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At night snakes crawl into the house! It’s so scary!

- There are many of them, I saw it myself! And we have holes in the walls, what if a snake crawls into the house and bites us?! - says 10-year-old Bachuki with his eyes wide open. He and his brothers - 4-year-old Gegi, 2-year-old Dato, 13-year-old Mate live in a wooden dilapidated shed, which cannot be called a house! “It's terribly cold here in winter and hot in summer. Moreover, the house is in such a state that it’s about to collapse! - Izo (36 years old), the mother of four wonderful boys, cries and shows us the walls of the falling down shed "insulated" with cardboard where they have to live. - The walls are rotten through! But what can we do? We don't have enough money even for food.
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This kind Georgian family lives in terrible poverty ... Four hungry boys in a squalid little hovel! They deserve your empathy, friends!

- Share your grief with Georgia, Izo! Share it with kind people to feel better ...

Izo: It’s so embarrassing to say, to admit that we are literally beggars! Many people only see this in films ... We live in this kennel, it is unbearably hot here in summer, and terribly cold in winter! We have absolutely nothing, I sleep in the same bed as my four sons, and that one is broken. Can you imagine how it feels? Boys are always half-starved, wear each other’s hand-me-downs, and now, due to the pandemic, they are deprived of the opportunity to study! We do not have any computer, so they are already missing the second semester... Our village is poor, you can't find a job here. Previously, my husband used to work part-time in agriculture, but now he has lost this opportunity to bring at least some money home. So, we live only on the allowance, eking out a miserable existence!

- Have you always lived in such poverty?

Izo: My husband and I met while visiting friends, I was only 18 then... We fell in love, dated for a year, and then got married. We are both from poor families, but we didn’t expect that we would find ourselves in such a situation, that we would be unable to keep our children ... I never aspired to wealth, I only dreamed about having healthy children, about peace and quiet in our family. While my husband used to have a part-time job, we somehow managed to make ends meet, but now ...

– Does anybody help you? Your parents or relatives?

Izo: We have no one to ask for help. My father-in-law died long before we got married because of a sick heart. My mother-in-law is sick too. My father is a cripple, he lost his arm and a leg in a car accident several years ago, my mother is a second category disabled person. I have a sister and two brothers, but they themselves have young children and their life is no easier than ours...

- Did you address the local authorities for help?

Izo: I have addressed them many times, but nobody pays attention to us. All that we managed to achieve is an allowance, which is enough for nothing ... I asked for help with house repairs - just look in what condition our home is! The walls are rotten, all kinds of creatures creep into here from all holes! In summer, I many times saw the snakes in the yard with my own eyes. I don’t sleep at night, I’m afraid to turn off the light so that, God forbid, they would not crawl into the house and bite the children!

- Does this house belong to you?

Izo: House? It’s rather a shed ... Yes, my husband inherited a plot of land, and this plank shack is all that we managed to build here ... At first, we lived with my husband's parents - conditions there, by the way, were not better, but later, when our sons were born one after another, we just didn't fit there anymore. There is only one room here, I use part of it as a kitchen, and we sleep in the other half. The have to use the stove all year round, since there is no other place to cook. To be honest, it does not warm the house in winter, while in summer it makes it just unbearably stuffy here...

- How much is the allowance you get, and what is it enough for?

Izo: We get 440 GEL allowance plus food coupons. You can understand that this is not enough for anything. On the pay day I buy a soup set and potatoes, cook a kind of stew, so that the children do not eat dry food ... Porridge, tea, bread - that's all!

- Do you believe in God?

Izo: We are an Orthodox family. We go to church, and I often pray at home in front of the icons. I ask Lord to help my husband and me to put our children on their feet. I believe that He will not leave us!

 - Have any strangers ever helped you?

Izo: As I said before, our village is poor, but despite this, we try to help each other at least with food ... We are ready to share just a single piece of bread.

- Is there something that pleases your heart, Izo?

Izo: My sons! They are wonderful! I say this not because they are my children, believe me! They are so diligent, smart and always ready to help! If only the damned coronavirus didn't take them away from me!

It has already claimed so many lives, and my boys have poor health ... May the Lord protect them from this disease ... Besides that, they have one school laptop for the three of them, and sometimes it won't turn on at all. Boys constantly miss lessons and are behind the school curriculum (sighs heavily).

– Can I talk to your children, please? Mate, you are the oldest, so I will ask you first. What are your hobbies, what is your favorite subject at school?

Mate (13-year-old): Since the first grade I have loved math the most. I like solving problems ... And I also love poetry!

- To read or to write?

Mate: No, I have not tried to write it ... I love Galaktion Tabidze’s poetry! I love books, in general.

- What do you want to become when you grow up - maybe a poet?

Mate: No! A plastic surgeon! I will help people who had an accident or got a burn, to get back their face, so that they were happy again!

- Why a plastic surgeon?

Mate: Why are you asking why? It's so interesting! I saw it on TV how a man's face was almost completely burned during the fire, how worried he was ... And the doctor operated him on, and he became able to live again like all normal people do! So he said: "The operation brought me back to life!"

Bachuki (10-year-old): I want to become a doctor too! I will save people!

- But if you were already a doctor, who would you save the first and why?

Bachuki: Well, I don’t know... Now because of the virus, many people get sick, everyone needs help...

– What are you dreaming about, Bachuki?

Bachuki: So that we have a beautiful home and a lot of food!

- Your mom said that there are a lot of snakes here ...

Bachuki: It’s true! I saw one in the yard, and my brothers saw them too ... Do you know how terrible they are? It's scary to sleep at night, they may suddenly crawl into our house and bite us...

- What do you and your brothers like to play most of all?

Bachuki: We like playing catch-up, hide-and-seek, football ... But our ball is good for nothing, and my mother could not buy a new one ... (sighs sadly).

Dato (12-year-old): Now the weather is bad anyway, it's cold, you can't play in the yard, you have to sit at home. And it's boring to stay at home! Our TV has completely gone out of order, otherwise we could watch cartoons...

– What is your favorite cartoon?

Dato (12-year-old): "Tom and Jerry"! I also love reading books. We don't have books of our own, but they give them to us at the school library. The book about Baron Munchausen is my favorite!

- Dato, what are you dreaming about?

Dato (12-year-old): I really want a bicycle, however, Bachuki wants it too, but my mother can't buy one anyway... If we had one for the two of us, we would ride in turns.

- And you, little Gegi? What is your biggest dream?

Gegi shakes his head and hides behind his mother incredulously.

- He is shy! - Bachuki laughs. - I'll answer you for him: he loves sweets and cars! He always asks our mother for them when we go shopping and the neighbor children too...

- Izo, what is your biggest dream?

Izo: I dream for my children to live normally. So that they were healthy and happy, so that they found their own way in life! This is the main thing for me! My heart hurts, seeing that they are always malnourished, poorly dressed, the way they look at other kids’ toys, but keep silent, realizing that we have no money ... (sobs).

- What do you think, you need most in your home?

Izo: We will be happy to get any help ... I feel so awkward of asking, but our situation is hopeless. We really need food...

We need a computer for the children. They also really want a normal TV, ours is not good at all. They have to stay at home, because of the pandemic and they can't even watch cartoons. We really need beds, actually we have nothing to sleep on. And I dream of a washing machine, our old one went out of order, and washing for six people in the yard, in cold water, is simply unbearable! Sorry for too many dreams...

I want to say thank you for coming and listening to me, for your empathy - this means a lot to me. May God bless you and your readers, you are doing so much good!


  The large Chkadua family really needs our support, friends! They live in absolutely unbearable conditions, in a house with completely rotten walls, where it is terribly cold in winter and hot in summer. Four boys are constantly malnourished, wear rags, have no idea about New Year gifts! But most importantly, the children are deprived of the opportunity to attend classes and get involved in the educational process. You will probably agree that this is terrible, and that this kind Georgian family deserves happy New Year's holidays!

  The Chkadua family needs any help: food, home appliances, furniture. They especially need beds and a computer. The children literally have nowhere to sleep. And they want to study but they cannot!

  You can visit the Chkadua family yourself and provide them with all possible help. Their address is: Zugdidi Municipality, village Chkaduashi.

  Or you can call Iza and cheer her up with your kind words! Phone: 599 32 56 26.

  Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

  God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

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  We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support the Chkadua family too, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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