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I only pray to God that mummy is alive!

A life of hardship! "I don't need anything more, just let mummy be alive..." – George, a handsome boy, tells us from the doorway and looks anxiously at his beloved mummy.
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A life of hardship!

 "I don't need anything more, just let mummy be alive..." – George, a handsome boy, tells us from the doorway and looks anxiously at his beloved mummy.

What do sixteen-year-old Georgian boys dream of..? Of course! They dream of riding cool cars and being liked by the most beautiful girls... But this is not about Georgiy. His main dream is for his mother to be healthy and live for a long time, and for his younger brother Beka (9 years old) and sister Amelia (11 years old) never to starve again.

Over his short life, Georgiy has endured much suffering. The boy had to watch his monstrous father beat his mother, face starvation and hopeless poverty… 

It's all too much. But grief does not come alone. Two years ago, his mother Iya was given a terrible diagnosis: ovarian cancer… And a chilling fear settled in the buy's heart: to lose the closest and dearest person in the world.

All this horror and fear of tomorrow is the daily life of the young Georgian man… Tears are pouring out of his eyes… 

Georgiy wants to seem strong so much! But in reality – he is still a child, a frightened, weak child, deprived of a carefree childhood... My God! Let this cup pass from all the children of Georgia! 

Georgiy (16 years old): I pray to God for one thing – if only mummy was healthy!Better take me, but not my mother… She hides from us that she has cancer, and she is afraid, but I understand everything… The only thing I'm afraid of is that she'll be gone. Mom is the only person in the world who loves us. We don't have anyone else… Just mom and us. 

She's worried that we don't have anything to eat… I don't want her to worry or feel guilty. After all, it's not her fault, because I saw how much my mother suffered… 

When she decided to leave our father, I know that she did it for us... She was crying, not because her father beat her, but because she saw us lock ourselves in our room in tears and wait for this nightmare to end...

 I would really like to feel someone's support, we are all alone, no one needs us... When I found your Facebook page, I was filled with hope and faith that you would not leave us in the misery, that people would accept us, that we would not be alone... 

– Georgiy, tell us what the friends of the Chernovetskyi Fund should know about?

Georgiy (16 years old): I'm 16 and I want to work! I have to provide for my family, because I am the man in the house. I don't have time to study, I need to feed my brother and sister and take care of my mother. Now my main goal is to start working as soon as possible, at least as a consultant in a store. 

– I heard you, Georgiy. Let me address our friends on your behalf: 

Friends, let's all help Georgiy with his job together! Let us help the family of Aragvishvili to breathe freely and with hope to look to the future! 

– I think that your words and our appeal will be heard and soon you will be able to take care of your family, as befits a real Georgian! – Tell me, what do you dream of for yourself? 

Georgiy (16 years old): All my life I have dreamed of becoming a football player, and I still do... I wanted to be famous, in demand, and earn a lot so that my mother would never worry about the fact that we didn't have any money. Then I could buy her everything she wants...

 I love football and play very well, but I understand that my dream is not destined to come true… I never learned to play football, and I'm not going to be a professional, so who needs me now? No one in the world of football even knows I exist...

But now I have to be an example for my brother, sister, and even my mother… I have to prove that I am a real man, not like my father! My mother says that I look very much like him. But I don't want her to see this terrible person in me. I'm different… I would never hurt her, and I would never hurt any other woman. 

Many boys want to be like their fathers, but I want to be strong and loving like my mother… She did everything for us and still does, and I am very worried about her... 

– You're a real man, Georgiy! And we will help all your plans and dreams come true. You just believe it. 

Let me talk to your mother now.

– Iya, as far as I know, you have cancer. Tell us more about the disease. How can we help you? 

Iya: No, dear! That's not what I asked for. I do not ask for help from the Fund in treating the disease! We have the status of socially unprotected and thanks to this, medical care for me is absolutely free and medicines are also available. I visit the hospital every other day to take tests before surgery. It's coming soon. I hope that after it, I will finally start working and be able to do everything for my children…

– I believe it will happen so! Is there any chance of full recovery? What do the doctors say? 

Iya: Yes, yes! There is a chance! And I want to be healthy with all my heart, for the sake of my children. And I will cope with the disease, I know! I have ovarian cancer, but with this operation, the tumor will be completely cut out. Then I will get back on my feet... for the sake of the children, I will bear it all! They are the meaning of my life! I am their mother, father, grandmother, and grandfather. I replaced them all… You know, I hid my illness from them, but they found out… I didn't want to scare the kids. Especially Gio (16 years old), he is already quite an adult, he is so concerned. He doesn't show it, but I can see it… 

– Iya, what do you expect from the Fund? How can we help you? 

Iya: Please help my children... We have nothing to eat... Thank God, my children are not capricious. They eat what I give them and don't complain; they understand the situation we are in… In addition to the fact that we do not have our own home, we do not even have a refrigerator or washing machine in our house… I have do laundry by hand, and it's so hard for me with my illness. Every ten minutes I lie down to rest, my whole body aches...

– What's your diet? What do you generally eat? 

Iya: Only macaroni and potatoes. This is our common food. And what else can you buy when your only income is a social allowance of 350 lari? I'm so ashamed that I can't treat you with anything. I was raised according to Georgian traditions, I know how much hospitality means, but there is no possibility. Not even a cup of coffee for you… 

I used to work, I worked a lot. As a cleaner, a dishwasher... I took any job. I've never been afraid of work.But after the cancer was discovered… After that, we found ourselves in such poverty... Of course, even before that, we did not live richly, but we never starved. 

– I know that the subject of the father of your children is unpleasant to you. But still, tell your love story… How did you meet him? 

Iya: Love... (smiles sadly) There was no love. He stole me… 

– Did you know each other before that? 

Iya: In fact, we did not... Once I went to Gori for the wedding of their relatives. The party was in full swing, I went outdoors... I swear, I was stuffed like an animal into a car and taken away by some unknown people. And this non-human who started it all became my husband… I was left in a basement where there was no water, no light, no food… Such a "happy" marriage. I was 22 years old at the time… This is not what I dreamed of, but I could not go back – Georgian traditions… I gave birth to three children for him and this is the best thing that happened to me in my life. 

He beat me, and not just him, but his whole family… The children saw it, they cried, I know that it affected them a lot... I, like all women, wanted them to have a full-fledged family. But how wrong I was, I only hurt them, they had to watch their mother get beaten… Only six years ago, I finally decided to leave my husband, we arrived in Tbilisi and since then we have been living here. 

– Does he help you anyhow? Does he visit the kids?

Iya: He hasn't paid alimony for a long time, and he doesn't care how his children live. The children don't miss him. But they don't have to watch him beat and humiliate their mother...

– Tell me, whose apartment is it? And how do you pay for utilities?

Iya: This is my relative's apartment, he took us in. And he pays for utilities, but we try very hard to save money, as we feel awkward… But he knows we don't have the means to pay… Now he wants to sell the apartment and we have to move out, I don't know where to go... Again, I will have to ask someone from the relatives… I feel sorry for the children, every time they have to attend a new school… 

– Don't your parents help you? 

Iya: My mother is dead and my father doesn't talk to me… He thinks I shouldn't have left my husband and there wouldn't have been any problems… My mother pitied me, but my father never did. 

– Now I would like to talk to Amelia (11 years old) and Beka (9 years old). 

– Amelia, tell me, what is your hobby? 

Amelia (11 years old): I like to dance, I think I'm good at it. 

– You have two brothers, do you get along with them? Boys are so mean! 

Amelia (11 years old): No they are not! (laughing) This isn't about my brothers. We are always together. Gio is the oldest and he is already a real man, always protects me and Beka (9 years old), and does let anyone offend us. And Beka imitates him in everything; Gio is his role model

– Who's your ideal?

Amelia (11 years old): Well, of course, my mother! She's not afraid of anything, and I want to be the same! 

– Are you helping your mother?

Amelia (11 years old): I know that mummy is sick now, so we all help her to get more rest. My brothers and I clean, wash, and even cook sometimes.

– You're doing great! You go to school, right? What is your favorite subject?

Amelia (11 years old): I love the Georgian language, and I have very high marks in it. I also love math, but to be honest, it's a little difficult for me, but I try. Mathematics is a difficult but interesting subject.

– A what is your dream? What do you want to become when you are grown up? 

Amelia (11 years old): I want to dance and become the most famous dancer in the world! I'd like to earn a lot of money, and that my mother no longer suffered! I'll buy her everything! And for my brothers, too! We will never be in need! 

– You can do it, Amelia. And you, Beka? Do you like to go to school?

Beka (9 years old): I like to go to school on the days when we have physical training!This is my favorite subject. I love sports, we play football there all the time.

 – What do you want to become? 

Beka (9 years old): I want to be a cool football player! My brother Gio and I play in the yard, but we don't have a ball. But we are always called to play by the neighborhood guys, we have a lot of friends. I hope that when my mother starts working, we'll be able to attend the football section. My mother says my drawings are nice. Because our mother is the best in the world!

Of course! And you will definitely go in for football! Do you have favorite food? 

Beka (9 years old): Oh, have you ever tried kebab? I tried it once, the neighbors gave it to me. This is the best food in the world! It smells so good, and it tastes even better! I love shish kebab, I would eat it at least every day! 

– Do you guys like to draw? Do you have any drawings? Show them to me!

Amelia (11 years old): I used to draw when I was very little, but we don't have those drawings anymore, they are lost because we are constantly moving. Now I don't draw, I'm more interested in doing lessons and learning.

Beka (9 years old): I do not like to draw at all, when I have free time, I go to play football with my friends. This is my favorite activity.

– You are very, very nice, guys. Now, I want to ask your mother a few more questions.

Iya, do you believe in God? 

Iya: Of course, my girl! I believe! God is there: He protects us, and He will not leave my children without a mother, I know it. That's why I believe so much in my recovery and I'm not afraid of anything! 

– Do you believe that strangers can be good to you? 

Iya: How can I not believe? There are good people, I know... And I also know that good returns to you… I remember I had a neighbor who had cancer… I took care of him so much. I came to visit him; I cleaned and cooked for him. I was happy about it. I believe that good always comes back!

– Why did you decide to apply to our Fund? 

Iya: Because you already helped us once. My children can attend online lessons only thanks to you! This computer that you saw in the bedroom was given to us by the Chernovetskyi Fund! You help people, I've seen it firsthand. And now, I believe, you will not leave my children hungry! 


Friends, but Iya is right! The good exists. And you are a prime example of this! Despite all the horror that has happened in this woman's life, she remains a good-natured, and open; she is a real Georgian woman. In the terrible conditions of moral humiliation and beatings, she managed to raise wonderful children who are in extreme need of our support. 

Let's help Georgiy find a job and thereby improve the financial situation of the family, feed his younger brother and sister, and support his seriously ill mother. He is so eager to prove first of all to himself that he is able to be a man in the house and become a support for the whole family.

The family is in dire need of food. Children often go hungry and need clothes and shoesAmelia wants to learn to dance, and Beka wants to attend the football section. Let's help the children, because children are the future of Georgia! 

And of course, to make children absolutely happy, we will make life easier for their mother Iya. The sick woman has to wash all things by hand, and even there is no place to store food. Let's give her a washing machine, let her rest her hands if not her soul! Let's make sure that children have something to eat and where to store food! And remember that you will be doubly rewarded for your good deeds! 

And also call her, cheer her up and give her hope for tomorrow. Tel: 574 89 72 13 Iya Aragvishvili 

Visit the family at the address: Tbilisi, Gldani, microdistrict 8, building 30, entrance 1, apt. 2. 

And be sure to repost our publication. Let all your friends know about the grief of the Aragvishvili! It is very important.

God gives us the opportunity to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves. Unhappy people are given to us from above so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!

Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend, do a Charitable deed, write to us by e-mail: 

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Together we have helped many miserable people! Let us support Iya, Georgiy, Amelia, and Beka, as nobody is immune to an unhappy destiny! And, who knows, maybe one day we will also need help from strangers!

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