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Attention, the next stop is death!

The story we are going to tell you now sounds like a fairy tale, very scary fairy tale, which would never have happened in reality.
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The story we are going to tell you now sounds like a fairy tale, very scary fairy tale, which would never have happened in reality. 

This tale is about Tamara, mother of Natia and Saba, who have been alive yet, but soon may be gone! They may perish not because of a dragon or a wicked witch, but because of hunger. Or maybe due to the lack of medications or just falling into despair.

They are alone but nobody cares. A year ago they ran away from their fiend father, and now they are trying to survive in the “jungles of today’s world” without water, food and money.

Tatia (14-year-old): Before we enter our home let me show you the place where we take shower. 

- I will talk to your mother first and then see your bathroom.

Tatia (14-year-old): What room? We have no water, we don’t even have a toilet, let’s go, I’ll show you! It’s nearby...

We walked in silence and then Tatia and Saba showed me a water pond with ice-cold water pouring under pressure from a pipe.

Saba (12-year-old): We wash here, it’s okay when it’s hot, but when it’s cold all our bones ache. Tatia is ill now, but we have no medications. Now let's go to mom, we can't leave her alone for a long time ...

It was our first shock! The children wash in a water pond! Like Mowgli, as if they live in Africa

On our way back the children kept talking... They told me about their problems: “When it rains, it rains in the house too, when a wind is, it is blowing in the house too... They have no food, they don’t remember when they ate for the last time, but when there is some food they give it to Saba first, “He has diabetes” - Tatia says and hugs her brother, “if he does not eat he will have a coma! You know how scary it is, it seems like he is dying! You have to give him some sugar or something sweet! We’ve got some sugar, but when we don’t have it, I just run around the neighbors asking to give me some. And mommy is ill too.”

- What does your mother suffer from?

Tatia (14-year-old): She had a stroke, and she can also just collapse losing consciousness. Sugar does not help her... 

Saba (12-year-old): She’s had it twice! Do you remember, Tat, when she had it for the second time, I thought she was dead, I cried so much, that I got unconscious too, and you cried as well. Well, too many tears for one story. Saba was joking, but it hurt. 

It took a long for me to concentrate and to start the conversation. What to ask about? What to talk about? How to cheer them up? To tell them, that there are many kind people in Georgia and they will come to help as soon as they know about them? Tell them that we’ve helped a lot of people and that they can count on the Fund? How to talk to hungry children who don't have even a slightest sparkle of hope in their eyes? What to ask their mom about, knowing that her children will not endure another day without food. 

- Tamara, on our way your children told me you have no water, no food, no medications. Tell me, what your major problem is.

Tamara: We escaped from home violence - my husband used to beat us. A relative of mine sheltered us, or rather she gave us a room in an abandoned house. The old hose is about to collapse, we’ve just covered the windows with cellophane. There is nothing here: no toilet, no bathroom. 

 -The children showed me the place where they wash. 

Tamara: My God, like primitive people. When it gets dark they rush to the pond so that nobody can see them (cries). I won’t tell you how we go to the toilet, it’s too awkward. The neighbors offer us to have a bath at their place, but we can’t bother them all the time. If not for our neighbors, people who are neither our family, nor relatives, we would have died of hunger ... our 280 GEL allowance is not enough for food, not even for bread and pasta. 

 - Your story makes my skin crawl. I can’t imagine all the troubles that have fallen on your head!

 Tamara: You are right! I haven’t had even a single happy day, neither have my children... all that they have seen since birth is my husband beating me, and now they know what hunger, cold, humiliation are. But they bear with it saying: “It’s better to die of hunger than be killed by dad.” Saba has suffered from diabetes caused by fear, since 2. He used to have insulin shots, but thank God, two years ago he started taking pills instead. The poor boy had his stomach completely black of injections. 

Now our main problem is that we have no food, and he may fall into a coma.There should be at least a piece of bread at home, but today we do not have even that. Tatia has a fever, and I ... What kind of mother I am, I can't buy her pills, usual antipyretic pills... because tomorrow we won't be able to buy bread for Saba! Tatia says: “Never mind, it will pass by itself”. Maybe it will pass, but how many times? How long should we suffer? There is no end to it!

 - Please, calm down, maybe we’d better talk about good things? I see many icons here, probably you believe that God will help you?

Tamara: I will always thank God that he gives me strength. Isn’t it a miracle that we are still alive? Now I pray asking Him not let my children collapse of hunger. The main thing now is to find some means in order to buy food. Not to die of hunger!

 Tamara started crying and was unable to continue the conversation. “Save us from hunger, save us from hunger, save us from hunger, - she wailed, covering her face with hands and crying.

- Tatia, Saba, let us talk and let your mom have a break.

Saba (12-year-old): I always tell mother: “Don’t worry, have a break, Tatia and me will do everything. Wait a little bit, I will grow up and build a house for us, and we will have a lot of food! It’s so bad, that people need to eat every day, why should they?” 

- What do you like doing? 

Tatia (14-year-old): My brother and me like to read. Rather we started to like it. We have no computer, no TV, no toys. And there are no children nearby we could play with. So we read, and when we have nothing to read - we have very few books - we start reading school books. I like detective stories mast of all. It is interesting when the intrigue persists to the last, and while reading I try to find a solution myself. This is very exciting.


I love going to school. I like geography: it is incredible how huge the world is with so many exciting things around. There are so many new things in the world, and we don’t have even water.

Saba (12-year-old): I like football.There is nobody to play it with, and I haven’t played football for a long time. I even have no ball, otherwise I would teach Tatia goalkeeping and scoring. I have nobody except her. Actually, I like going to school. I am good at solving math problems. Do you think school will start soon? What do they say? 

- I think it will start in October, do you have anything to put on to school? 

Saba (12-year-old): Ups, I haven’t thought about that. Probably we have some clothes, but we have no footwear for sure. If I wash these trainers, do you think I could wear them at school. They are not torn, I think, well there is a hole, it can’t be seen. Hope the weather will not be rainy and cold.

What are you dreaming about? 

Saba (12-year-old): I dream about building a house for us. You’ve reminded me that I dream about footwear too. For Tatia as well! She has to go to school as well. And for mommy too! She does not have to go to school, but she needs shoes too. Mom, show the footwear that you have to put on! 

Saba (12-year-old): I also dream about a bicycle. Here is nobody to play with. I think if I had a bike, I would have much more interesting time. Sometimes mom asks me to go to the shop, but it is two kilometers far. As I walk, I think how cool it would be pedaling ... 

- So when you go shopping you dream about having a bicycle, and what are you dreaming about right now?

Saba (12-year-old): Right now I want to have a big plate of fried potatoes! I love it! Tatia has planted potatoes for me in the yard, but unfortunately nothing grew, it’s a pity. We should try to plant them again, maybe they’ll grow.

- Tamara, I understand now what gives you the force to live! You have wonderful children! Have you addressed anybody for help? The local government, for instance? 

Tamara: Yes, I went to the administration, explained that we were about to stay in the street, asked for help. They offered us to move to the former school building, but nothing there is suitable for life: there are only walls, and an earth floor with no furniture. And I have nothing of mine own... Only the things we ran away with, that's all. 

The neighbors give us clothes, but as for footwear, the situations is catastrophic.

- Tamara, the people of whole Georgia will read your story! What would you tell them? 

Tamara: There is only one thing I want to say - don’t let my children die of hunger! We shout! We scream! We cry for help! We are here! We hope for you! Please help! Because tomorrow they may die!

- How did you decide to address the Fund?

Tamara: My neighbors told me about you, and I knew that thanks to the Fund and good people real miracles happen. They say the Fund lights a candle over people! Those people are not visible, they are not heard, and then everyone will know about them. Light a candle over us! Please! I’ve nothing else to ask for. 

Our story ends. There is no point just to listen to it. One should ask theirselves the main question. “Will it be my fault, if something happens to those children tomorrow? If the child does not defeat the fever without pills, will I be guilty?” 

Answer those questions and do what your heart tells you to do. 


The family urgently needs food, medications, hygiene products, beds, home appliances. The children need new clothes and footwear for school! They also need a computer and books. Can you imagine how happy will Saba be if he gets a bicycle?

We really hope for your help and we know that Georgians never leave their people in need! Call and visit them! Address: Akhmeta District, village Kvareltskali Tamara’s phone: 558 58 16 76

Please repost our publication. Let you friends know about Tamara Kurashidze’s family! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about the people who are unable to take care of themselves. Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

Friends, there is one more request - if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Tamara and her wonderful children! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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