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Baby has been struggling for life

March 25, 2021       1493
Her father who has abandoned her will never read her bedtime stories. Her grandmother and grandfather will never invite her to their home. All this two-year-old princess has is her crying mom and some bread from the social canteen. Her relatives left her even before she was born! “My relatives did not accept me, they said: if you want to give birth to your baby you should get your husband back. If you don’t do that - get rid of the baby. What could I do? What would you have done?”
₾ 3,167.49
მალხაზ ვარდოსანიძე
a day ago
₾ 5
გიორგი შალამბერიძე
2 days ago
₾ 5
გიორგი ამირაჯები
2 days ago
₾ 5
ქალდანი სოფიკო
3 days ago
₾ 2
4 days ago
₾ 1
ივანიძე გელა
4 days ago
₾ 20

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