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Fire took lives of four innocent people!

And hunger can take the lives of those who remained… One year passed since the tragedy in Baghdati happened when the fire took the lives of the whole Gorgodze family. The fire devoured four innocent children and their mother alive... Do you remember what a tragedy it was, how everyone cried and sobbed: "If we could, we would have saved them... We would have made their life better..." But unfortunately, sobbing will not get the children back to life.
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“Why are you telling me that?” - one might ask. Because now you have a chance to help those children who managed to survive the fire! Friends, here is their house, which has turned to ashes. They lost everything - furniture, clothing, appliances... everything, everything except their lives! They managed to survive by a miracle, but still, it was not enough. 

Unlike the Gorgodze family, mother Tamila, father Vitaliy, and children - 7-year-old Nodar and 4-year-old Andria - were not at home... God took them away from inevitable death. And now God has brought them to us! What we will do and how we will save them - this is just a matter of our conscience!

- Tamila, how did it happen? Share your grief with us, maybe it will make you will feel better ...

Tamila: You know, it is difficult to convey in words the feelings you have when your home, your family home, everything that you got by your hard work disappears right before your eyes, and you can do nothing about it... You can't save anything. You can’t bear this pain! I did not lose my consciousness even for a second, I remember everything to the smallest detail... This terrible picture still stands in front of my eyes... Lord! Thank you that by a happy coincidence neither me nor the children were there! Thank you for saving us from the terrible death! (Tamila crosses herself and wipes away her tears.)

- Can you tell us more?

Tamila: We have been living here for 7 years. My husband built this house with his hands. We had not enough money to build a stone house, so we build it from wood... That is why it burst out like a match and burnt down in seconds... When the firemen came, there was only ash left from the house. Thank God, that day I was at the birthday party with my children at my neighbors’ place. When we were coming back home, right from the corner of the street we saw a column of smoke. I felt that something was wrong, I realized that this was our home. Later my neighbors told me that I "ran there, screaming in an unnatural voice, and even rushed inside." I don't know what I was thinking about then, I probably wanted to save at least something - children's clothes, at least some trifle. But in vain... Everything was already on fire, and the ceiling collapsed. The neighbors took me out of there, distracted. I lost my voice from the horror, I could not even scream ...

- Has the cause of the fire been identified?

Tamila: They said that the wiring caught fire... Lord, I will never tire of thanking you for taking us out of the house then! God saved us! Because if we were there, perhaps, and would not have had time to get out - everything happened so quickly... I just no longer have tears, I cannot even cry. You can’t imagine - everything in this house - every little thing - was endowed with meaning and memories. I kept the first hairs, the first t-shirt of my sons... Everything there was created by my hands and by the hands of my husband, we put so much work into this house, so much love and warmth ... 

It was small, but still, it was cozy and comfortable. We have never lived richly, we both have been working for our whole life, saving penny by penny to buy something, to create comfort. We started everything from scratch, we created everything ourselves ... The neighbors even jokingly called our house a nest of love. It really used to be our little warm nest... We were left in the streets in what we were wearing. That’s it! We managed to find nothing, just ash, and debris. Washing machine, gas stove - it's scrap metal now. The boys dug in the ashes for a long time, trying to find their toy ... They hoped that at least something remained... But alas, everything was destroyed.

- Let's digress from the tragedy. You said that you and your husband created everything from scratch. Could you please tell, how did your family start?

Tamila: Oh, you probably would not believe it! We have liked each other since childhood! Vitaly - is the brother of my best friend. He did not dare to confess to me for a long time. Then I got a boyfriend, who was intending to ask for my hand in marriage. It was then that Vitaly realized that he needed to act decisively. (For the first time during our conversation, Tamila smiled.) I must admit, I liked him very much too. We got engaged soon. We worked for a year, he was involved in agriculture, and I worked as a waitress in a restaurant. We saved up some money and eloped. We were very young then, and it seemed romantic to us. Of course, we did not have our own housing. We lived for some time at his relatives’ place, then with my parents, but, you know, everyone wants to have his own roof over the head.

- Where your husband has been during the fire?

Tamila: At the funeral service, his acquaintance died. When the house caught fire, he was just coming back, he heard screams, saw people running... He says his heart skipped a beat. He rushed to our house. You know, it is always easier for women - we can speak out, cry out grief and it makes us feel better, and men keep everything to themselves. I am amazed by Vitaly's stamina - not I, but he consoles me. He says: "When I ran to the house, you stood before my eyes  - you and our children,  and I prayed that you would be safe and sound."

- Tamila, did the local government react in any way? Did they provide you aid?

Tamila: I keep knocking on all the doors, writing statements, appeals, and things like that... And they redirect me from one office to another with zero results. Television came to us and they said that we would definitely get compensation, that they would pay for rent. That’s it. Everyone has forgotten about us. I don’t ask for much - I need to have just one room to stop us from wandering around the neighbors! 

Thank God, people living in our village are very kind - one by one they shelter us for the night. All together they collected clothes for my children, notebooks, pens, school books, all the necessary things. I am immensely grateful to all of them! But! For how long we will have to wander like this? With two young children? We should have some shelter of our own. If it were not for our neighbors and relatives, I don’t know what would have happened to us ... 

- How did the children react on that?

Tamila: All this happened in front of their eyes, we were coming from the birthday party together... They are scared so much. They burst into tears when I tried to enter the burning house. They worry so much. The younger one does not fully understand what happened. He keeps asking me: “I want to go home...” as if he forgets that we don’t have our home anymore. In a child’s mind the ashes and the house, where he was born do not correspond in any way... The elder son grieves for the toys, and even more for the school netbook, which he loved very much and which he took care of.

- Can I talk to your boys, p[lease? Nodo, I really want to get acquainted with you and your brother. Would you like to tell em anything? 

Nodar (7-year-old): My mom told me how our house was burning ... And she went there, she wanted to take out of the fire at least something, I was so scared, cried... 

- Thank God, everything is fine with you and your mom. Do you got to school?

Nodar: Yes! I love school! There is a lot of children there, it’s fun. 

– What is your favorite subject? What do you want to be when you grow up?

Nodar: Most of all I love English and Math. When I grow up, I will become a policeman! I will catch bad people!

- What else are you dreaming about?

Nodar: So that we can get our home back... There is only ash left. Everything burned down: our toys and our favorite books, as well as my school computer - I especially feel sorry for it ...

- And what else?

Nodar: About a bicycle! I was saving money to buy it, but my moneybox burned down too.

Andria (4-year-old): My blocks were there ... And a lot of cars! And also, a pajama with teddy bears and a bag for kindergarten!

Tamila: I bought him a new pajama, he had no chance to put it on - and now he is grieving...

- Do you dream of toy cars, Andria? 

Andria: Yes! Sandro gave me cars, but I used to have a lot of different ones. And now I don’t have.

Tamila: Thanks to our neighbors, they helped us, they support us as much as they can. A neighbor boy brought cars to Andria, he cheered him up a little. It was a serious blow for our children, they are very much frightened. The younger one does not sleep well, he screams at night.

- We are so sorry! Tamila, what help do you need first of all?

Tamila: I don't even know what to say ... I have not yet completely recovered from the shock. I can’t come to terms with what happened. We were left in the street with two children. Now our only income is an allowance of 100 GEL We had a small amount saved up, but it also burned down ... And we have somehow to live, to eat something ... Because of the pandemic, my husband does not work. We will be grateful for any help. For absolutely everything. We have absolutely nothing left. But I am grateful to God that we are all alive, safe and sound. Anything could have happened! It's even scary to imagine.  I am very grateful that you came to support us. Now warmth and empathy of people is especially important for us!


Friends, the Jokiladze family has lost everything. Their house, their belongings, everything that they have got over many years of hard work, everything was taken by fire. They have absolutely nothing left. The family found themselves in the street with two young children, wandering among neighbors and relatives. How long should they wander? God only knows. Now they really need our support!

The Jokiladze family needs any help: food, the most basic things, because they actually have to start life from scratch!

You can visit and provide all possible help to the Jokiladze family.Their address is: Khelvachauri municipality, village Akhali Sopeli, 5th dead end of Avgia.

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support the Jokiladze family too, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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