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No strength to call for help.

87-year-old Dinara is all alone. There is only pain and despair in the eyes of a kind Georgian woman.
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87-year-old Dinara is all alone. There is only pain and despair in the eyes of a kind Georgian woman.

“My Georgia, day and night I pray, I call ... and I hope, I believe that you will come to me, and will not leave me alone, sick ...” Dinara grabbed my hand and did not let me go. An orphan since 4 years old, with a soul wounded by blows of the cruel fate, but with a big faith in Lord, she prays for all Georgians in the world.

Let’s support her, friends! It’s a chance for us to be closer to Lord!

 Dinara Adamashvili’s life is a life-long nightmare ... and a fear to die alone ...She has no more bright memories - only poverty, beatings, humiliation! She lost her mother when she was four years old, and since then, she has never known what happiness is. ... 

 She was raised by her stepmother, who beat her violently, and from an early age, forced to do all the dirty work around the house. Is it the Tale of Cinderella? - you might ask. But there is no happy end in this tale. Neither prince, nor palace here. There is only suffering, pain, confusion ... An unloved alcoholic husband replaced the wicked stepmother, hunger and poverty ... 

 But this is not the worst thing in the life of this miserable woman. Her destiny is terrible - ending up old and alone, when you've got no one to look after you, no one to have a word with.

 A life full of suffering, and terrible conditions did the trick. As a result she suffers from respiratory distress and acute heart failure, renal failure, high blood pressure, arthritis, hernia, diabetes, pneumonia, a sore stomach, sclerosis! And it is not a full list of her diseases!

 Dinara does not remember what day it is, what time of the year, she does not even remember her daughter's name. But on the other hand, her memory keeps all the painful memories that have left unhealed wounds in her heart!

 Aging is not a piece of cake. But not in Georgia. Georgia is a country of true and believing people who are always ready to lend a helping hand to those in trouble. It’s in our power to brighten up her last days, and God willing, even years!

 - What hurts you, Dinara? What's bothering you?

 Dinara: Everything hurts my girl, absolutely everything! - the old woman groans. I don't remember names. It is difficult for me to breathe, my heart hurts, my stomach, my legs, everything ... Especially, my soul ... Nobody needs me at all. Sometimes, I can't even sit on the bed, I don't even have the strength to call for help ... I'm afraid I'll die like this, alone, and the neighbors will find me only the next day.

How did it happen that you were left absolutely alone, at your age?

Dinara: Alone? All my life I have suffered from loneliness ... Yes, there was a husband and children ... But it seems that since my mother died, no one has ever loved me ... I was only 4 years old then. Mom was taken to hospital - we were happy, I was expecting my little brother.Since that night, my life has faded ... They did not come back home. Neither my brother nor my mommy ... I remember a crowd of people in our house, all in black, and everyone was crying ...

I was a little girl then, and I did not understand what was happening around me, and where my mother had gone. It seemed it was me, who disappeared, no one noticed me. I huddled in the farthest corner of our house, cried quietly, with my eyes closed, hoping this terrible nightmare would end as I opened my eyes.

Since then, I have known what joy is ...

Soon my father brought me another "mother", and said that she would take care of me and I should obey her in everything. Back then, my heart skipped a beat, foreseeing that something would be wrong. I was not mistaken. Oh, how she used to beat me, she beat me so that I wanted to die and put an end to this suffering. She made me do the housework when I was just a little girl. And God forbid that I played too much and forgot to do something. She thrashed me and shook me as if she wanted to get my soul out of me! 

All my childhood consisted of such torments, it was a living hell!

And what about you father, did he try to defend you?

Dinara: My father did not know about that, or did not want to know it. He was never at home, he was at work or at his friends’ place. He just stopped noticing me since the moment my mother died ... Maybe because my face reminded him of her ... I don't remember a single kind word from him ...

- And what happened later? When you graduated from school and grew up? Did you go to university?

Dinara: What university are you speaking about ... No one took care of my future. They even did not let me out. Can you imagine that? I didn't know my way around my hometown! And I still don’t know it. Until the age of 22, I was a washerwoman and a servant in my home, and then, they decided they did not need another mouth to feed, and they forced me to marry a man whom I barely knew. No matter how I cried, how I begged them not to give me to him! The door of my parents' house just slammed shut in my face.

-And over time, the feelings did not appear either? Although they say: “love comes with habit “?

Dinara: My girl, you don’t know what you are talking about. Having got married, I went through the second circle of hell! My husband never loved me, he married me simply because the time had come, he wanted to have a home-maker in the house. My mother-in-law did not like me, so she did not even let us in. For 45 years we roamed around rented apartments. My husband drank, drank endlessly! He was not able to earn money, so we nearly begged. There were days when my children and I just drank water and ate dry bread! And what a wicked tongue he had! I tried not to catch his eye, since I knew that he would say something nasty to me.
 I wanted to start work, but he did not let me! “What work? You place is at home, by the stove!” - that’s what he said when I timidly offered to contribute to the family budget.

- You mentioned your children, where are they? Do they come to see you?

Dinara: Children ... (a shade of a smile appeared on her face) - they forgot about me, I don't know where they are. My son Merab and my daughter... Daughter...I don’t remember her name.

It seems we have quarreled, but I love them so much ... I think I couldn't be a good mom for them ...

 I am not sure, I think my daughter moved somewhere. And my son… I don’t even know where is he. Is he alive? Is he well? May God, give them both health and long life. They are always in my heart.

- It means, there is no one to help you? How do you cope alone? Somebody has to wash clothes, to make food?

Dinara: I manage it somehow, with God’s help. I wash with my hands, in cold water. Sometimes I cook, but rarely. Neighbors give me food, they are kind to me.

-Have you ever thought that such misfortune would happen to you?How did you imagine your future?

Dinara: From my very childhood, I was so downtrodden and depressed that my only desire was not to be touched, beaten, not shouted at.I have spent all my life in poverty, but I have never dreamed of wealth, I’ve just dreamed of a quiet life. But this was not destined to come true.

- We deeply sympathize with your situation. Have you addressed anybody for help? The local government, for instance?

Dinara: I sent a thousand letters, while I still had enough strength and my hands were not shaking so much - to the City Hall, to the Red Cross, addressed all authorities. With age, various diseases began to appear one after another, and I had no means for the treatment. I have never worked in my life and my husband was earning just pennies. He died of cancer 10 years ago, and I was left alone, getting only my pension. I have no money to live. And to be treated either.

- Is your pension your only income?

Dinara: Yes, 220 GEL. They did not give me even a social allowance because this room is not registered on my name.

- It means that this room, where you live now, is not yours?

Dinara: Yes and no. My husband’s parents and brother used to live here. Well, his brother with his wife still live here. They both are about 80 years old, and my brother-in-law is seriously ill, he is confined to his bed. 

However, my mother-in-law did not accept us for a long time, and then, 45 years later, she gave us this nook. So we built this dugout. Ten square meters and a WC in the yard. We built it by our hands - my husband and I. But we did not manage to register it because my husband died and I had no rights here.

- How do you live here? It's so damp in here...

Dinara: That’s why I have arthritis. But what can I do? At least I have a roof over my had.

- Do you believe in God?

Dinara: Of course! My soul always strove to go to church, but neither my parents, nor my husband allowed me to go there. “There is no need to hang around, stay at home,” he said. But thank God, I have icons, I often appeal to the Almighty ...With my own words, but with all my heart ... I pray to him for my children to be safe and sound. Wherever they are. And I pray for every Georgian in the world!

- Do you believe in the kindness of strangers?

Dinara: Yes, of course. I have kind neighbors, they come to see me and treat me to dinner. A neighbor of mine brings me my pension from the bank. They also pay utility bills there, buy me medications. That’s where my whole pension goes. Look how many medications! Each of them supports my life. If I don’t take at least one them, I will die. If my neighbors did not bring me meals, I would have died from hunger.

 - You said you had never dreamed of anything. And what about now? Do you dream about anything?

Dinara: I am alone, my girl, all alone. Do you know how scary it is? I have no strength to get up. I dream that at least someone, at least one living soul, was near ... There is nothing worse than loneliness.

- What do you think you need most of all?

Dinara: I suffer lack of air, often catch colds, once a month, they take me to hospital in the ambulance ... There is no hot water, and in winter I have a wood-burning stove ... The smoke just chokes me ... It would be much easier for me to live if I only had a gas heater and a gas water heater. WC is outside and I can hardly go there, that’s why I use diapers. And medications...medications.. The whole pension goes there. It's good that some of them cost 1 GEL within the state program, otherwise I would not probably have lived up to now ... It would be good to have some food, because now I can only hope that some of my neighbors will bring me something. But everyone have their own problems, their families to care, children who need help. You know, today many people have been left without work ... My bed is about to collapse, I am not sure, but it seems this ottoman is older than me.But it is rather low, and this is my salvation, because with my arthritis I cannot keep my legs overhang.

- I see, you don’t have any fridge. Where do you store food?

Dinara: There is no other place but this cabinet, I have the tableware on the lower shelves, and my clothes - on the upper ones. When I have food I put it there as well. It would be great to have at least a tiny one.

And a washing machine is the thing that I mostly need. I have no strength and there is nobody to wash for me. I often have to wash sheets. But I just rinse them in cold water and hang out, what else can I do? I have no detergent at all.

 - Why did you decide to address us? 

Dinara: It was my neighbor, a very kind girl. Her mother is sick with cancer, her condition is serious, but the girl always finds a minute to come and see me ... She cannot help me herself, you know, she spends all her money to treat her sick mother, but she still worries about me. She wrote you and told me: "The Lord is merciful, I am sure there will be kind people who can help you ..."

I am happy that you have come! No one has spoken to me for ages ...

- Our Fund has many good friends, sure they will want to meet you!

Dinara: I will be so glad if anyone remembers of me ... May God give everyone health! May God give everyone health! I so eager to see you! I pray for you, friends of the Fund! 


 Don’t leave an old lonely woman without support, let entire Georgia become her children and grandchildren and take care of her. Ending up old and alone, helpless – is, perhaps, the worst destiny. 

 Dinara has faced all the suffering that one can imagine. So maybe you and I can bring her that long-awaited crumbs of happiness? Elderly people are like children - they need affection, warmth and communication so much, apart from normal living conditions. Let's make the life of this unfortunate old woman easier and remind her what joy is!

 She needs food, medications, diapers, home appliances, bed.

 Imagine she was your mother or grandmother! And we are sure that God will bless you! 

 You can meet her in person and provide her possible help - God will bless you! And you will be rewarded. 

Address: Tbilisi 15 Mirzaani Str. Dinara has no phone Her neighbor Teona’s phone: 555 94 45 51

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 God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove that we trust in God not by words, but in deeds!

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