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When I've gone blind, it seemed like they buried me alive!

January 29, 2021       1524
“I wake up, sit down ... While sitting I say to myself: “Well, are you still alive? Can we handle it today? Do you want to eat? Let's go shopping". It has lasted 11 years! After my TV went out of order, I have been lost completely. I don't know when the day comes, when the night comes, what date it is. I go out and wait until someone greets me to ask them what day it is, what time it is, what is happening in the world ... Then I pick myself up, take my stick and go to the nearest store to buy some bread. Though I'm blind, I still need food. The store seems to be close, but it takes me three hours to get there. Sometimes a cow butts me, or I run into something, fall down, lose my orientation, turn off the road...
₾ 4,232.21

I often think what is better: to be blind from birth or to know how beautiful the world is, but have no chance see it again?"

    Dear friends, meet Mr. Vladimir Chulukhadze. He is 57, and for the last 11 years he has lived in the outer darkness, completely alone, in unbearable conditions. Although he says that poverty does not bother him, he does not see it, but he feels the cold, he also feels hunger, and can’t help feeling that he is completely alone.

- Vladimir, how did you find yourself here? How did it happen?

    Vladimir: I am a refugee from Samachablo. I have not always been like this - unhappy and helpless. I used to have a beautiful life! I graduated from secondary school, 9 classes, then entered a technical college. I served in the army.

After the army, I worked as a tractor driver, a farmer, and helped my family. But in 2008 the war started, our village was under fire and we had to flee. We couldn’t take anything with us. We fled in what we had on! But I was young then, full of energy,  I thought - it's okay, let's start everything from scratch ... But I lost the most valuable, the most precious I had - my health and eyesight.

     - Can you tell me in more detail what happened? 

Vladimir:It happened in 2009. I was at home when robbers broke into my house. They attacked me while I was sleeping. You know, 11 years ago I was a strong guy with strong arms. I jumped up and beat them. There were two or three people, I don't remember. I severely crippled them, and they ran away, but threatened me that I would regret it. And then they came back and knocked out my eyes! Although the doctors did not lose hope, unfortunately, my eyesight never returned. This is why I have been living in complete darkness for 11 years.

- What about those who maimed you?

Vladimir: They were tried. Even if they were shot, I do not care – I would still remain blind!!!

   - Have you always been alone?

  Vladimir: While my mother was alive, she looked after me, as if I were a child. She cooked for me, cleaned the house and fed me ... A person has no one closer and dearer than their mother! Take care of your parents while you have them. She died of lung cancer seven years ago. She left me so quickly ... I didn't even have time to realize what was happening. Seven years have passed ... She was my eyes, my heart. I loved her very much.

  - What about children? Relatives?

  Vladimir: I was married, I had a wife and a daughter. But we divorced. You see, maybe they were right to leave me... - Vladimir says with pain in his voice - I don’t judge them! I could no longer be the head of the family. Now I need someone to take care of me!

Still, it's a pity that my daughter behaves like this ... But who am I to judge my child? I love her as before. Life is hard for everyone today. Everyone tries to survive as hard as they can. I don't want to talk about it!  

I have a brother and a sister, they help me, sometimes they visit me. But they are also very poor. They need help themselves! You see, it is such a time now, that everyone has their own problems. One should not tell other people what to do. Everyone does whatever they can. Thank them for that.

  - How do you go shopping? How do you make food?

  Vladimir: You know, it’s in the human nature that one gets used to everything. I get up, dress, take a stick and go out. Sometimes I meet someone on my way, and they help me to cross the road. They take me by the hand and lead me ... I need three hours to get to the store and come back ... I walk slowly ... If I fall, I try not to hurt myself very much. If I get hurt I may rot alive. There is no one to look after me.

    - And if you ask someone to bring things you need?

  Vladimir: The neighbors' children used to help me. I asked them to bring me some bread from the store. But recently one boy was hit by a car. Thank God, he survived ... How can I ask them to do something for me after that? Can you imagine if they were hit by a car while going to buy bread for me? I would never forgive myself for this!

    - I can't even imagine how hard it is for you!

  Vladimir: Just blindfold and try to walk around the house, make tea ... It's a nightmare! Like in a minefield. I know in my room there are two steps forward, the door, then four steps to the right along the wall, is the kitchen. I have to be careful not to hit the table. I have to count when I pour water into a cup. One, two, three - the cup is full. Oh, come on, why am I telling you all that...

- What do you need most of all?

  Vladimir: It's dark here! Let it to be at least warm! I need a refrigerator, and a washing machine. I dream about a TV, to know that I'm still alive, to know what day it is and what time, what is happening in the world. I had an old TV, but it went out of order. It was like a family member for me, the only one who communicated with me ... I even spoke to it, yes, to the TV. When TV presenter said: "Hello, friends!" - I answered: "Hi! How are you doing today? Tell me what's going on in the world,” and I listened to the news. I know it sounds silly, but you can't understand it. And God forbid you to experience it!

  - What are you dreaming about?

  Vladimir: I have only one dream. I want to see the Sun. To distinguish day from night. And I dream that Georgia would unite! Do you think these are pipe dreams? Doctors used to guarantee that they could restore my vision. Now they say that this is impossible.

  - Vladimir, whole Georgia reads our posts, you can address all your compatriots.

  Vladimir: When I addressed your Fund, I knew that you would not leave me unattended. My pension and allowance cannot even cover utility bills. I appeal to my compatriots: give me warmth! Please, connect me to the outer world. I would also ask you to write down my phone number - I will be happy to receive any call, I am looking forward to any communication!

    Friends, there is no one next to Vladimir who could pass him a glass of water, say a kind word or just sit next to him. He learned to move independently around the room by touch, go shopping, cook, take care of himself and live with memories ... Christmas is coming! Christmas lights will be lit soon in all houses, there will be fun and warmth there. And what will change for Vladimir? Without our help, he will be alone in deathly silence and freezing cold. He won't even understand whether people are rejoicing and lighting fireworks or it is a war that has started again! It's creepy, but we can change that!

We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let's support this lonely man who will never forget your empathy and the helping hand you have lent him. Vladimir needs a TV, a refrigerator, a washing machine and a bed, and it will also be nice if we help him with food.

You can call Vladimir and talk to him. His phone number is: 599 52 49 28. And here is his address: Mtskheta municipality, village Tsilkani, refugee settlement, house #272.

God Himself, who created us for good deeds, will never forget that. And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need the help of strangers!

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