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When I go to bed hungry, I can dream of nothing and I have nightmares.

“Beka is strange, he is not like us, he cannot talk, but he loves to play with us! And I understand him! I love him. But when he cries or gets angry, I'm afraid of him ... Only mommy can approach him then! - 5-year-old Luka, Beka's serious younger brother, tells me. - You know, ma’am, I always understand what he wants! Right now, he wants a "police car"”.
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The boy's illness, utmost poverty, lack of any amenities and hunger - all this strikes you as soon as you get into Bedia's house. Whether they will be able to survive or not in this difficult for all mankind time depends only on God and our kindness, friends!

“We expected to have a healthy son, I could not imagine that everything would turn out like this,” the boy's mother, Tamara, says. - “At his 8, he doesn’t talk, it’s difficult for him to walk. Life has turned into a nightmare, because you know that he will be always like this, that it is impossible to cure him!”

There are seven people in the family: mother Tamara, father David, grandmother Shorena and their four wonderful children - 5-year-old Luka, 8-year-old Beka, 9-year-old Nika and their eldest beautiful daughter -10-year-old Nino. Despite everything, you feel love and warmth reigning in the family, they all love each other and care for each other.

- Tamara, tell me, please, about your son Beka.

Tamara: My poor little son is sick. Perhaps it’s my own guilt ... A child is doomed when his parents are poor. At first, Beka showed no signs of illness, and the doctors did not tell us anything like that. They only said that he had developmental disorder. But at the age of 3, things turned out to be much worse than we had expected. Beka can’t talk. Over time, he has become nervous, he often cries, screams when we do not understand him...

- What is the most difficult thing in raising a sick child?

Tamara: Everything is difficult. It's hard to accept that your son will never live a full life. The children and I learned to understand his language, but it hurts me to realize that I can do nothing to help him.

– Tamara, what is the main problem of your family?

Tamara: I have three more children besides Beka. You have already met Luka, he is such a mischievous child! Our Nino is the oldest, she is 10 years old, Nika is 9. We live on allowance from hand to mouth, like beggars. The kids never used to have new clothes. Everything is hand-me-down and old. Their main concern is food. Every day my husband David does his best to earn daily bread, he can work day and night, just to bring some money home. But now the situation is such that everyone has lost their jobs!

- Does anybody support you? It seems unreal to cope without any support.

Tamara: You know, we are all alone... My mother-in-law Shorena lives with us and she needs help herself. All my relatives live in poverty.

- Does the house, where you live now belong to you?

Tamara: We have nothing of our own. They just let us live here for a while. Nobody knows for how long time. But I am grateful for every single day spent under the roof! We have nothing of our own, not even a wardrobe, we sleep on old iron beds that we got from our grandmother.

- I’d like to talk to your children now. Can I talk to you, guys? Nino, let’s start with you as you are the oldest. How are you doing? What are your favorite games? What are you dreaming about?

Nino (10-year-old): I am doing well. I go to school, but now we have vacations because of this terrible virus, and it’s boring at home. I miss my friends very much! But you know, my brothers never let me get bored. We have been playing wolves right now. I am a "wolf" and I have to catch everyone! I am the coolest "wolf"! Because I am the best at running and I can catch and eat up everyone! I love playing ball with Nika. But Beka cannot play with us, he is sick. I caress him, try to play with him, but he often cries. They say that I am beautiful. But how is it possible that a beautiful girl does not have a beautiful dress?

- You are very beautiful! What are you dreaming about? New Year is coming soon, and you can make a wish to Santa. Do you behave well, guys?

Nino: Perhaps, we are not good children. Santa never came to us. I don't know why he doesn’t like us. Or maybe he does not exist at all?

Luka (5-year-old): Oh, stop saying silly things! He can hear and will not come at all then! Santa! - Luca says loudly. - Don't listen to her! We are good children and we believe that you will come. What a silly girl! Who else can we believe in if not in Santa?

Nino: Okay! Is it possible for girls to dream of bicycles? Can you ride a bike? I think it's the coolest thing to know how to ride a bike when you have your own bike!

- Is it your only dream?

Nino: Yes. Well, no! But I am afraid to make my next wish! I know that it will never come true! My dream about sweets and dresses did not come true, and one about a bicycle will not come true even more so! But I don’t care. I just imagine how I ride it, and it just makes me feel good!

Luka: When I'm hungry, I can't dream of anything! But I'll tell you! Ma’am, I want a police car! Do you know how shiny and beautiful it is? I saw it in the store, but my mother had no money. She promised to buy it later. But when? Nika wants a bike too, but he is shy and won't tell it to you, and Beka wants a car.

Nika (9-year-old): I want nothing. Better bring us something to eat for this money!

– What would you like to eat?

Nika: I don’t know. What do other children eat? I would like to try something tasty, but I don't know what. Next time you come, think of something yourself and bring it to us.

Tamara: You know, we can offer nothing to our children. They are deprived of childhood. It's just terrible when a child only dreams of delicious food. I don’t know what to do. We get 620 GEL of social allowance. I cannot leave my son alone, and my husband takes any part-time job, since it is impossible to find a permanent job in our city, especially now. We have every penny counted. We can't afford anything extra.

– What is your biggest dream?

Tamara: My biggest dream is to see my Beka healthy. This would be the happiness thing in my life. Please, help me! I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life, I will pray God for you. Lord bless you for helping my boy! And you will be happy all your life. (Tears well up in her eyes.) We have nothing, you see in what state our home is. There is no furniture, no household items, not even a floor in the house! It is very difficult for us to even buy food and medications. I will be grateful for any help! But first of all, we need food and a refrigerator ... The rest is up to you.

- How did you learn about our Fund? Why did you decide to address us?

Tamara: Because of despair, believe me. If not for the dire need, I would never have bothered anyone. You have helped so many families, you make people believe in a better future.

- Would you like to meet the friends of the Fund, to find new friends?

Tamara: We will cordially welcome everyone. It will just be a salvation for us.


They say that the full stomach does not understand the empty one. It sounds cruel, but unfortunately, it often happens so... Is this what God expects from us? Does He want us to ignore the grief of others? It is not a God-pleasing deed to waste one’s time criticizing others. Everyone can throw a stone, but how can you help?! Look into your soul and decide! Do you want to help or just condemn?

And let’s make the kids believe that Santa comes not only to children from rich families! Lord, make it so that when these children grow up, there will be no hungry children in our country, make it so that their parents would never be afraid of tomorrow!

You can visit them in person and provide them help. Their address is: Senaki 15 Takaishvili Str. Phone: 598 17 14 50.

We should not remain indifferent to the troubles of this family, we will show our mercy and care, all together we will help them however we can, showing them all our love and mercy! Unfortunately, no one is immune to loneliness and sickness.

Please repost our publication, so that as many people as possible learn about the troubles of the Bedia family!

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