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"In a scary, scary forest, in a scary, scary house, scary, scary people live..." Do you remember this horror story from childhood? Today we will tell you about such a house. But there are no scary people in this house. Children live there, they are not scary at all, they are just beautiful Georgian children.
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"In a scary, scary forest, in a scary, scary house, scary, scary people live..." Do you remember this horror story from childhood? Today we will tell you about such a house. But there are no scary people in this house. Children live there, they are not scary at all, they are just beautiful Georgian children.

There is fear in their eyes... in the eyes of children and their parents. “What are they scared of?” - you can ask. They fear dying of hunger, cold, and disease. Even the harmless cold can end fatally for them because they will not have money to buy the most common fever pills!

Those who should take care of 2-year-old Mate and 9-year-old Victoria seem not to notice them. They assigned them an allowance and that’s it! And their mom and dad can’t give them all that parents usually give to their children. Mom cannot leave the children alone, and their dad is seriously sick - he has thyroid cancer. They only have each other.

Here is the puzzle again: how can four people stretch for a month an amount that is not enough even for one day for those who assign such a meager allowance?

- Makvala, could you please tell me how did you find yourself in such a... such a complicated situation?

Makvala: I never thought that I would have to raise my children in such conditions. In a tiny damp cold room, in hunger... You can see for yourself where and how we live. It used to be some kind of a garage or a barn... Kind of a service area. I only can say - it’s cramped, but it’s better than nothing. The worst thing is that we are just surviving from allowance to allowance. I managed to stretch it for at least half a month before, and then borrow and cope somehow. Now, the prices for everything have risen so much, and my husband was left without any opportunity to get any part-time job, so I simply have no food to give to my children! I have so many debts in the grocery shop, that I simply won’t be able to cover them with our allowance! And I take the most basic and the cheapest foodstuffs there.

- Is the allowance your only income today?

Makvala: Unfortunately, yes. You can’t find a job in a village. My husband is a jack of all trades, he learned to fix computers by himself. But where to work here? Everyone knows each other. If he helps someone here, it is whether free by an acquaintance or on credit. It’s impossible to make any money here... Besides that, he has a toxic thyroid nodule. For two and a half years he was treated with medications, and he seemed to feel better. And now again he suffers constant headaches, high blood pressure, weakness, he gets tired quickly... And I have a bunch of diseases too. All this is the result of my youth spent in dire poverty. I had to earn a living by hard work for a penny. I used to live in a cold basement.

- And what about your parents, your relatives, Makvala?

Makvala: My mother died recently... (Makvala burst into tears). My father has cancer, he needs care. I also have two sisters and a brother, who is second category disabled. We are refugees from Abkhazia, my brother was then taken prisoner and they beat him severely... They hung him up by his legs. Since then, he suffers epilepsy and nervous disorder. Things were not easy for my older sister either... Her husband is a diabetic, they are socially disadvantaged, like us. But the youngest sister took care of our parents. She twice went to Turkey for work, saved money for our father to be operated on, and now she rents a small apartment, she took father to her place, and devotes herself to taking care of him. It requires a lot of money.

- How did you find yourself here?

Makvala: My husband and I have been living in this building for six years. It so happened that we were unable to pay the rent. I am a refugee, I do not have my own place to live, and there are so many people living in our parents' apartment that we simply do not fit there: my father-in-law, brother with wife, and little children.

At first, we thought we’ll live here for a year, and then maybe we’ll get an apartment, we’ll live like other people ... But alas, I have been waiting for that for 28 years! And here you see - there is no space here at all! There is mold on the walls, it’s damp, it is impossible to heat this room, our children constantly get sick, especially Mate. We have already been so many times in hospital with bronchitis!

- And what about your husband’s parents home?

Makvala: Oh, it's so crowded there!  We certainly have nothing to do there! My father-in-law, brother-in-law with wife and little children... We can’t live there. In addition, we do not have the warmest relations. There used to be an old motorcycle here, we used it as a utility room, a garage, a storage room - you can call it whatever you want. At first, we rented an apartment, but Victor did not succeed in finding a stable job, and I am all sick. So, we decided to live here. Everything you see around - we’ve got a little bit from here and a little bit from there. Neighbors, acquaintances gave us the remains of tiles, wallpaper, some things... The floor is actually earthen. Mate is still a baby, he does not understand much, but Vika suffers a lot. My poor girl, they mock her, they ask her directly: “How do you manage to live there?” That’s how we manage - we have no other place to go.

- You mentioned that you have some health issues...

Makvala: Oh, it’s a long story. You simply will not have enough time if I start telling you everything in detail. When we fled from Abkhazia, our relatives sheltered us in Samegrelo. The house was located right next to the border. The power structures people committed atrocities, broke into houses, robbed, beaten, and God knows what else... We had to hide in barns and sheds, sleep on the bare ground. You heard explosions and shots right above your ear. I could not stand it for a long time, so I moved to Tbilisi and entered an art school - I always drew well. Then I entered the Pedagogical University but did not finish my studies - in the 4th year I found myself in hospital with pneumonia and a lot of complications. They literally brought me back from the next world.

I had to live on something. My uncle sheltered me for a while, but then I had to rent a room. I used to study and work as a saleswoman in a grocery store during the day, and spent the nights in a terrible, cold, damp basement - I had no money for anything better... There I got pneumonia and sepsis. I thought I would die. Then I had my gall bladder cut out, then it turned out that my blood sugar level was high, I had liver problems, my eyesight deteriorated terribly... I even refused when Victor asked me to marry him - I thought that I didn't have long to live...

- Could you please tell me how did you meet your husband? How did you decide to start a family?

Makvala: Friends introduced us. We immediately liked each other. We kept company with each other, we were friends, but when he confessed his love to me and asked for my hand in marriage, it was a shock to me. (Laughs.) I asked him: “Why do you need me? I am sick. I won’t be able to give birth to children, I am exhausted, my health failed, I will simply die in your arms in a year!"

- But he still managed to win over...

Makvala: He was adamant, he romanced me for six years, he said he didn't care what happened next. He said he would become my nurse if necessary. Finally, I succumbed to his persuasion. Soon our angel Vika was born! The doctors suspected I had fibroids, they said that the nodules were enlarged, and that the uterus would have to be removed... But we had neither money nor time to visit doctors. Six years later, I started having dizziness and nausea. I felt terribly bad, I went to the doctor, and she waved her hands at me: “There is a third nodule, you have to be operated on urgently!” I was 43, I could not imagine that I was pregnant again.

They examined me for a long time, and then it turned out that the “third nodule” was Mate! I carried him and gave birth to him while the doctors kept saying: “You won’t be able to! Giving birth to him will kill you! At your age! He will certainly have Down syndrome!” Until the fifth month of pregnancy, doctors persuaded me to have an abortion, but I stood my ground, said that I would give birth to him, even if it would cost me my life!

Just look how wonderful he is! So smart, such a mischievous child! Our children are our wealth. They are both very talented, I hope that everything will work out in their lives... I cannot work, so I devote all my time to studying, reading... Vika is a very good student, the teachers always set her up as an example to everyone. I am grateful to the Lord for this priceless gift! There is no greater happiness in a woman's life than children!

- Could I talk to your daughter, please? Vika, we really want to get acquainted with you. Could you please tell me about yourself? How do you study? What is your favorite subject?

Victoria (9-year-old): I love school so much! Mom says that you need to study equally well in all subjects, and I do my best! Most of all I love Math and Arts.

- Have you already decided what do you want to become when you grow up?

Victoria: Yes! An archaeologist.

- Oh, what an interesting profession! Do you know what archaeologists do? How did you learn about this profession?

Victoria: I watched a cartoon. They make excavations and find ancient things, sometimes they find whole cities! And sometimes they find treasures. Maybe I’ll find a treasure too and then I will buy everything for my brother, and my daddy and my mom.

- What else are you dreaming about, Vika?

Victoria: I also really want to have my own room where I can read, do my homework... Because when Mate gets to my books and notebooks, he tears them up. I put them on the highest shelf, but soon he will reach there too! He is a widget!

- Do you like reading?

Victoria: Yes! I like it the most! I have a book about the princesses, and I know it by heart. Every evening before going to bed I flip through, and look at the pictures...

Makvala: Vika is an amazing child, she never asks for toys, but only for books... On the allowance payday my children know that they will get a small bonus: I buy some sweets for them... But when Vika saw this book about princesses in the store... She said: "Mommy, just buy it for me, I won't ask for sweets for two months!" What could have I done? Because of this little book, I had to give up not only a couple of sweets, but also washing powder. It would seem like that it is not an expensive book, but for our budget its cost is quite a lot!

- And what about you, Mate? Do you go to kindergarten? Do you love sweets and books too? (The baby immediately hides behind his mom).

Victoria: He is shy! (Laughs.) I will answer you instead of him. Mate loves sweets and toy cars! You should see how happy he is when our neighbors treat him with something.

- You have wonderful children, Makvala! I am sure all their dreams will come true! Could you please tell us how can we help you right now? How can we make your life easier?

Makvala: You can see for yourself how we live. I am already accustomed to anything, but my heart hurts for my kids. Money is enough for nothing, sometimes I don’t even have food to give them! But they are growing up now, they need vitamins. We will be grateful for any help, but first of all, we need foodstuffs. And I permanently need medications. To raise my children, I must be able to stand on my feet too. Mate needs diapers. And you know how expensive they are. I think, that’s all... I am embarrassed to bother you.

- Makvala, do not be shy, tell me what else do you need in ... let's say, in your house?

Makvala: Since you insist, I'd love to have a bunk bed. Vika sleeps on a broken sofa, better say on planks. Mate is still a baby, so I put him to sleep with us. But they really need beds, and in such cramped conditions... There is almost no space to put them.

- Makvala do you believe in the kindness of strangers?

Makvala: It’s only thanks to kind people that I am alive today! When I found myself in hospital, my neighbor pawned her expensive ring and paid for my treatment, although she also has kids. Another friend of mine gave me a fridge, which she could have sold. We never have money for children's clothes, our friends give us what their children grow out of... I believe - how is it possible to not believe?

If not for dire need, I would never have bothered you, God knows that! But when I saw to how many unfortunate people your readers help, a spark of hope lit up in my heart - maybe they will learn about us and, perhaps, they will decide to support us too. We need it now more than ever!


Friends, the Alpaidze family found themselves in a very difficult situation, they need our help and support. They have to huddle in a tiny, damp and freezing garage with two little kids in their arms.  9-Year-old Victoria and 2-year-old Mate are deprived of absolutely anything - normal food, clothes, toys. The girl has to sleep on an old broken sofa. Mother Makvala needs to permanently take medications.

The Alpidze family will be grateful for any support. They need foodstuffs, diapers for a baby, medications. The children also need beds, linen, and bedding.

You can visit them and provide all possible help to the Alpaidze family.Their address is: Gardabani Municipality, village Sartichala, Radiosadguri settlement, garage in front of the first block.

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Not all people are the same. Not all of them are as kind as we are. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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(Purpose: the Alpaidze family).

You can also transfer money from our website.

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support the Alpaidze family too, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

One call saves life - 0901 200 270.

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