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I’ll voluntarily stare death in the eye for the seventh time - for the sake of my son!

March 11, 2021       1424
- I will be operated on for the seventh time - and I almost certainly will not survive the operation! I experienced clinical death four times...I am ready to die for the sake of my baby, but how will he live without me, dear people? Nobody will kiss him so tenderly; nobody will hold him to heart like his mother ... - Lord, save my life! - she asks God. - Let the operation be successful! - the brave lady named Lela says to me! This is she who deserves medal! She is a real heroine!
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- We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong, - Lela continues. - At the age of six I realized that I would have to fight for my health my whole life. And then a miracle happened! I gave birth to my child, and now I know that I will withstand all the misfortunes for his sake.

Lela was only three years old when it turned out that she was disabled. For five long years she almost never got out of bed. When she was a child, she, poor thing, had been operated on four times and she even experienced clinical death!  Later, she has been operated on two times more, but despite all this suffering and risk, her dream did not come true. Now the poor woman can hardly walk, and she suffers terrible pains day and night. But she does not care of that so much - her main goal is to raise her son! She paid the heaviest cost for him. “Six surgeries, artificial joints, disability... The doctors strictly forbade me to give birth.
 Loss of a leg and thrombosis was the least I risked, - recalls Lela with tears in her eyes. - But contrary to the laws of medicine, the Lord gave me a perfectly healthy baby!”

- My only goal now is to survive and to get back on my feet at any cost, so that I could take care of my son, and not vice versa... He is still a baby, and he needs me so much to be by his side...

- Lela, tell me everything in chronological order.

Lela: I was born on August 31, 40 years ago. I used to be sweet and calm, I sat all day, did not bother anyone, watched pictures in books. My mom was happy that I was so calm. And I just couldn't walk - it hurt me to stand, and I crawled. When I didn’t start walking even at the age of three, they took me to the doctor. And then the whole truth was revealed.

“Your child is disabled,” the doctor said to my mother, and she fainted. My joints did not work at all. They operated me on my right leg, and that leg became longer than the left one ... I became a cripple - I lied in bed for six months. Then at the age of six I had been operated on for a second time. And I spent another six months in bed - it was very hard to rehabilitate. I did it by myself too...

- And what about your mom? And dad?

Lela: Mom felt very bad, she started having psychological problems due these experiences. She needed to take care of herself. Also, my younger brother was born, and all the attention was paid to him ... But I don't take any offense... I went through a lot alone.

- How did you manage to cope alone?

Lela: I spent four years in a bed - the bed used to be my home. I read, wrote, embroidered there. I even studied there. Teachers came from school and gave me lessons. I used to be a talented girl. I am very grateful to Natalia Tsalkalamanidze, director of the school in the village of Tvaladi. She taught me how to live. She taught me that there are no disabilities, that our mind can work miracles. That not everyone can play football, some can write beautifully or be the best student! You know, when your mother cannot support you, you cling to everything, to every word that can cheer you up...

- You are lucky that such a person appeared in your life.

Lela: Yes, such people often appear in my life. God hears my prayers! God sees my efforts ...

- Are you religious?

Lela: Why do you think I am still alive? Why didn’t I kill myself yet? This is all God's help. There were moments in my life when I dreamed of dying ... I went through hell!

- Could you tell us about the most difficult moments in your life?

Lela: Oh, it will take a lot of time... While I was little and not so strong spiritually, it was very hard for me to cope with scorn and mockery. Imagine a 10-year-old girl who wants to be a princess and is told that she is crippled and disabled. Can you imagine that? And when there is no one to stick up for her.

- What gave you strength?

Lela: Fear! Fear made me strong. The fear of becoming a laughingstock, the fear of being weak not physically, but mentally... I said to myself: “Lela, you will be the leader! Nobody will offend you!"

When at the age of eight I underwent another operation, my situation was critical. Mom could not look after me, dad worked, and they sent me to a boarding house ... for 23 months! It was the worst thing that happened to me ever!

- Can you tell us about it in more details?

Lela: Imagine an 8-year-old girl who has both legs in a cast, who cannot even move by herself... And there is no one by her side. If you ask the orderly one more time to help you, saying that you are uncomfortable, or your back is numb - it was a nightmare! And God forbid if you cry ... then the punishment was just terrible! They stripped girls naked and took them into the boys’ ward - so they broke us! So, they insulted us, so they crushed us... can you imagine?! You can’t even imagine how cruel a human can be! Not to the enemy, not even to another person, but to a sick, weak child ... That's when I decided that I would be strong and that no one would ever offend me!

- It makes my skin crawl... It's just terrible that you had to go through. And what happened after you left this "prison"?

Lela: I was back home. I started going to school It was hard too. I got up at seven o’clock in the morning and kneaded dough for bread. Then I went to school, and when I was back, the dough was already ready, I could bake bread. When I told my parents that I was planning to go to college after graduating from school, they looked at me like I was crazy. They said: "You can't - nobody needs you there - a little cripple from the village, with no money ... you will rush back home very soon."

These words became the strongest motivation for me!  “Let's see,” I said and left for Tbilisi. I did not manage to enter the University from the first try - all the places were sold. But I managed to achieve my goal from the second try - I entered the Faculty of Law!

- How did you live alone in an unknown city?

Lela: I attended lectures in the mornings and worked in the evenings - in a store or cleaning apartments, earning from 100 to 150 GEL. I used to rent a small room for 50 GEL, setting 10 GEL aside for transport and 20 GEL - for books and spending the rest money on food. That’s it! Don't look at me so surprised!

- How did you manage to live like that?

Lela: I know that not even every healthy person can live like this. But I had a goal! I had a dream. I could hardly walk, but I had no pain. Well, my one leg was shorter than another, but who cares? We - disabled people - are very strong! We always find the strength to fight and we know what to fight for!

- And you became a lawyer?

Lela: Yes! I became a lawyer! I even worked - I completed an internship. Then we started a family - fate brought me to Giorgi. He is the most wonderful person I know. We texted each other, then we decided to meet and then we got married. Then I got pregnant. The doctors did not allow me to give birth to a child. I had have been operated on six times, I have artificial joints, I am disabled, nevertheless, God gave me a perfectly healthy child. You should have seen how caring he is! Like a kitten - he sits near me all the time. Helps me in everything. He even takes out the laundry from the washing machine. He brings me water. He doesn't like my crutches. When he thinks that I don't see him, he hides them from me ... or covers them with a rag or puts them under the bed. He's just a miracle for me! Good fellow! I decided to be operated on for the seventh time only for his sake. This operation will be called "For Giorgi.”

- Are you scared?

Lela: I'm really scared right now. What will happen if I can't have the operation if I will not manage to collect the necessary amount of money and will not be able to take care of my son? He needs me so much! And I know what it is when mom can't take care of a child! It's very, very hard for me now, that's why I decided to address you!

- And what is the reason that your condition has worsened?

Lela: 10 years ago, they changed my joints - they replaced them with artificial ones. They served well for 10 years, but about half a year ago one got broken, and I started having terrible pains. I can neither stand nor sit ... Even when I lie down, tears often start to flow because of the pain. Joint replacement surgery is very expensive, and I have no funds. Our income is 140 GEL. My husband is a ceramic artist, but he lost his job during the pandemic. It is difficult for us to keep our son, and there is not even talk about the operation. I decided to contact you - I trust you! I have seen many times what miracles you work!

- Lela, you can address our readers. I think your story will be a real example for many people.

Lela:  Don’t give in to the fear! Don’t pay attention to the complexes! You are unique! And you always have the inner strength to fight. Do not get discouraged, and God will always come to help you!


Dear friends! To say that Lela is in need - is to say nothing! There is such pain behind her cheerful voice and optimism, that it cannot be put into words.

And if you visit Lela, cheer her up with your kind words, she will be just happy! Her address is: Tbilisi, Lilo settlement, 16 Sturua Str.

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God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Not all people are the same. Not all of them are as kind as we are. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

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