics, and I make Masha skirts and dresses.
Murat (7 years) - I like to ride a bike. In the yard, one boy lets me ride. It's so cool! And my mother and I once walked on the boulevard, and I rode there on a children's typewriter. I drove myself, and my mother praised me. Cool machine, I would ...
“Mom said you don't go to school.” Would you like to go to school?
Murat (7 years old) - I want to go to school, but my mother cannot buy us books. And without them, there’s no way to go to school - in books the tasks are written, which must be carried out ...
Salome (6 years old) - I like school backpacks. I saw children going to school and everyone had such beautiful backpacks on their shoulders ...
Rabbi (8 years) - And I want to go to school, but for this I need a lot of money, but my mother does not have it. In the yard, a girl showed me her textbooks, there are beautiful drawings.
“Rabbi, can you read?”
Rabbi (8 years) - I can do a little. And Murat knows the letters. I can also count. Mom sometimes sends me to the store, and I can count the money.
- Children, and what fairy tales and songs do you like?
Salome (6 years old) - I love the tale of Cinderella. She was poor and turned into a princess. That would happen to me!
Rabbi (8 years) - I also love Cinderella. Cinderella is kind and therefore a fairy helps her become a princess. I really like her dress when she goes to the ball ...
Murat (7 years) - And I love the cartoon about Superman. He is strong and helps the weak. I, too, will help all the weak. Of course, Superman is a fairy tale, but I will become a policeman, because they also protect the weak! I will be very strong, mom says, if I eat a lot of oatmeal, I will grow strong!
-Do you like the uniform of a policeman?
Murat (7 years old) - Yes, on their head they have caps ...
- caps?
Murat (7 years) - Yes, I also want this. I come up dressed in a uniform and a cap to a bad uncle, I’ll do my hand like a policeman (puts his hand to his head) and say: “Captain Murat! Present your documents!” Super! (Laughs)
“Girls, what do you dream of becoming?”
Rabbi (8 years) - I want to become a cook, I like to cook food.
Salome (6 years old) - I want to become a princess, and I myself will sew the most beautiful dresses. And I also make a beautiful dress for Mariam so that she, too, was beautiful ...
- Guys, what are you dreaming of?
Rabbi (8 years) - I want Mariam to recover! When she is ill, her mother often cries, and I do not want to see my mother's tears.
Murat (7 years old) - I want to grow up faster to help my mother. I want to buy a car or bike
Salome (6 years old) - I want a beautiful house and a pink room like Barbie’s.
- Do you know how to draw?
Rabbi (8 years) - Yes. I like to paint. Mom bought us colored pencils, and
Salome and I often draw. I like to paint nature, flowers. My drawings like Mariam.
Salome (6 years old) - And I like to draw beautiful dresses for princesses.
Murat (7 years old) - I don’t like to draw, girls like to do this
- Tell me about your mom, what is she like?
Murat (7 years old) - You know, aunt! Women love to cry. And I promised my mother that when I grow up, neither she nor the sisters will ever cry. My mother is the kindest and most beautiful. I’ll be a policeman, and I’ll protect you too. “Do not think,” the boy says proudly!
     Mom won't tell you, shy, Aunt! But you tell in your Fund that Mariam needs a stroller with sensors. Well, such that she could go wherever she wants to ... But she, -mama says, -very expensive.
Salome (6 years old) - My mother is the kindest, she always kisses and caresses me a lot, but she is always busy, she has so many things to do!
Rabbi (8 years) - I love Mom more than anyone in the world. She is the kindest and fairest. When we quarrel sometimes, she reassures everyone. Mom cares about us, about Mariam and grandmother. She is very tired, but she never complains.
-And you help mom?
Rabbi (8 years) - Yes, I help. When mom prepares food, I am always there and help her. And I also go to the store. Everyone knows me there and often they give me sweets. When mom does not have money, they give us products without them, but without mom’s permission we don’t take anything. If mother needs to carry something heavy, Murat helps her. Boys are stronger than us.
- What would you wish to the children of Georgia?
 Rabbi (8 years) - I wish everyone had a good time and that they had fun
Salome (6 years old) - I wish all the girls beautiful dresses
-You live in Batumi off the coast of the sea. What is it like?
Rabbi (8 years) - Very beautiful. I love when the sea is calm and calm. It becomes transparent, and then we collect colored pebbles and shells. I really like to swim, but more like walking along the boulevard. There is so much entertainment. But mother often doesn’t take us there, probably there is no money. Everything is paid there.
Murat (7 years) - The sea is very large and large ships sail. And small ones swim, but far from the coast, large ships are often visible. I used to want to become the captain of a ship, but they have not been at home for a long time, but I can’t leave my mother and girls alone? They need help and protect. Therefore, I will be a policeman. I swim well and can swim far. But mom doesn’t let
Salome (6 years) - The sea is so huge, but very beautiful. I love to watch the sunset on the coast. It’s so beautiful when the sun sinks into the sea ... I don’t know how to swim and I am afraid of the waves. I had an inflatable chamber, but it went bad and does not inflate.
- Are you beautiful girls? Who told you this?
Salome (6 years old) - Rabbi is beautiful and kind. I'm beautiful too, mom always says this word to me
Rabbi (8 years) - I don’t know ... my mother also tells me this and others too ...
“And whom does your mother love most of all?”
Rabbi (8 years) - Mom loves us all very much, but she has to spend more time with Mariam. She can’t run and play like we do, and here mom is entertaining her.
Salome (6 years old) - Yes, my mother loves us all ...
Murat (7 years) - I do not like this question - and I will not answer!
- Which of your dreams do you remember the most?
Murat (7 years old) - I had a dream where I was a superman, flew around the city and helped people. It was so great!
Salome (6 years old) - And I dreamed that I was a princess and live in a pink palace. There were fountains and a white horse.
Rabbi (8 years) - Once in Batumi I was at the rink. There, the children skated so beautifully ... Now I often see in a dream that I also ride with them ...
- And who is the most and for whom you love?
Murat (7 years old) - Mom. She is the kindest and fairest
Salome (6 years) - I love mom most of all. She is a good mom
Rabbi (8 years) - I love all my mother, and brother, and sisters.
- Leila, tell me what we can help your family with, what exactly do you need?
- The most necessary thing is a wheelchair for Mariam with touch control - my daughter weighs 110 kilograms and I can’t move her in a hand-operated wheelchair.
Also, if possible, I will ask for an electric baking oven so that I can bake bread at home - it will be much cheaper for us than buying bread in a store.
Oh, we need so much, I’m even ashamed to talk about everything ...
- No need to be shy! List all you need
- I would like a laptop for Mariam to watch cartoons in bed, and for other children - a tablet.
I need a phone, otherwise mine has completely deteriorated and soon we will be left without any connection with the outside world ...
Need cots for children - girls dream of a two-story.
Separately durable bed for Mariam, as well as diapers and clothes of the largest size for her.
We need medicine for Mariam, they are very expensive, and without them the attacks of epilepsy cannot be stopped.
We have almost run out of products - everything has risen in price and I can’t buy even those cheap products that I bought before ... Hygiene products ...
It’s inconvenient to ask for so many things, but, after all, not for myself, but for the children I ask! May they be happy!
- Leila, why did you decide to apply specifically
to us?
-I saw your publications on the Internet. I saw how many children you helped, how many mothers gave hope, made their hard life easier.
I hope for you and for the kindness of people. After all, my children are deprived of everything, they fight with us for existence. I'm sure you and the Foundation’s friends will not leave us on the verge of destruction!
       Friends, we do not have the moral right to read this story does not help these unfortunate people! We pray for Mariam, we ask the Lord all together so that the life of this girl does not interrupt and she delights her beautiful family for many years.
      It all depends on God and our mercy. This family lives in Batumi. You can visit them and personally help. Here is the address: Batumi, st. Tsereteli 1 building Q 6 Tel: 574153492
        Friends, the Chernovetsky Charity Foundation begins an action: to help Mariam Susanidze. As you know, the Fund does not stop with one-time assistance. Georgians must live as it should be the most proud nation on earth - Georgians!
        Mariam needs a sensory wheelchair, and the family is in dire need of food, medicine, hygiene products, clothing, beds, and household appliances! Help them survive, consider that these are your relatives.
         And be sure to CEREAL our post. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It is very important!
        God gives us the opportunity to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves.
         Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or acquaintance, do a charitable deed, write to us by e-mail: office-fsp@fsp.gе
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         We have already helped many disadvantaged! Let’s support this girl, because no one is safe from the blows of fate! And, who knows, maybe sometime the help of strangers will be needed by ourselves!
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