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I ask God for only one thing - let my mommy stay alive!

A life full of hardships! “I don't need anything else, besides my mom would stay alive.” - the handsome boy Giorgi says directly from the entrance, looking with care at his beloved mom.
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A life full of hardships! “I don't need anything else, besides my mom would stay alive.” - the handsome boy Giorgi says directly from the entrance, looking with care at his beloved mom.

What are the 16-year-old Georgian boys dreaming about? Of course, about driving cool cars and pleasing the most beautiful girls. But all this is not about Giorgi. His biggest dream is that his mother was healthy and lived for a long, long time, and his younger brother Beka (9-year-old) and sister Amelia (11-year-old) were never hungry again.

During his short life, young Giorgi has already suffered a lot. The boy had to witness how his villain father used to beat mother, he faced hunger and hopeless poverty ...

What could be worse? Misfortunes never come singly. Two years ago, his mother, Ia, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer ... Bone-chilling fear crept into the boy's heart and settled there - fear to lose the closest and dearest person in the world.

All this horror and fear of tomorrow is the daily life of the young Georgian boy... Tears keep pouring from his eyes ...

Giorgi wants so much to look strong! But in reality, he is still quite a child, a frightened, weak child, deprived of a carefree childhood ...Oh, God! Let this cup pass from all children of Georgia!

Giorgi (16- wrong year-old): I ask God for only one thing - let my mommy be healthy! Better something wrong would happen to me but not to her. ... She tries to hide from us that she has cancer, and she is very scared, but I understand everything ...I am afraid of only one thing - that she will be no more. Mom is the only person in the world who loves us! We have no one else ... Only mom and us.

She worries that we have nothing to eat ... I do not want her to worry and feel guilty. Nothing is her fault, I saw how much she suffered ...

I know when she decided to leave our father, she did it for our sake. She cried, not because father beat her, but because she saw us locking at it in tears and waiting for this nightmare to end ...

I would really like to feel someone's support, we are all alone, no one needs us ... When I found your page on Facebook, hope, and belief that you would not leave us in trouble lit up in me, hope and belief that people would accept us, that we would not be alone ...

-Giorgi, what should Chernovetskyi Fund friends know?

Giorgi (16-year-old): I am already 16 years old and I want to work! I have to provide for my family, because I am the man in the house. There is no time to study, I need to feed my brother and sister, and to take care of my mother. Now my main goal is to start working as soon as possible, at least as a consultant in a store.

- I see, Giorgi. Let me address all our friends on your behalf: 

Friends, let us help Giorgi to find a job! Let's help the Aragvishvili family breathe freely and look forward to tomorrow!

- I hope that your words and our appeal is heard, and soon you, like a true Georgian man, will be able to take care of your family. Tell me, what are you dreaming about for yourself, for Giorgi?

Giorgi (16-year-old): All my life I used to dream of becoming a football player, and even now I keep on dreaming ...I wanted to be famous, to be demanded, and to earn a lot so that my mother would never worry about money. To buy her everything she is dreaming about.

I love football and can play it very well, but I understand that my dream is not destined to come true ... I have never learned to play football, and I will not become a professional, who needs me now? Nobody in the football world even knows about my existence ...

But now I have to be a model for my brother, sister and even for my mother ... I have to prove that I am a real man, not like my father! Mom says I look a lot like him. But I don't want her to see this terrible person in me. I am different ... I will never offend her, and in general I will never offend a woman.

Most boys want to be like their fathers, but I want to be strong and loving, as my mother ... She did everything for us and does everything to this day, I am very worried about her ...

- Giorgi, you are a real man! We will try to make all your plans and dreams come true. Just believe.

Now I want to talk to your mother.

- Ia, as far as I know, you have cancer. Tell me in more detail about your disease. How can we help?

Ia: No, dear! I did not address you for this. I don’t seek aid for treatment from your Fund. We have the status of socially disadvantaged, which means that I am eligible for absolutely free treatment and medications. Every second day I visit the doctor to be tested before the operation. It’s coming soon. I hope that after it, I will finally start working and be able to do everything for my children ...

- I believe that it will be so! Is there a chance for a full recovery? What do the doctors say?

Ia: Yes-yes! Sure! And I want to be healthy with all my heart, for the sake of my children. And I can overcome the disease, I know! I have ovarian cancer, and the whole tumor will be removed during the operation. Then I will stand on my feet ... for the sake of my children, I will withstand it all! They are the meaning of my whole life. For them I am a mother, a father, a grandmother, and a grandfather. I replaced them all ... You know, I tried to hide my illness from them, but they still have found out all about it . I did not want the kids to get scared. Especially Gio (16 years old), he is already quite an adult, he is so worried. He doesn't show it, but I can see .

- Ia, what do you expect from the Fund? How can we help you?

Ia: Please, help my children... We have nothing to eat. Thank God, they are not picky. They eat everything I cook and they don't complain, they understand what situation we are in ... Besides the fact that we don't have our own home, we don't even have a refrigerator and a washing machine in our house ... I have to wash things by hand, but it's so hard for me due to my illness ...Every ten minutes I have to rest, my whole body aches ...

- And what is your diet? What do you usually eat?

Ia: Just pasta and potatoes. It’s our usual food. What else can you afford when your income is only 350 GEL of social allowance? I am so sorry that I cannot treat you with something. I was brought up according to Georgian traditions, I know how important hospitality is, but I lack the capacity. I have not got even a cup of coffee for you.

I used to work a lot before. As a cleaner, washed dishes - I took any job. I was afraid of no work. But after cancer was diagnosed ... After that we found ourselves in such poverty ... Of course, even before that, we did not live richly, but we never felt hungry.

- I know that speaking about the father of your children is a painful topic for you. But still, tell me the story of you love...How did you meet him?

Ia: Love...(she smiles sadly). There was no love at all. He just kidnapped me.

- Did you know him before?

Ia: I did not - that is the point. Once I went to Gori to attend the wedding of my relatives. In the middle of the party, I got outside ... I swear, I was pushed into a car like an animal and taken away by some unknown people. The unhuman, who arranged all this, became my husband ... I was thrown to some basement, with no water, no light, no food ... Such a "happy" marriage. I was 22 at the time ... I had dreamed not about that, but I was unable to go back to my parents due to Georgian customs ... I gave life to three children, and it was the best thing that happened to me in my life.

He used to beat me, and it was not only he but the whole of his family. ... The children sseing this, cried; it severely impacted them ... Likewise all women, I just wanted them to have a full-fledged family. But how wrong I was, I only harmed them, making them watch how their mother was beaten ... Only six years ago, did I finally decide to leave my husband, and we moved to Tbilisi and have been living here ever since that.

- Does he help you in any manner? Does he come to see his children?

Ia: He has not paid alimony for children for a long time, he does not care how his children live. Children do not miss him... Now they do not have to see him beating and humiliating their mother ...

- Tell me, whose the apartment is? And how do you pay for utilities?

Ia: It’s my relative’s flat, he sheltered us. And he pays for utilities, but we are trying hard not to consume much because I feel awkward. He knows that we have no means to pay ... He wants to sell this apartment now, so we will have to move, and I don’t know where to go. We will have to ask some relatives for help again ... I feel sorry for the children, every time going to a new school ...

- Do you parents help you?

Ia: My mother died, and my father does not communicate with me ... He thinks that if I had not left my husband, there would be no problems ... My mother felt sorry for me, but my father - never.

- Now I would like to talk with Amelia (11-year-old) and Beka (9-year-old).

- Amelia, what’s your hobby?

Amelia(11-year-old): I love dancing, I think I'm good at it.

- You have two brothers, do you get along with them? Boys are so mean!

Amelia(11-year-old): Oh, no! (starts laughing). It’s not about my brothers.

We are always together.

Gio is the eldest, and he is a real man, he always protects me and Beka(9-year-old) and never lets us get hurt. Beka copies him in everything, Gio is his ideal.

- And who is your ideal?

Amelia(11-year-old): My mommy, of course! She is afraid of nothing and I want to be like her!

- Do you help your mother?

Amelia(11-year-old): I know that mommy is ill now, so we all help her, trying to make her rest. Me and my brothers tidy up, wash the clothes and even cook sometimes.

- Well done, guys! -You go to school, right? What is your favourite subject?

Amelia(11-year-old): I like Georgian and I have very high marks in it. I also like math, but honestly, sometimes it seems difficult to me, but I do my best. Math is a difficult, but an interesting subject.

- Do you have a dream? Who do you want to be?

Amelia(11-year-old): I want to dance and to become a world-famous dancer! To earn a lot, a lot of money so that my mother would not suffer anymore. I will buy her everything! And to my brother too! We will never be in need!

- You will succeed, Amelia. What about you, Beka? Do you like going to school?

Beka (9-year-old): I like ing to school on the days when we have sports classes! It’s my favorite subject. I love sports and we always play football there.

- Who do you want to be in the future?

Beka (9-year-old): I want to be a cool footballer! Me and my brother Gio often play in the yard, however, we don’t have a ball. But our neighbor boys always call us to play, we have many friends. Hopefully, when mom starts working, we will be able to go to a football school. Mom says that she will do everything for us! Because our mom is the best mom in the world!

- For sure! And sure you will go to a football school! Do you have some favorite food?

Beka (9-year-old): Oh, have you ever tried barbecue? I have tried it once, my neighbors treated me. It is the best food in the world! It smells so good and tastes even better! I like barbecue so much, I would eat it every single day!

-Guys, do you like to draw? Have you got any drawings? Show me!

Amelia(11-year-old): I used to draw when I was a little girl, but I haven't got those drawing anymore, they are lost because we were moving all the time. I don't draw anymore, now I am more interested in making homework and learning.

Beka (9-year-old): I don't like drawing at all, when I have free time, I play football with my friends. It’s my favorite thing to do.

Correspondent: Guys, you are so nice! Now I want to ask some more questions to your mom.

– Ia, do you believe in God?

Ia: Sure, my girl! I do believe! God exists, he protects us, and he will not leave my children without a mother, I know that. That is why I believe so much in my recovery and am not afraid of anything!

- Do you believe in the kindness of strangers?

Ia: How could I not believe? There are many good people, I know it. And I also know that goodness comes back... I remember I had a neighbor, he was ill with cancer ... I often looked after him. I used to visit him, tidy up there, cook for him. It was a joy to me. I believe that goodness comes back!

- Why did you decide to address our Fund?

Ia: Because you have already helped us once. My children can attend online lessons because of you! The computer that you saw in the bedroom is a gift from Chernovetskyi Fund. You really help people and I know it from my experience. And now, I believe that you will not allow my children to starve.


Friends, you know that Ia is right? Goodness exists. And you are the best example of it! Despite all the horror that happened in the life of this woman, she remains a true Georgian woman - good-natured and open. In terrible circumstances, when she was a subject of moral and physical abuse, she managed to raise amazing children who now need our support.

Let's help Giorgi find a job and to improve the financial situation of his family, to let him feed his younger brother and sister, and support the seriously ill mother. He is so eager to prove, first of all to himself, that he can be a man in the house and become a support for the whole family.

The family critically needs food. Kids are often starving, they need clothes and footwear. Amelia dreams of learning to dance, and Beka dreams of going to a football school. Let us help them since children are the future of Georgia!

Also, to make the children absolutely happy, let us try to make life easier for their mother Ia. The ill woman has to wash clothes manually and she does not have space for food storage. Let's give her a washing machine, so even if not her soul, then at least her hands would rest! Let's make sure that children have something to eat and a place to store food! Remember that you will be doubly rewarded for your good deeds!

Call her, cheer her up and give her a hope for tomorrow. Phone: 574 89 72 13 Ia Aragvishvili

Visit the family at the address: Tbilisi, Gldani, 8th microdistrisct, block 30, 1st entrance, apartment 2.

Please repost our publication. Let all your friends know about the Aragvishvili family and their problems! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove that we trust in God not by words, but in deeds!

Friends, there is one more request - if you know about the misfortune of a neighbour or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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You can also transfer money from our website.

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support ,Ia, Giorgi, Amelia, and Beka, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

One calll saves life - 0901 200 270

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