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Hunger and cold reign in this house ...

Five hungry children live here in these post-war-looking ruins, dreaming of warmth and food ... The rooms are so cold that you can’t take off your jacket. But winter is still ahead!
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         "I am dreaming of a warm room... Mom said that you were coming, and everything would be fine!" - says Anastasia, a wonderful little girl (7-year-old), and chilly wraps herself up in a faded darned jacket. Her brothers and sisters - 3-year-old David, 9-year-old Kristina, 13-year-old Shalva and 15-year-old Mari - look into my eyes with hope ... My heart squeezes - this childish gaze, full of pain and sadness, tears my heart out ...

    In this shack, which can hardly be called a house, eight people huddle: Irina (35-year-old), her husband David (38-year-old), their five wonderful children and great-grandmother Tina (84-year-old), who needs medications and care. All of them are socially disadvantaged. “Long ago my husband and I dreamed of building a house and living happily,” mother Irina sighs bitterly. “And now, you see, there is nothing just to feed the children,” says the unfortunate woman and throws up her hands.

Fate is often cruel, and life not always goes the way we suppose it to go. This kind Georgian family is a victim of unfortunate circumstances. Hunger and cold brought them to our Fund. Friends, we cannot let them down! Because the compassion and empathy of their generous compatriots is their last hope!

- Irina, how did you find yourself in such a situation?

Irina: It was an unlucky turn of events ... When you are young, you look at things optimistically. You think that only good is ahead and you can move mountains. When David and I got married, we thought that we would both work to keep our family, build a house that would be full of love and warmth. We dreamed that children's laughter would always ringing here... We always wanted to have many children. As you can see, this dream has come true, but the rest ... David is a hard worker, he takes any job he can find. The problem is that it’s difficult to find a job in the village. 13 years ago, his mother died of cancer. The treatment took a lot of money, we got into debt. And six months ago, grandmother Tina needed a heart surgery and we again had to take a loan. Now she gets only a part of her pension, which is not enough even for medications... Our income is hardly enough to buy food. And you can see yourself in what condition our house is...

- Have you addressed the local authorities for help?

Irina: Yes, of course! Many times. I asked them to fix our roof at least. But they refused. I can’t say they left us completely unattended - couple of times they just gave us one-off aid of 100 GEL, and some food. That’s it.

- What is your income now?

Irina: Only the social allowance. Together with the food coupons it’s 500 GEL. We do our best to stretch them out for a month, we buy only the most necessary stuff. New clothes are out of the question, and winter is quite a disaster. We have to buy firewood, but it’s very difficult to heat this house. You see how it blows here, the walls and the floor got rotten long ago ... The children huddle together when they sleep, to warm up somehow ...

- Whose house is that?

Irina: We have no house of our own. My husband's father had to sell the house for debts, and grandmother Tina gave us shelter ... You know, we don't even know exactly how old this house is. Anyway we are not in the street. If only we could fix the roof ...

- What is the allowance enough for? What do your children eat?

Irina: Cereals and pasta, that's it ... But the children need meat and dairy products, which is an impermissible luxury for us ...

– Does anybody help you? Parents or relatives?

Irina: We have absolutely no one to help ... My father died two years ago ... Mom herself lives in poverty. We have no rich relatives either, now everyone experiences hard times. Everyone tries just to keep themselves and their children ...

– How did you meet your husband?

Irina: He was in our village passing on for business together with his parents. We met by chance and liked each other very much. David introduced me to his parents, and we got married very soon. We made a promise to be together in good and in bad times. And so it happened, as you can see. But only for some reasons there are more bad times...

– Irina, what do you believe in? In what do you see the salvation?

Irina: My children and I often go to church, and I also pray at home. Faith gives me strength and does not let me fall into despair ...

– Do you believe in the kindness of strangers?

Irina: What do you mean “strangers”? How can you help someone if you don’t know that they are in need? Our neighbors, for instance, always help us with whatever they can. They even gave us a fridge. I am so grateful to them! It was the neighbors who advised us to contact your Fund. They say that you have many good friends, and that you help everyone!

-Tell me about your children, please. Do they go to school and kindergarten? Which of them is most talented?

Irina: The elders all go to school, only little David (3-year-old) stays at home. The kindergarten is located 4 kilometers from us, and it is impossible to take him there and back every day. Each of the children is talented in their own way ... I'm not saying this because they are my children, it's just that my soul hurts that there is no way to take them to additional classes ... Mari (15-year-old) is a very good student and is planning to enroll in foreign languages, she really wants to study with a teacher and prepare well for the entrance exams... Shalva (13-year-old) loves boxing. Before the grandmother's operation I had been taking him to the boxing classes for three months ... But then I realized that we would not be able to pay. Kristina (9-year-old) wants to take dance classes, but what can we do when we only can afford to wear rags and eat just porridge.

– Can I talk to your children, please? Mari, you are the oldest. What are you dreaming about?

Mari (15-year-old): I really want to go to college and get a good education. Most of all I like to learn foreign languages ... On-line study is a real problem for us, because we have only one netbook for four of us. The netbooks of Kristina and Shalva went out of order long ago, and last year I had to run around neighbors and borrow a phone ...

- And you, Shalva, do like to study?

Shalva (13-year-old): To be honest, not very much. Sport is a different matter! I love box, but I can't go to the box school, as we cannot afford to pay for it. At school I like math the most, it is the most interesting subject.

- Have you already decided what you want to become?

Shalva: Yes, I will become a military officer. This is a profession for real men!

- What would you wish to all children in Georgia?

Shalva: I wish them success, health and all their dreams to come true.

- Well-done, it’s short and simple. And you, Kristina, what will you be when you grow up?

Kristina (9-year-old): I will become a doctor. I will cure and save people.

Anastasia (7-year-old): I will be a doctor too! We will work together, my sister and I! We will save people together!

- You are very friendly sisters. What do you like to play together?

Anastasia: We play dolls ... We have one Barbie doll and we take care of it. I want to have many, many dolls dressed in beautiful dresses ...

- You will have them, dear. What else are you dreaming about?

Anastasia: I want to have a lot of beautiful dresses. I don't have them at all. This sweater was first Mari’s, then Kristina’s, and now it’s mine. It’s ugly, I want to have a dress ... Like a princess!

- Which is your favorite princess?

Anastasia: The Snow White, she is the most beautiful!

Kristina: No! Rapunzel is the most beautiful! She has beautiful golden hair!

- Girls, and what is your little brother dreaming about? Can he talk?

Kristina: Not yet, we can’t understand him! He points with his finger when he wants something, saying “mome” (“give me”). He wants sweets, he gets so happy when someone treats him!

Anastasia: He likes to play cars; he rolls everything as if it was a car.

- You are so wonderful, guys! Irina, and what are you dreaming about?

Irina: I only dream about having food and warmth for my children! So that they have a normal home, clothes ... They do not deserve this poverty! It hurts my heart when I see how they are starving and how they are looking for something to wrap up in so as not to freeze ...

- What do you need most at the moment?

Irina: Food ... I want to feed my children well ... They need winter clothes as well. I dream of a washing machine. Because we have to bring water from the well and washing with hands in cold water for eight people is just hellish torment. The TV doesn't work at all ... Look around, we have nothing! Everything is falling apart, the beds, chairs, and the house itself ... I would also like to have a chest of drawers, because we have no place to put the clothes that we have, they are just lying around.

We look forward to any help! Any! I can’t stand watching how my children suffer... Even just a kind word can give hope for a better future, and I will be grateful to everyone who reads about us and takes our pain to heart...


  Friends, our compatriots, the Deisadze family, are in a dire situation. Their house is about to collapses upon their heads. And five wonderful kids have nothing to eat! They walk in rags and just dream of getting warm! Nobody hears their cry for help, and they have almost lost hope, but it is in our power to return it to them. Return the belief in goodness and hope for the better future!

The Deisadze family urgently needs help: food, children clothes, washing machine, TV, furniture. And children really need a computer to keep up with their school curriculum.

  You can visit the Deisadze family in person and provide them with all possible help.Their address is: Samtredia municipality, village Etseri

Or you can call Irina and cheer her up with kind words! Phone: 568 65 07 11.

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

  God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support the Deisadze family too, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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