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Is this baby born to suffer?

He does not walk, does not talk and he often cries bitterly and pitifully moans. There should be someone near him all the time and hold his hand. If not, it seems as if he was dying. The baby is so scared!
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He does not walk, does not talk and he often cries bitterly and pitifully moans. There should be someone near him all the time and hold his hand. If not, it seems as if he was dying. The baby is so scared!One more trouble has added to his pains recently, he has been losing vision. Most of all, however, he is afraid of being left alone: without his mother, without his father, without his sister!

He would not survive alone. After 5 or 10 minutes he bursts into tears of fear. 

Can you imagine, friends, this 6-year-old boy David, from his very birth did not live a minute without terrible pain and suffering, which no adult could withstand!

The Igityan family had been looking forward to the birth of their first child. The newborn boy was healthy and beautiful, but the happiness of the family did not last long. When the baby was 3 months old, he had got bacterial meningitis, and this marked the end of the family’s peaceful and happy life.

- Ruzanna, how did it happen? 

Ruzanna: One day our boy just got sick. It was a shock to all of us! We were told that he would never be the same as before, they said that he had developed cerebral palsy and that he would be getting worse with time. His every breath, every day he lives, depends only on us.

- In such hard moments fathers often give up and leave their families. They think only mother can withstand this heavy burden.

Ruzanna: But I am lucky! My Sergo is with me! If it were not for his support and his diligence I would never cope alone with that. Do you see this walker? He has made it of plastic pipes, because we cannot afford to buy one - the money he earns is barely enough for medications and food.

- Tell me more about David, what is bothering him most?

Ruzanna: He is a very active boy, he is in motion all the time, but he often suffers spasms. Sure, if he were healthy, he would be never sitting around, he would be jumping and running, my poor boy! Our most important problem now is his vision. His vision started decreasing dramatically, but we have no means to visit a doctor. He should be examined under general anesthesia because of his spasms. He just cannot sit still. 

- Is there any way to improve his systemic condition? What do the doctors say? 

Ruzanna: The doctors say it’s possible. A year ago, he had surgery to repair the tendons in his feet. We sold everything to afford this operation - you know the condition of parents whose children are sick. A doctor from Turkey examined our boy and said that “the operation and rehabilitation will give him chance to walk”That’s why we took the risk. The operation did work! He was unable to put his feet and now he can make steps! It’s a miracle, isn’t it? Look how he strives! Now he needs rehabilitation and massages to nail down the success.

Natalya (4-year-old): You know that Dato is my little brother? He is my toy! He is nice and sweet! - David’s younger sister joined our conversation. All this time she was standing by her brother listening to us with half an ear.

- Dear, we did not forget about you, can I talk to you now? 

Natalya: Of course! I will tell you a lot about my little brother!

- You call him “the little brother”, but he is older than you, why? 

Natalya: (Giggles) Yes, of course, he is older than me, but I look after him as if he were little. Do you know, we even go to the kindergarten together? We are in the same group. Mommy says that Datoshka needs to communicate with children.

- Does anybody offend him there?

Natalya: Oh, no! Who can offend him? We play all together! And he is so happy! He always laughs when nothing hurts him. 

What do you play with him?

Natalya: Well, different games, we play house and tea-party - many games. We play and it is good! Am I right, Dato? You like it? Do you see? He says he likes it. I understand what he is saying. I am his sister!

Ruzanna: Thank God he gave me Natalya! You cannot imagine how much she helps me. It seems that David feels better when she is with him. She never leaves him alone. She calls him a doll.

-Ruzana, what do you need most now, besides David’s rehabilitation? 

Ruzanna: We need normal beds for the children and a walker for David. I also need a wheelchair where I can fasten him. Diapers and food are vital for us. That’s all! That’s what I need!


Friends, we are hoping for your kindness and magnanimity - the leading light of every other virtue. You have saved many children, and we hope that you will count David as your family too. Give 6-year-old David a helping hand, breathe life into him! 

Helping this poor boy and his family you not only save these long-suffering people, but you approach one step the Almighty

The family urgently needs food, hygiene products, beds, a wheelchair and a walker. It would be also great to make a present to the little princess, Natalya! 

We really hope for your help and we know that Georgians never leave their people in need! Call Ruzanna and ask her what her family needs. Phone: 579 04 41 01

Visit the family at the address: Tbilsi, 7 Akhmeta Str

Please repost our publication. Let you friends know about Igityan family. It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove that we trust in God not by words, but in deeds!

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support David and who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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