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Mommy, please don't die! I will save you!

“Look carefully, ma’am: if my mother’s lips suddenly start to turn blue, you need to call for help - 7-year-old Irma warns me seriously, just like an adult, and looks into my eyes incredulously. - I don’t know how to give shots, and what about you? But I will definitely learn it soon!"
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  Almost every day 18-month-old Veriko, 4-year-old Andria, and 7-year-old Irma stare death in the face... When their dear mother Anna collapses, turns blue, and starts to convulse like a wounded bird, the babies look at her with horror, and the eldest Irma rushes to the neighbors. “I run with all my might, so that my heart is about to jump out! And I'm so scared, because, if I will not hurry up, mommy will die!" At her 7, the girl knows what an epileptic attack looks like. Every day she fears that she will not be fast enough to call for help, that her mother will fall asleep and will never wake up again! The girl marks the days of attacks in the calendar and dreams to learn how to give shots...

  “Sometimes I even wonder how it happened that I’m still alive, how didn’t I hit my head? I can collapse anytime, anywhere. The Lord is merciful, I believe that He will not leave my children orphans!" - mom Anna wipes her tears and crosses herself. Insane fear of dying in front of her own children overshadowed all adversity, a dilapidated house, hunger and cold...

  “This house was built a long time ago... Children get scared when it winds - they think the walls will fall apart. But what can we do – there is not enough money even for medications, we live from hand to mouth,” - Anna sighs heavily.

The misfortunes have befallen this poor family all at once, and they have absolutely no one to ask for help. We are their last hope.

  - Anna, how did you find yourself in such situation? Have you been sick since birth?

  Anna: I lost my parents in 2016. My mom was diagnosed with a tumor, and she burned up in a matter of months. She was only 50 years old. My dad was very worried, and he died right after her. This was a big blow to me. My younger brothers were taken to an orphanage, and this also still hurts me... Probably, all these experiences affected my health, I started having epileptic attacks. Initially they used to be quite rare, but over time they have become more frequent and now they happen several times a week. I am worried about my children - they are very afraid of that.

  - Anna, who takes care of you? Where is your husband now?

  Anna: If not for Zurab, I would have been dead for a long time. He helps me a lot; he is with me all the time. He used to work as a loader, but now he’s afraid to leave me alone for a long time. And worries about the children. It is hard for him... Little Veriko is with her dad all the time - I'm afraid to take her in my arms, so as not to collapse together with her. He can give me first aid, he gives me a shot - to stem the swelling, so that I don't choke.

  - And if he is not at home?

  Anna: My eldest daughter learned how to call an ambulance... Poor thing, she makes notes in the calendar when her mom is bad... If her dad is not at home, she calls neighbors for help. She does not know how to give a shot yet, but she says she will learn soon. Sometimes I even wonder how I am still alive, how did I not hit my head. I can collapse at any time. Anywhere. Sorry for the details, but several times I collapsed in the toilet too... (Cries.)

  Irma (7-year-old): I will soon grow up and become a doctor, I will treat my mother and everyone. Don't be afraid, mom! I'll build a hospital for you. For you and for all other mothers.

  - Irma, do you get really scared because of your mom?

  Irma: When daddy is not at home, we are very afraid. When mommy collapses, we start to cry and scream for the neighbors to hear. Or I run out and call them. They know how to give a shot, and I don’t. And if you are late, mom will turn blue and may not wake up. Do you know how scary it is?! It’s terrible!

  - Are Andria and Veriko also afraid?

  Irma: Yes, they cry too. But I try to calm them down. I tell them that mom will be fine.

  - Irma, what do you do when your mom feels good?

  Irma: Well, we play hide-and-seek, tag, but we try not to make noise so as not to bother mommy. I also study well. Mommy is very happy when teachers praise me.

  - What else do you like playing? What are your favorite toys?

  Irma: We don’t have toys. We really want us to have... (Irma fell silent and looked at her mother.) We really want our mother to have medications.

  - What do you want for yourself?

  Irma: We want bicycles, but you know, they cost a lot! And we want a beautiful doll for Veriko!

  Andria (4-year-old): And I want a small blue bicycle! I really want it! I'll also cut money out of paper! And I also want a rabbit for mom - so that she would have fun!

  - Anna, you have wonderful kids! It is your merit that they are so well-mannered!

  Anna: They are my everything! We love each other very much! We always take care of each other. I am very lucky with that! This is probably because they grow up surrounded by great love!

  - Tell me about your everyday problems. What is your income, how do you live, what do you eat? What do you need most?

  Anna: This dilapidated house where we live now belongs to my husband's parents. If only there was health, you will endure the rest! But now one problem added to another: the ruined house, hunger, and my disease... When a strong wind blows the children get scared. They think the walls will collapse.

  Irma: You know how scary it is? It sounds like wolves are howling around! We sit hugging each other and trying to ignore these terrible sounds!

  Anna: And I don't even want to talk about hunger! Our only income is an allowance of 420 GEL. Sometimes it seems to me that I am a bad housewife, because I cannot distribute this money for a month. This is more than 10 GEL per day! But it is not enough. Medications are expensive, and foodstuff does not get cheaper as well. Thanks to our neighbors, they help us a lot.

  - Anna, what do you need most of all?

  Anna: I dream of having medications and food; and I really need a washing machine. It is very difficult for me to wash by hand because of my illness. We need beds and a tablet for study. That's all! I cannot ask for more. It’s peak of my dreams.

  Andria: Mommy, don’t let them forget about a bike! We really need it too! How can we be without it?!

  - The whole Georgia will learn about your family! I am sure you will get many new friends. Your life will change! You will see! Everything is going be alright! You must live a better life!

  Anna: God bless you!


  Here's another story full of pain and hopelessness that has come to an end. Who will see this unfortunate family? Who will take care of them? Now or later... That is the question.

 The family needs everything: foodstuff, hygiene products, medications, a washing machine, and toys. We believe that this story will reach the right people, we hope so!

  Every time when you can help someone, just do it and rejoice that God responds to someone's prayers with your help! 

  Let's show our mercy and make the children believe that miracles happen! They really believe in the kindness of each of us. Do not let our little compatriots down. Show them what good people live in Georgia!

  You can visit this family at: Kareli District, village Kvemo Khvedureti. They will be very happy. They love guests!

  Please repost our publication. Let you friends know about them! It’s extremely important!

  God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

  Friends, there is one more request : if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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  We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Anna and her wonderful children! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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