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Lord, give every man in Georgia such a wife!

Please! Help me not to die! I cannot leave while my husband is alive. He is absolutely helpless - he has been operated on more than 40 times - wails his sick-hearted wife Nino with tears in her eyes.
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Please! Help me not to die!

I cannot leave while my husband is alive. He is absolutely helpless and underwent more than 40 operations - wails his sick-hearted wife Nino with tears in her eyes

Even looking into the eyes of death, Nino Khachaturova thinks only of her husband. She dedicated all her life to him! Half of her life, or maybe even more, she spent in hospitals with Malkhaz, where they have cut off piece by piece both legs of her beloved man. He underwent more than 40 operations!

And now once a month Nino is taken to hospital by an ambulance car. She has dedicated her selfless life to her dear husband, but now SHE looks death in the eyes. The heart. How could it withstand all this stress for so many years?

25 years ago, their family nest burned down in a terrible fire ... Nino and Malkhaz, together with their son, wandered through rented apartments ... Now their harbor is a tiny room of a social shelter! 

But that’s not all! Overcoming the pain and fear of death, Nino has to take care not only of her husband ... Everybody needs her care: her 85-year-old mother with cancer, her son Zaza, who suffers an unknown disease, and her only grandson Shmagi - hope and meaning of Nino’s life. 

But the woman does not complain and does not blame the Almighty! Just the opposite... 

- In whatever trouble we find ourselves, Lord does not let us perish! Thank God for all! Nino, a true Christian, greets us with these words, bursting into tears!

- Nino, don't cry, please, tell me everything that happened.

Nino: You know, sometimes it seems those misfortunes are just pursuing our family. But the Lord is merciful, he will never leave his child; every time, everything was resolved in some holy way. I have spent all my life taking care of my beloved husband, raising my son, and now, my grandson. If you only knew how wonderful they are! They are the best in the world! 

But now I am so ill that I can barely stand. I live for my family, and I will take care of it until my last breath!

Until 50, I had been healthy, worked tirelessly, and then the attacks began. I fainted almost every day, and I was taken away by an ambulance. I did not want to be examined for a long time, we had no money although I suffered from heart pain and high blood pressure. Finally, there was no choice left. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed a heart defect. I urgently need to have surgery, mitral valve replacement, otherwise the end will come soon.

I am not worried about myself, but what will happen to my men, and to my old, sick mother? How will they be alone, without me? Who will take care of them?

- Could you please specify your diagnosis?

Nino: I lost track long ago! I would not even think about my sores, but I have become absolutely weak, so I can hardly move, and every next day it becomes harder. I find it difficult even to breathe and speak! I’ve had a stroke twice, I have cardiac insufficiency, atrial fibrillation; as the heart valve does not work well and the blood does not circulate properly, it makes fluid constantly collect in the pleural cavity, and it is periodically drained in the hospital by injections. Besides that, I have iron-deficiency anemia, type II diabetes, fainting, blood pressure, and I have to stay at hospital once every one-and-half or two months.

- We compassionate you, Nino. What kind of help do you need at the moment?

Nino: Just before the New Year, I was told that I needed an urgent operation - a mitral valve replacement. Otherwise, I could die any moment and abandon my family to their fate. State insurance covers just a part of the operation costs, and we will have to pay the remaining amount. Where can we get the money from? We live very modestly. 

- Tell me, please, what happened to your husband?

Nino: (wiping away her tears) When he served in the army, in Kaliningrad, they had to sleep on the bare ground during field exercises. It was there he got hypothermia of his lower extremities resulting in his disease - obliterating endarteritis and gangrene. In simply words it’s veins disease, vasoconstriction, but doctors could not help him. When he was 27 they cut one of his legs. Then the other one...He suffered so much! Spent years in hospitals. The legs were cut piece by piece, doctors hoped to save at least a part of them. Terrible pains! He is all cut up and down! On the abdomen, under his arm, doctors moved the arteries to restore blood circulation. 

At his 45, he had both legs completely amputated. Even when I tried to put him with a pillow, he used to fall on his side. He was not able to move his hand but after a series of massages his sensitivity restored, though not fully. He has also had two strokes! Thank God, he survived. What would he do without me, poor guy? I have been taking care of him as a mother takes care of her newborn baby.

- How did you meet, how did you make family?

Nino: After graduating from the university I was sent to work at a grocery shop, where I worked as a saleswoman and then I headed a section. Malkhaz lived not far from there and he often did his grocery shopping there. This is how we met. We liked each other from the first glance. It was a different time then, and my parents were very strict. We met in secret, then I used to wait for him from the army. He returned back sick after 10 months. But this did not stop us. We ran off. My parents did not speak to me for a very long time, but finally we, of course, made up.

- Does anybody help you? Your relatives, for instance?

Nino: We have nobody. Only an aunt, but she is old, and sick, she recently buried her husband and needs care herself. The damned disease took everyone away from me. First my grandmother Aziz, then my father Vladimir, my beloved brother Gela - they all died young because of heart disease. It seems it’s hereditary, - the poor woman sobs again. Mom is sick too, she’s very old, she has asthma, her legs are swollen, she has had a chemotherapy course recently, she had a transfusion, because she ate nothing at all, poor thing...

- Nino, how did you imagine your future, what plans did you make 45 years ago?

Nino: What plans? As everybody around. I got a good education, I had a good job. Only now, my husband's illness blighted our happy family life. Malkhaz and I loved and love each other very much. We wanted to have many children, a big family. But as you see, it did not come true: due to Malkhaz’s illness we have only one child, Zaza. God bless him.

- What do you believe in? Where do you see the salvation? 

Nino: All that we have at the moment is that my husband and I are alive after two strokes, after a fire in our house, and that we have a roof over our heads, all this is the grace of Lord! All by prayer, all by faith... 

 I am very religious. In my current condition it’s impossible to go to church. But fortunately, our windows overlook St. Nicolas church and we can hear the bells ringing. And I can attend the service, if not physically, then at least with my soul.

- Do you believe in the kindness of strangers?

Nino: How couldn’t I believe it? What would have happened to us without kind people? Throughout all our life, Lord has sent them to help us. Even when Malkhaz and I have to go out for paperwork, or for some other need, everyone offers us help - women, men, the elderly and the young, even children. Without asking, young people pick up his wheelchair, and take him upstairs! And you know, it warms the soul! Why do we live in this world, if not to support and help our fellow beings?

And neighbors? We are never alone! My neighbor Marina gives me injections when my sugars are high, but she has an ill husband who is on dialysis! Nonna calls me mother, she measures my blood pressure and is always near whenever I call her. Levan, a great boy, he wrote to you telling about our troubles. I have no words to express how grateful I am to all of them!

- And what about your son?

Nino: Zaza is a kindest person. But his health failed. He used to work in a publishing house, but he got laid off, and you know how difficult it is to find a job. He has some strange symptoms, weakness, and something similar to hives. Sometimes his nose swells or his eyes, his hands - it bothers him very much. But we have not reached the doctor yet - we have no money to pay for a visit, besides we are sick all the time and need care. 

He has been raising his son alone since he was 4 years old. His wife left both him and their son. We are raising the boy, and she is not even interested in his life. I don’t blame anybody; God will judge us.

- Can you tell more about your grandson? 

Nino: Oh, he is a wonderful boy! - it was the first time during our conversation, when a smile has lit up Nino's face. - Everybody loves him, he studies well, always tries to help me at home. But the most important is that he has a loving, kind heart, he is very affectionate and always takes care of us. 

We had such a nightmare recently, I thought it would kill me. Shmagi fell ill with meningitis and spent a month at Hospital for Infectious Diseases. Doctors pumped out his cerebrospinal fluid three times. He pulled through by God’s help. I would not have pulled through, if something disastrous had happened!

- I will talk to your grandson, if it is possible.

Nino did not exaggerate the merits of her grandson, 16-year-old Shmagi. His seriousness, courage, endurance, and good manners won my heart. It is such young people who bring hope for the future of our country, our sunny Georgia!

- Shmagi, tell me a little bit about you. How do you study, what are your hobbies, what are your plans for the future?

Shmagi (16-year-old): I love football - becoming a professional footballer has been my dream since childhood!

- Who is your favorite football player?

Shmagi (16-year-old): Ronaldu! I want to be famous like him, earn good money and help not only my family, but also everyone in need.

- What about studying? What is your favorite subject?

Shmagi (16-year-old): History. I like reading, I study well and granny and grandfather are very happy about that. They are sick, and I always try to please them and help them in everything. They have raised me, and I love them so much. I want to find a side work to help my family, because my father is sick too and he cannot work. I am their only hope! don't have any computer therefore I am behind the school program, but I still try to read and study at home.

- What do you need to feel yourself happy?

Shmagi (16-year-old): We live in poverty, and playing football is expensive - you need a uniform, the cleats and so on.... I have found an inexpensive club on the Internet. I want to contact them. Hopefully, they will accept me.

What kind of girls do you like? Have you got your eyes on someone? At what age do you think you will start a family?

Shmagi (16-year-old): I cannot say that I like anyone particular so far. I am fond of someone, of course, but this is just fondness. I will have a family when I stand firmly on my feet and achieve my goals. My wife should be beautiful, humble, and caring. She should love our children and never leave them. I will do everything to ensure that my family would always have all they need.

- What would you wish to your peers?

Shmagi (16-year-old): I wish them to be goal-seeking, to gain their point, and never give up! To struggle for their dream. And I wish them health and success, of course! 

- Thank you for an interesting conversation! Well done, Shmagi, wish you all success!

Nino, let’s go on with our conversation. You live in a social shelter. How did you find yourself here? What is your life like here?

Nino: As I have already said, there was a fire in our house 25 years ago. A gas cylinder exploded, and we were left in the street with nothing. We lived in rented apartments for a long time, while we could afford it. But the rent became too much for us. Then we were very lucky to find accommodation here, in the shelter. Everything is God's will ... Whatever you see here does not belong to us: an old TV, a gas stove, a refrigerator. All this is the property of the shelter 

- What is your family income? 

Nino: What remains from the pension after we took loan is 155 GEL each - from my and Malkhaz's. The social allowance is 250 GEL. I had to take the loan when Shmagi was taken to hospital. We will be paying for this loan until 2023 ... Now my husband and I get only half of the pension. We eat very modestly: potatoes, pasta. I need 14 kinds of medications - thank God, there are some that I can buy for 1 GEL, under the state concessional program, but not all of them, unfortunately ...

- Loan? How was it possible in your situation? What is your biggest dream?

Nino: Imagine - a credit. Thanks, it was possible to take it, because we had no money for the boy’s treatment. 

I do not allow myself to dream, I only pray to God that he would let me live a little longer. My loved ones need me so much, especially my husband, Malkhaz. How will he live without me, quite helpless with no legs? - Nino cries again.

How did you find our Fund? Why did you decide to address us?

Nino: I have been your beneficiary for several years and am very grateful to you for everything. You regularly provided us with food, and a nurse often came to see me. You have done a lot of good, I will pray for you until my last breath.

I would never have dared to address you, it’s all thanks to my neighbor, Levan, the kindest young man. It was he who wrote you and gave me a chance for salvation. May the Lord protect and preserve him! God bless you, and everyone who has even had any relation to your Fund, all your generous friends who take the pain of others so close to their hearts. The Lord will never leave you, with your hands, he does good on earth! 


Let’s open our hearts for compassion and mercy, not leaving Nino Khachaturova and her family alone with the trouble they face. Helping people in trouble we are making this world better. It is so important to know, that there are good people! Our life gets less scary and a hope for a miracle appears! 

Help Nino, who is seriously ill, give her a chance to survive, and spend a longer time with her beloved family, which need her care. Nino urgently needs an operation - a mitral valve replacement, treatment, and numerous medications. 

One more thing, call her, cheer her up and give her a hope for tomorrow. Phone: 591 60 40 76. It’s her husband’s, Malkhaz’s number. Nino has no phone. Address: Tbilisi, Didi Dighomi 13 Archil Mepe Str. Ap. 3

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about Nino Khachaturova’s problems. It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove that we trust in God not by words, but in deeds!

Friends, there is one more request - if you know about any misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at: 

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Nino, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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