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Big hungry wolf wants some meat

“Merab is our crybaby, he is the youngest, but the most chowhound! He doesn't let the bread out of his hands, he thinks that we will take it away from him ... but in fact we even give him our sausages! Mom brings sausages from the canteen once a week. As many as 10! But we give everything to Merab, he's little! And we are all adults, we understand that mom has no money. But Merabiko doesn't understand it. He doesn't understand anything yet. He just cries: "I want some meat, give me some meat."
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Can he eat 10 sausages at a time?
Mariam (11-year-old): No, not of course! We give him two or three sausages a day to make the pleasure last longer! He does understand that. Come on, I'll introduce you all. You will immediately recognize Merab: the one who hugs the food is Merab!

And that was just what he was doing. Merab did not take his eyes off the food that his mother had just brought from the social canteen - some incomprehensible soup and bread, expecting that his mother would take out some meat from the bucket.

- Eka, what do you have for dinner today?

Eka: Well, look, I think it’s a bean soup today... But you still have to find beans there ... He will walk with this bucket now. 

- Merab, do you like to eat?

Merab (2-year-old): Meat.

There are six people in the family: mom Eka, dad Giorgi and their four wonderful kids: 2-year-old toddler Merab, 4-year-old beauty Nino, 8-year-old talented Gabriel and the eldest, a smart girl, 11-year-old Mariam. Despite everything, one can feel love and warmth reigning in the family, they all love each other and take care of each other. The home where these children live can hardly be called a home - the toilet is in the yard, there is no bathroom at all. Children bathe in a plastic washbowl right in the room. Walls with torn wallpaper look depressing, the floor creaks ... and the complete lack of appliances plunges into horror. They are hungry, they have no winter clothes, no notebooks and books, but they want to study so much...

- Is the house where you live now yours?

Eka: No, we have nothing of our own. We live like nomads. We keep wandering ... we have been living here for about three years, but I don’t know when they will let us out.

– You never used to have your own home?

Eka: We used to have one, we lived in Tbilisi. But 12 years ago, my husband needed an urgent lung operation. They barely saved him. We had to sell everything we had. We were left in the street, but most importantly - Giorgi is alive. After that, it became difficult for him to work, and now our life went awry. We support each other, we have no one else. Giorgi has no parents; my mother is very old and needs help herself.

- Well, at least there is a roof over your head ... And on what means does your family live? 

 Eka: Well, we pay 200 GEL per month for this “roof”. Social allowance is our only income. It is strictly distributed. It is barely enough for food. Our tradition is: on the pay day, I buy sweets and lemonade for the children. It's like a mini holiday for us, like the New Year.

- Eka, have you ever worked?

Eka: I used to work as a nurse before my children were born. In the current situation in our country, medical personnel are in great demand. If I had the opportunity to leave my children with someone, I would start working, I would fight the coronavirus, my Motherland needs me so badly ... But my children need me too! They are still little.

- Eka, despite such conditions, you manage to remain calm. How do you manage it?

Eka: You know, we are brought up this way, and we bring up our children to stay calm as well. They know that everything bad will go away, that everything will be fine! The main thing is to study well and believe in your capabilities. Faith in God helps us.

- I’d like to talk to your children now. Guys, can I talk to you? Mariam, let’s start with you, as you are the oldest. How are you doing?  What are your favorite games? What are you dreaming about?

Mariam (11-year-old): I am doing well. I study at school, but we have vacations because of this terrible virus, and I can't study at home. My brother and I have only mother's phone for the two of us. And we have lessons at the same time. I let him attend classes. It is more important to him now. I'm in seventh form now and Gabriel is in the third. He can’t miss his lessons.

– Mariam, what do you like doing? What do you want to be?

Mariam: Definitely, I want to be a lawyer!

- Do you know who are lawyers and what they do?

Mariam: I know it! I watched a movie about a girl who became a lawyer. Nobody believed in her, but then she became very cool. I don't remember how the movie is called, but I really liked it. I will become a lawyer and help everyone.

- So, these are your plans. And what are you dreaming about? New Year is coming soon, and you can make wishes to Santa. You behave well, don't you?

Mariam: To be honest, I don’t believe in Santa, or rather, I have always believed in Santa, but everyone says that he does not exist. But if Santa existed, I would ask him for a washing machine for my mother, and a computer for myself. I must study! I want so much to believe in him.

- Gabriel, do you believe in Santa?

Gabriel (8-year-old): Sure! I want to ask him for only one thing! Computer to study. I love going to school very much. Because I like to study very much. You probably won't believe it! Nobody believes us, they say that nowadays children do not like to study. But my sister and I do love it.

- Probably, the teachers are very fond of you, you are so smart.

Gabriel: Oh, yes. I love it when they praise me! I want to do more! And my mother is so happy when she hears that “Gabriel is such a smart boy, such a good boy,” her eyes start shining with happiness.

Nino (4-year old):  Just bring me some sweets and lemonade! And a doll! And clothes! Clothes for my doll and me.

- Nino, do you know poems? What will you recite to Santa if he brings gifts to you?

Nino: I know some poems, but let my mother recite them. I will hide.

Eka: She is so funny! Well, I can even sing if this will make my children happy. You know, we can offer nothing to our children. They have no childhood. It's just terrible when a child sees delicious food only in his dreams. What to do? We cannot afford anything extra.

– What is your biggest dream?

Eka: We have nothing of our own, you can see the state of our home. There is neither furniture, nor home appliances. It’s very difficult for us even to buy basic food. I will be grateful for any help! But first of all we need food and a computer for the children. I also dream of a washing machine, a TV set for kids, we need a refrigerator, a gas stove ... oh, excuse me, too many dreams.

- How did you learn about our Fund? Why did you decide to address us?

Eka: Because of despair; believe me, if not for the extreme need, I would never have bothered anyone. You have helped so many families ... I believe that you will help my little ones too.

- Would you like to meet the friends of the Fund? Find new friends?

Eka: We will all be happy with all our hearts; this will be just our salvation. We will even recite poems to them!


Friends, Christmas is coming soon. Probably, you have already started to prepare for it – you’ve bought a Christmas tree, gifts for your children. We will celebrate this day gathering at a festive table ... can you imagine how this family will celebrate Christmas? They don't even have a normal table! Is this what God is expecting from us? Does He want us to be indifferent to someone else's grief? Look into your soul and make a decision! Can you be happy when there are unhappy people around you?

And let the kids keep believing that Santa comes to everyone who believes in him!

You can visit this family and help them personally. Their address is: village Shindisi 3 Tsinanuri Str. Phone: 558 66 13 67.

We should not remain indifferent to the troubles of this family, we will show our mercy and care, all together we will help them however we can, showing them all our love and mercy! Unfortunately, no one is immune to loneliness and sickness.

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