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There is nothing more tasty than bread...

“There is nothing more tasty than bread...” says Tinatin, a wonderful brown-eyed girl (5-year-old), clutching and kissing a loaf of bread given to her by her kind neighbors ... She is right, a loaf of bread is a festive dish in this dilapidated house, which is about to collapse and bury its unfortunate inhabitants alive ... Because, all their modest income is spent on medications... “I can't help buying medications. This means that the grandmother will die! - says mom Maya. - I cannot watch a person suffocating in front of my eyes!” Evil fate confronted this kind Georgian woman with a terrible choice: buy medications for a seriously ill old woman and leave her little daughter hungry, or buy food for the child and leave the old woman to fate... In the hope of the mercy of Lord and good people, the poor woman addressed our Fund. Because Georgians will never leave their neighbors in trouble.
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Perky Tinatin tells me: “Now you can talk to my mother, and I need to feed my daughter. Well, not really, just make-believe. Granny doesn't see at all, and mom often cries ... But don't be afraid ... "

“I'm not afraid, sweetheart,” I answer, although I really want to cry ... But I am strong, and I hold back my tears. However, when I enter the room, tears begin to flow by their own! It's good that a mask covers my face. Old lady Gogona is sitting in the wheelchair breathing hard. Mom Maya puts the last piece of firewood into the stove, she has kept it for us so that we don't freeze ... She apologizes that she cannot invite me to sit down, since there is no chair ... She apologizes that she cannot offer me even tea, because they just haven’t got it!

The house is falling apart and creaking underfoot, the wind is blowing from the windows, the roof is cracking ... This house can collapse any moment. But who cares?

Maya: We applied to the local authorities for several times, asking to fix our roof. They came, looked at it, shrugged their shoulders saying that it was impossible to live like this, but they did not provide any help. And how can we fix the roof with 350 GEL per month? When all the money goes for pills?

- Maya, tell me everything in order. How did you find yourself in this house?

Maya: This is a house of my husband's parents. They always lived in poverty, but the last 5 years have been terrible for us. Three years ago, my father-in-law fell seriously ill and died. We borrowed money first for his treatment, and then for his funeral, but we still cannot give it back ...

My poor mother-in-law lost her eyesight because of her worries. She has a sick heart, shortness of breath and she suffers fluid buildup in her lungs that makes her suffocate ... She cannot live without medications. All our income is spent on pills. We need 300 GEL per month for medications.

- And what about food?

Maya: We have been eating grapes for two days. They are high-calorie and sweet ... You see, I can't help buying medications, because the grandmother can die! Do you understand what choice I have been confronted with? I can’t see a person suffocate!

- But the child needs to eat!

Maya: I see your point ... You don’t think I can’t understand it, do you? The neighbors can give her some bread. She hugs the loaf, kisses it, sniffs it and rejoices ... She says that nothing tastier than bread has been invented yet. At such moments my heart breaks and I want to die.

- Do you have no one to help besides your neighbors? Parents? Relatives?

Maya: Our only relatives are our moms. My husband’s mom, who I am taking care of, and my mom. She is also sick, she has spinal hernia and cannot walk. She lives in Kakheti. I can’t leave my blind mother-in-law alone, so my elder son Alexander lives with my mom now. He is still quite a child, but that's how fate decreed! He takes care of his grandmother. He cooks food for her, takes her to the toilet, tides up the house... (cries) My children are so miserable, they haven’t seen anything good in their life. Neither fests, nor gifts.

Tinatin (5-year-old): Mommy, please don’t cry. You told me that Santa does not always come to children, didn’t you? You said that there are just few children in our village, so he is too lazy to come here. Don't cry, I will grow up and bring Santa to our home myself!

 - What present would you like to have for the New Year?

Tinatin: Can I choose anything I want? Then I want to be like other children! They have nice clothes and shoes, but mine are ugly! Mommy keeps repairing them. And I do not like it. I also know that other children have… others have… have everything. Pencils and drawing paper, and they have a lot of bread! They can eat it every day! And they probably have real friends too. I really want to have a good friend!

Maya: Believe it or not, the child has never received gifts. Even for her birthday! Even for New Year. What gifts can we talk about when even bread - is our ultimate dream!

- Tinatin also says that she has no friends. Who does she communicate with? How does she spend her time?

Maya: My husband and I try to entertain her. We tell her fairy tales, play a house with her. She brings her daughter Tsutsu to us for treatment. Sometimes I am a doctor, sometimes it is my husband. Sometimes we draw with her on the walls, but she is still rather unsociable.

Tinatin: Come on, I'll show you my friends! Look, I drew them! Look, I play and talk with them. This is Tamara, I tell her: "Hello!" - and she holds out her hand to me! Look, what a smiley she is! She's the most cheerful of them!

- Maya, I have no idea what can make your life easier. But maybe you have a dream?

Maya: I want my mother-in-law feel good, and my mother feel good, and I want my husband to find a job. Now he cannot go to another city, because I am not able to cope alone. Before the pandemic, he worked as a laborer, this was a salvation for us, but now we haven’t even that. I also dream that my eldest son would continue his studies, that Tinatin would have real friends, so that she would have a happy childhood. These are my dreams ... And now I would like to say a few words about our needs. Can I?

- Of course, you can - that’s why we are here. Whole Georgia will know about your family! You will become dear to everyone. And we, Georgians, never leave our people in trouble!

Maya: Thank you for such kind words! It lifts my spirit! First of all, we need food, medications, winter clothes for the children. We also ask for a washing machine and, if possible, a computer. That's all ... I dare not ask you for beds and furniture ... We don't even have a chair to offer you to sit down, excuse us.


Friends, what are we waiting for? Here is a real story for you, not a fiction! You have read it, and now it is up to you, what you do. Go and get yourself a beverage or help these unfortunate people! We always have a choice! Or maybe you have a friend Santa who will make the wishes of the little beauty come true?

You can visit them in person and provide them help. Their address is: Tskatubo municipality, village Derchi. Phone: 592 09 38 23.

We should not remain indifferent to the troubles of this family, we will show our mercy and care, all together we will help them however we can, showing them all our love and mercy! Unfortunately, no one is immune to loneliness and sickness.

Please repost our publication, so that as many people as possible learn about the troubles of the Asatiani family!

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