Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

My mom has the most gentle and beautiful hands

“Do you know what hurts the most? When they point a finger at you and laugh, mock you ... not even behind your back, they tell you to your face the hurtful words, they call you the janitor's daughter, a beggar, dirty… Like it's a shame if a man works as a janitor. My mom sweeps the streets and I don’t think it’s an unworthy job! And when I grow up, even if I become a big, big boss, in spite of bad people, I will take a broom and help her! " - the saddest brown eyes in the world look at me - two bottomless lakes of tears ... For 12 years, Irma has endured so much ridicule and humiliation from her peers, as no adult could have withstood. Ill-mannered kids keep name-calling her.
₾ 3,210.4
მიქაბერიძე შორენა
7 days ago
₾ 5
აბრამიშვილი ნიკა
8 days ago
₾ 1
ხინიკაძე-გირკელიძე თამარ
10 days ago
₾ 10
შარინგერ ნათია
10 days ago
₾ 10
ოლღა სინაურიძე
12 days ago
₾ 50
ნინო ანიაშვილი
13 days ago
₾ 30

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