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The terrible monster is hiding here, ma’am!

I often see it in my dreams. It’s terrible! - with these words little Barbara meets me at the doorstep and leads me to the wall. - Do you have this at home too? - the child asks me fondly. - I don’t. I'll take yours right now. If you don't mind. - Take it! And I also want a lot of delicious food and one tiny candy a day! - I'll bring it!
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- Well, since you are almost a wizard and even command monsters, then teach brother Gio to walk normally. Because he lies and rolls like a doll! And he cries when he falls. And then mommy cries out loudly, and I follow them!

 Barbara hurries up to tell us everything about her house. But this space can hardly be called the house. Cattle at farms, lives in much better conditions than these poor people!

There is nothing whole here. Cellophane on the windows, oilcloth on the walls, plaster falling from the ceiling, the floor falling through ...

Barbara is 5 years old ... I look at this girl with amazingly beautiful eyes and think: is there a place somewhere worse than this one? What could be worse than going to bed hungry, and besides that being afraid that the monster will take you away to some terrible place? 

Veriko, Barabare’s mother: Barbara, don't scare the lady... Excuse me, she talks a lot... We are a poor family. We live in this ruined house. An acquaintance lent it to us. There are 6 people in our family. Me, my husband Ramaz and our children. Here is the youngest - Tamaz. He is 6 months old. Gio is 2 years old. He was born prematurely.

- Did it somehow affect his health? Barbare says his legs hurt.

Veriko: Yes, he has got problems. He spent three months in an incubator, and when he was discharged, the pediatrician, who did not like his legs, said that the baby needed to be urgently taken to Tbilisi and shown to the surgeon. Neighbors helped us to raise the money for the trip, we didn't have a penny ... The child was immediately admitted to the hospital and a month later he had been operated. The state paid 2675 GEL for that, and we had to pay 400GEL. But even this amount is huge for our family. A year has passed, but we haven’t paid this amount yet. That’s why they do not admit us to hospital. But Gio needs an examination. Every day it becomes more and more difficult for him to move around. Where can we get this money? We receive only 400 GEL of allowance. If we pay for the hospital, we will all starve to death.

- Do you have any income besides the social allowance? How can 6 people live on 400 GEL?

Veriko: My husband is a sick man. He has epilepsy. Hard work is contraindicated for him. But what else can he do? Sometimes he chops wood, then helps the neighbors in the field. He is a hard worker. If not for his illness, we probably would not be so needy. We cannot buy anything except bread. My neighbor gave me three potatoes today. I had a handful of rice, and I made a soup. It should be enough for two days.

15-year-old Tamara joined the conversation.

Tamara: Can I say? We are so poor that I had to leave school. I finished 9 classes. And I loved learning very much. My favorite subjects are mathematics and history. I love reading. I have only one book by Astrid Lindgren, We Are on Saltkrok Island.  I’ve, probably, read it a hundred times! This is my first and only book. And it’s from the library.

- Veriko, is it true that Tamara does not go to school because of the lack of funds?

Veriko: Yes, we can't even buy a pen and a notebook for her. What to say about a bag or normal clothes. And she needs a computer. She can do nothing without it. I understand that there are other important things besides food, but when children cry from hunger, study fades into the background. Tamara got sick many times at school due to the fact that she had not eaten for several days. She does not eat herself, saving the food for the younger ones.

- Tamara, do you really want to study?

Tamara: I would be only on bread and water, just to return back to school. I'm dreaming about that. I want to become a nurse.

- What do you need for that?

Tamara: First of all, I need a computer, notebooks and pens. And can I ask for books? Not necessarily new ones. Maybe someone has already read them and doesn't need them anymore. I've seen many people throwing books into the trash. And I dream about my books!

Barbare (5-year-old): Now listen to me! I don’t want books! I can’t read! I need dolls! And a TV with princesses! I would play with Gio and watch cartoons! I want sweets too. They say they are very delicious.

- Do they? Who says it? Have you never eaten them?

Barbare: I don’t remember. Maybe yes, maybe no.

Tamara:  Just imagine! Barbara has never eaten candies. What candies are there - we never have normal food! There is soup with rice, where you still have to find rice, or soup with potatoes, or soup from things the neighbors give us ...

- What do you think is normal food?

Tamara: Well, at least some meat once a month. Or ... I don't know. What else do people eat there? Pies, I guess. Or meat. Cheese. Well, fruits as well. I would love to taste bananas!

- Veriko, what do babies eat? Tazo is 6 months old, he can't eat rice soups or just potatoes!

Veriko: What else can we do? He eats whatever we have.

- I see that your greatest need is food. But what else do you need?

Veriko: Food, a computer for Tamara, so she can continue her studies, a washing machine and a TV for the little ones! That's all!

– Does anybody help you?

Veriko: Only the neighbors, that’s all! Some will give us potatoes, others will help with cereals ... We live like beggars. To be honest, I can’t believe that you’ve responded to our call for help...

- Now all of Georgia will know about your family! They will see what wonderful children you have. Soon everything will be different for you! Believe it!


Dear friends, we have told you another story about a wonderful family. You have not heard about them and could not help them. Now you know that there are small children who live with "terrible monsters", children who have never tasted sweets! There are children who cannot continue their studies at school and dream of reading books! And there are children who cannot be treated, because their mom and dad have no money!

You can visit them in person. Here is their address: Lagodekhi Minicipality, village Gelati. You can call them. Phone: 579 21 41 13.

There are four wonderful children in the family. The children need a computer to study, home appliances, toys and even food! They are the children who we are proud about, who are our future! Let’s not remain indifferent to the troubles of this family, let’s show them our mercy and care, let all of us help them with whatever we can, with all our love and mercy!

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