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Mom and her two kids live worse than in prison

They survive in unbearable conditions which are worse than in prison with 280 GEL for three persons per month.
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They survive in unbearable conditions which are worse than in prison with 280 GEL for three persons per month.

Old wooden windows covered with cellophane, a rotten roof that can collapse at any moment, holes in the wall, a leaking ceiling, and no amenities at all. Natia Sadagashvili (31) has been living in such conditions for several years now with her two children, 6-year-old Tazo and 16-year-old Mariam. It is impossible to imagine that anyone can live in this building.

“Will you really help us?” - Tazo, a boy with an incredibly beautiful eyes asks me. He sits next to the stove stretching his hands towards the fire – “Mommy says you do lots of good things. It means you will help us too, right? Because it seems that nobody needs us”. 

His words made my heart hurt. I was about to burst into tears. How can one stay indifferent seeing in what conditions this nice kind people leave?

Natia is raising her children alone. Lots of trials fell to her lot. She admitted that she almost stopped believing in a better future. But thoughts about the children who need their mother so much gives the poor woman the strength to fight all misfortunes. Natia keeps knocking on all the possible doors but all in vain - the authorities remain deaf to her pleas. The woman addresses our Fund in despair hoping that kind people will help her.

- Natia, how do you and your children live in such conditions? 

Natia: We live like in prison. New day – a new trial. We just survive. It has been 18 months since my husband and I divorced. This building used to belong to my parents. But living conditions here are unbearable. You can see for yourself - the roof leaks and is about to collapse. We somehow fixed the holes in the ceiling and covered the windows with cellophane. We heat the house with the wood stove. But it still blows inside. We have only two rooms here: one where we all sleep and the second one is a kitchen. We have no tap there - it’s outside, so we bring water home with buckets. The toilet is also outside and we have no bathroom at all. We somehow bathe in a plastic washing up bowl. 

- What help do you need first of all? 

Natia: I am embarrassed to talk about my problems! But I still have them, and they are quite significant for my children. We have no appliances at home except an oven and TV. Before you came, we had a fridge which was lent to us. But now they took the appliances back and we are left with nothing. While it’s cold outside the foodstuffs do not spoil, but I have no idea what to do in summer. However, we still can live without a fridge. The main problem now is a washing machine and beds. We all huddle in one bed. The furniture is also old, it creaks and sways all the time. I think it soon will completely fall apart. I’d like to have a bunk bed for the children. 

I need a washing machine very much. When there are children in the family there is always a lot of laundry. And I just can’t wash by hands. I collect water in the yard, heat it on a stove and then wash. But sometimes I have no choice but to wash in a cold water. Well, besides that we are always short of food. It’s embarrassing to say that. Sometimes I do not eat myself, only for my children to have enough food. 

- Natia, sorry for my question, why did you get divorced with your husband.

Natia: He was drinking, he laid a hand on me, the children were scared. I endured for a long time, partly because I wanted to keep my family together, but also because I really had nowhere to go. But the last straw was the day when he badly hurt my arm. I don’t know how I survived that day. (Cries.) Apparently, God saved me. After this incident, I realized that we needed to escape. 

- How did you meet your husband?

Natia: I was a teenager, he was five years older than me, he lived nearby. We crossed paths quite often, we liked each other. He seemed to me to be an adult and reliable person, a person with whom it is safe to go through life together. He was my first love. I got married quite young. At this age, you don't think about anything, you only live with feelings and dreams about a happy future ... 

- Does he help you in any way now? You or your children?

Natia: No. He has never been a father that children were proud of. Why does he need me? He doesn’t help us with food or financially. He knows in what conditions we live, but he does not care. 

- What do you live on? What is your income? 

Natia: We get a social allowance - 280 GEL total. But tell me please, how to distribute this money the way to have enough for everything. You know, in such conditions one can survive, but not live. Children need clothes and footwear, they need food; they also go to school, and you need to buy so many things for that!
 To be honest, my nerves are already good for nothing! I don’t know what to do. Probably someone will reproach me that the young woman like me could work... I would be happy to have a job! But you can’t find job here, and where can I go to earn money? I have no one to leave my children with and I can’t go together with them. It is not easy you will probably agree with that. 

- What do your children eat? What is your everyday diet? 

Natia: Soups, pasta, and buckwheat... We are always short on money. That’s why I borough the foodstuffs in the grocery shop. 

- Maybe someone of your relatives or friends helps you?

Natia: My parents are not alive. I have a sister - she is married, and her family also lives in poverty. I can’t ask them for help. And no one helps me from my ex-husband’s side, they don’t need us. 

- Did you address the local authorities for help? 

Natia: Yes, I did! I applied to them so many times, but all in vain. No respond! For instance, I have been to the local town hall several times and asked for help to repair our roof - it leaks heavily and can collapse on our heads at any time. An administration says they have no money and they can’t help me. 

– In what do you see the salvation? Do you believe in the kindness of strangers?

Natia: Of course, I believe! I see the salvation in faith and kindness, since the two were inseparable. A lot of kind and empathetic people live here in Georgia. I believe that your Fund and all the kind people will help us. 

You know, I read so many heartbreaking stories at your Fund’s website. I cried. My misfortunes compared with what I have read about are nothing. (Sights) Your Fund helps to so many people! You won’t imagine how grateful I am to you that you did not remain indifferent to my problems.  It gives me hope for the better future. 

- Natia, tell me please about your children. What do they like, what are their hobbies? 

Natia: Mariam dances and paints well. My daughter is very talented! Tazo just entered school. He studies well, is interested in everything, he especially loves mathematics. I am proud of my children! They help me a lot!

Tazo: I will always help my mother and my sister. Because I am a man! Who will protect my mother if not me? When I will grow up, I will earn a lot of money and we will be able to buy any food. We will not starve anymore. 

- Tazo, what do you want to become? Have you already though about that?

Tazo: I will become a policeman. It’s a good profession here in Georgia. I will defend and save people. And my mother will not be afraid anymore that someone offends her. I will always be by my mother and sister’s side. 

- What are you dreaming about, Tazo?

Tazo:(thinks.) About warmth and food. It is always cold in our home - our foot and hands freeze. And I want to eat my fill. I like sausages and sweets. I haven’t eaten yummies for long.


Friends, as you can see, the Sadagashvili family lives in a dire need. We cannot remain indifferent and not help them! They need foodstuffs, home appliances, clothes. Let us help them, show our mercy, give the children a chance to live normally. 

Visit Natia, ask her what does her family need, cheer her up and support her, let her feel that they are not alone and that we will not leave them in trouble. It’s extremely important!

Their address is: Gori Municipality, village Kvakhvreli.

Friends, Chernovetskyi Charity Fund starts charity campaign to help Natia’s family. Country and a people have no future without children! Take care of young generation! Help them to survive! Count them as your family. And we are sure that God will bless you!

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

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