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Superfluous man in Georgia.

June 2, 2021       1190
“Sometimes I dream that I'm walking again... Then I open my eyes and try to move my leg and arm. But nothing comes of it... It hurts when I realize that that was just a dream. And I get depressed. It feels like I became a hostage to my own body,” - says 31-year-old Goga Berishvili. The man’s eyes get wet. He tries to hide them, but you can hear despair in his every word.
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“Sometimes I dream that I'm walking again... Then I open my eyes and try to move my leg and arm. But nothing comes of it... It hurts when I realize that that was just a dream. And I get depressed. It feels like I became a hostage to my own body,” - says 31-year-old Goga Berishvili. The man’s eyes get wet. He tries to hide them, but you can hear despair in his every word.

In a second, Goga's life was forever divided into two - before and after. He was diagnosed with a stroke, although initially the doctors did not think it was a stoke - the man was too young. After a stroke, Goga got paralyzed: he does not feel the entire left side of his body from head to toe. The young man can neither move nor eat on his own. He constantly needs help. Gogi’s mother Mtvarisa is by him all the time, she does not leave her son even for a second.

For the past six months, Goga does not live, he just exists. Every day a young man struggles for living a full life. He has a chance to get back on his feet! But Goga urgently needs to take an expensive rehabilitation course. There are professionals and medical procedures that can help this young man. But its price is a problem - the amount is unaffordable for this family. Their only income is a social allowance - 30 GEL, which is not enough either for medications or even for food.

“I beg all the friends of the Fund: pray for me, so that my dream of walking on my own will come true!” - pleads Goga.

- Goga, what a misfortune brought you to us?

Goga: About six months ago my life turned into a real nightmare. I started having problems with my health. Doctors say I have a chance for recovery. The worst thing is that I know that there is a chance, but I have no money for treatment.

- How did you learn about your disease?

Goga: I had a microinfarct when I was a student. I had some problems with my studies, I was very nervous then, and, apparently, it was the result of the excitement. I was in the hospital, they prescribed me medications, and soon I recovered. I felt good after that, I had no more health problems.

However, seven years later I was struck by another disease, which was much more severe. My brother and I were walking around the city and suddenly, for no apparent reason, I felt bad. I remember a severe headache, my arms and legs became limp, and I lost consciousness. My brother told me later that my face became distorted: the left side - the eyebrow, the corners of the mouth and eyes - went down ...

I came to senses in the hospital. Doctors diagnosed me with a stroke - the brain damage was quite extensive. As a result, I was paralyzed. The left side of my body has ceased to obey me - I do not feel anything. I can’t walk, move, or dress on my own, I cannot even eat myself. I became completely disabled.

- How do you feel now?

Goga: It's hard... Sometimes it hurts so much that it makes you scream! It’s unbearable! Sometimes I feel heat in my limbs. But the feeling of helplessness is worse than pain. I have an older brother who cannot work for health reasons. It was me who was supposed to support my family. But now I, myself cannot do without someone’s help. This kills me! If not for my mom...

- What do the doctors say?

Goga: They say that it is very important not to waste time, because in case of stroke any day counts. The earlier I start treatment, the more chances I have of recovery. Doctors say that because of my young age I have a chance to recover completely if I have a proper treatment. But medical services are quite expensive. I have no such means. Sometimes at some moments I feel something in my limbs, sensitivity is back... It seems to me that this is the way my body gives me signs that all is not over yet.

- What means do you live on?

Goga: People helped me. When I had a stroke, I was with my parents in Zugdidi. Later they transported me to Tbilisi, and my mother moved here with me to take care of me. Our neighbors and friends, having learned about my illness, raised money, and thus paid for my treatment. And in January of this year, another tragedy happened in our family - my father suddenly died. This was a real blow to all of us! Our neighbors, relatives and simply not indifferent people raised money again, so we could burry my father. And the rest of the money my mother spends for my treatment. So we live. Better say - so we exist.

Is it your house?

Goga: No, we rent it. It can be hardly called a house. Just one tiny room that barely fits one. But we are two here - me and my mom. We cannot afford anything better. It is damp and cold here, we have these two beds, a small table, cabinet, and sink. That’s it! Bathroom and toilet are in the yard, we share it with neighbors.

- Does the state help you?

Goga: They pay a social allowance - 30 GEL. I don’t get a disability pension or any other aid.

Goga’s mom, Mtvarisa Jinjoria, 52, joins our conversation.

Mtvarisa: I have addressed all sorts of authorities many times, but I did not succeed in breaking this freezing wall of indifference. Services which can and should help people like us do not pay any attention to our troubles. And 30 GEL per month - what that money can be enough for? My son constantly needs medications, rehabilitation courses, which we cannot afford. How should we live like that? I can’t even work - I have to take care of my son.

My husband died because he could not cope with this experience. The man died in just a couple of hours... How many more losses do we have to go through?! I can't stand it! (Cries)

- We are so sorry, Mtvarisa! Is your son’s treatment the only thing you currently need help with?

Mtvarisa: This is the most important! You see in what terrible conditions we live. But the most important thing for me is my son’s health! I don’t need anything if only he gets well.

That’s why we really need help. My son needs special medications, rehabilitation courses, medical consultations. But we have no money for that. I hope that you and the friends of the Fund will help us! You are our last hope! (Cries)

You know, my son shares his dreams with me. He is always sad -  he is about to fall into despair. I am mother and it hurts me to see my son in such a state. I hope that our compatriots will help us.

- Goga, do you believe in the kindness of strangers?

Goga: Yes, of course! Since I got ill, just ordinary people were those who helped me. I pray every day and I ask God to help me to get well! I’d like to ask everyone, who reads this post - please, pray for me! I want to become able to walk again and to live a full life!


Friends, a young man Goga Berishvili found himself in a terrible situation. The stroke broke him down and made him unable to move and live a normal life. He needs help! Goga believes that you will not leave him in trouble and will help him. Don't be indifferent! Respond to the trouble of the Berishvili family!

Goga is in dire need of an expensive examinations, medications, and rehabilitation treatment. He dreams of getting back on his feet and living the life that he is now deprived of.

Over time, you can visit George yourself. We will gladly provide you with his address. It will be very noble! In the meantime, he must start his treatment and improve his condition at least a little. Any concern will badly affect his health!

And one more important thing, friends! Don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

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