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Lord, please help me to feed my babies!

Every single morning poor Kristina prays standing in front of icons and begs Lord for well-being of her four sons: Saba (3-year-old), Levan (6-year-old), Vano (8-year-old) and Giorgi (10-year-old)
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Every single morning poor Kristina prays standing in front of icons and begs Lord for well-being of her four sons: Saba (3-year-old), Levan (6-year-old), Vano (8-year-old) and Giorgi (10-year-old)

“Does the Lord help, Krisitina?” - I asked looking at the desperate poverty reigning in this house.

- Sure, sure! Only because of him my babies - Saba, Levan, Vano and Giorgi did not become gamins! Because both me and my husband were raised in an orphanage... We’ve seen so much grief! The only bad thing is that the children dream about sweets and toys that the neighbor kids have.

And Kristina started crying.

 - But very soon their little sister, our tiny princess, will be born, and I don't even have a good doll for her ... 

 Kristina (29-year-old) and Artur (34-year-old) suffered a lot in their life, they both are orphans raised in the orphanage, and they know indeed what the pain of loss and bitterness of loneliness are. They gave our sunny Georgia four future defenders, real men. They hoped that they would cope on their own and would be able to raise them worthy people. But fate intended otherwise, and now they need our help!

 They are orphans, they are completely alone in the whole world, they have nobody to ask for help and they only have the hope of Lord and empathy of their compatriots. It is in our power to give back childhood to these children, friends!

- Krisitina, what is the major problem your family is facing now?

Kristina: In a month, our long-awaited daughter will be born. We already have four sons and we long for a daughter now.

- Have you already chosen a name?

Kristina: Yes, we want to name her Dunya, after my late mother-in-law. Isn't it beautiful? So, the Lord gave us wonderful children, the smartest and most beautiful in the world ... But we are not able to keep them. My boys are deprived of absolutely everything: they are malnourished all the time, they dream of toys ... Just look what they have to wear! Rugs! My husband is constantly looking for some job, he takes any kind of side-job, just to bring something home. But you know yourself how difficult it is now to find a job, especially since we both were raised in an orphanage and did not have the opportunity to get any education ... 

- Can you tell me more about that?

Kristina: I grew up in Kutaisi, my grandmother raised me. When my parents died in a car accident, I was only 4 years old ... My grandmother said that I used to cry for a long time, screamed at night and called my mother ... And then I started to call her mother. All my sweetest memories are associated with my grandmother, she was always very affectionate, she used to play with me. We used to do everything together. But she died when I was 12, and there was no one to take care of me. That’s how I found myself in the Zestaphony orphanage. When I was 16, I was taken to another orphanage in Tbilisi where I met my future husband Artur. We are comrades in misfortune, he is an orphan like me.

-It must have been hard...

Kristina: It was hard to lose the only dear person, who I loved so much - my grandmother. And they treated us well, they didn't beat us, they didn't punish us. I used to be a calm and obedient, but a very reserved child.

- Artur, how did you find yourself in an orphanage?

Artur: I became an orphan when I was 13. As a matter of fact, my younger sister died. Mom could not stand the loss of the child, fell ill from worries and soon died. My father left soon after her - he started drinking after losing his beloved wife and daughter. I had only an aunt but she herself was in such a distress that she had to hand me over to the orphanage. Christina and I have the same grief, the same pain. It brought us closer. After the orphanage I had nowhere to go, and I stayed to work there, helping with the housework. When they brought Christina, I liked her right away - just look how beautiful she is! We were friends and then we got married.

- After the orphanage? And what happened then? Tell me, Kristina.

Kristina: We got a social allowance, we tried to work selling icons at crossroads, rented a room for 100 GEL. But when the children were born, it became very difficult ... They need so many things! We couldn’t pay for the rent anymore. So, we found ourselves in this house, if this shed can be called a house.

- Do you pay any rent for this house?

Kristina: We used to pay it from our social allowance. But the landlord wants to sell it, though he still allows us to live here. There is only one room and a kitchen here - you can see in what condition everything is. A concrete floor, a tap outside in the yard, everything is about to collapse. But still we have a roof over the head. However, if there is a buyer, we will be thrown out into the street. I have no idea where to go with the children then (cries). We are all alone in this world!

- How did you imagine your future after the orphanage?

Kristina: My husband and me hoped to find a good job. I wanted to sell clothes at the marketplace. But you need some money do get goods to sell, and we did not manage to save enough. 

– We are so sorry! And did you address anybody for help? The local authorities, for instance?

Kristina: Our major problem is housing, and nobody wants to help us with this problem. But we get a social allowance, a large family allowance and my disability pension. It is 660 total. Apparently, the state thinks that this is pretty enough for people without a roof over their head to raise five children...

- What is this money enough for?

Kristina: Actually, for nothing. Just for utility payments and some basic food. I try to buy enough rice and buckwheat, and a small piece of meat once a month. I make broth for everybody. But the children need normal food. And where can I get money for meat and dairy products or fruit? (sobs)

- Tell me about your boys, how do they study, what are they interested in?

Kristina: I have wonderful sons, they are a true gift from God! They always try to please me with good marks at school and help me with the housework... But the distance learning has nullified their efforts. We have only one working notebook at home, which they gave to Levan when he entered the first form. Those the elder boys had went out of order long-long ago. So, we had to go to the neighbors to write down the lessons ... We were simply worn out.

- Can I talk to the boys, please? Let’s start with you, Giorgi, you are the eldest. What is your favorite subject at school and what do you like doing when you have free time?

Giorgi: I do my best to study well and not to upset mommy. Most of all I love math, I like solving math problems. After school I usually play with my brothers. We always have fun together.

- Who do you want to be when you grow up?

Giorgi: A policeman! I will wear a uniform, walk with a pistol and catch dangerous bandits. And I will also have a cool car with police lights.

Vano: I will become a rescuer! It’s the coolest work in the world!

- Do you study well, future rescuer? Which subject do you like most of all?

Vano: I study so-so, but I try very, very hard, and most of all I love drawing.

Levan: Please, ask me too, ma’am! I already go to the first form! You know, they gave me a notebook and I will study well too!

- Sure, I will ask all of you one by one. What are you dreaming about, guys?

Giorgi: I want to have a bicycle, the neighbor boys have, and they race around but they don’t lend it to me very often. I dream of having my own bike!

Vano: I want to have a car where I can sit and drive! My brothers and me like playing with cars!

Levan: Yes, yes! I want us to have lots of cars! Saba loves them very much too!

- Saba is too little to talk to me, so tell me what he is dreaming about?

Levan: Saba dreams about cars too, he likes them very much. And he also would ask you to bring him some sweets. We all love sweets! Bot mommy doesn’t often buy them - the baby gets sad.

- Giorgi, what would you wish to all children living in Georgia?

Giorgi: I wish them to be healthy and to have many-many toys and everything they want!

You are wonderful children, so all your dreams will come true for sure! Kristina, what is your biggest dream?

Kristina: I want my children to have enough food, so that I wouldn’t deprive them of anything. I am thinking day and night about that. And maybe someday the miracle would happen, and they will have their own roof over their heads.

– What do you believe in? In what do you see the salvation?

Kristina: We are orthodox Christians. Now it’s difficult for me to go to church often with such a huge tommy. But I have many icons at home, so I pray every day asking God not to let my sons starve.

 - Do you believe in the kindness of strangers?

Kristina: Yes, of course! Otherwise I wouldn’t have addressed to you. Our friends seeing our deplorable situation, advised us to write to your Fund. I read your posts on Facebook and saw that there are so many kind and caring people in Georgia who can lend their helping hand to a completely unknown person.

– What do you think, you need most in your home?

Kristina: I feel so awkward to ask ... The God knows that I am doing that for the sake of my babies. Our life is so hard that we will be very happy to get any help.

My boys are undernourished all the time, they dream about sweets and toys. Soon a baby-girl will be born, and she will also need lots of things. We will be grateful for any help with some food and clothes for children. And if someone helped us to a washing machine and a fridge, it would be wonderful. We need them so much! We have no room to store the food. And you can’t even imagine how difficult it is for me in my current situation to wash things by hand in cold water in the yard. Look how we live... Our children have no place to sleep, everything is about to collapse here, and we need beds very much.

 My husband and me are completely alone, we have no one to ask for help. You are our last hope!


 The large Chibotar family is in a very difficult situation, they need our support. Artur and Kristina are raising four sons, future defenders of our Homeland! And very soon, a little princess will be born in the family. These kids are deprived of a normal childhood and opportunities to develop. It is in our power to bring back a smile to their faces, friends!

 The Chibotar family urgently needs any kind of help: food, clothes, footwear, as well as furniture - beds first of all, a fridge and a washing machine. The children have only one school notebook for the three of them!

 You can visit the Chibotar family in person and provide them help. The address where the family lives is: Gardabani district, village Krtsanisi (5 km from Tbilisi)

 You can just call Kristina and support her with some kind words! Her phone number is: 557 135 161

 Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

 God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

 Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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 We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support the Chibotar family, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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