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June 24, 2021
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For a month and a half, he has been operated on for 18 times, 18 time he got anesthesia... His lungs were cut out piece by piece: first one, then another. Now he has a quarter of his lung left. He survived 18 deaths. He's alive now. But he doesn’t have much time left. He knows about it, and his mom and dad know... You have to be very strong to live with that.
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For a month and a half, he has been operated on for 18 times, 18 time he got anesthesia... His lungs were cut out piece by piece: first one, then another. Now he has a quarter of his lung left. He survived 18 deaths. He's alive now. But he doesn’t have much time left. He knows about it, and his mom and dad know... You have to be very strong to live with that.

You need to have nerves of steel to live with the thought that your 16-year-old son will die, that he cannot be cured, that everything will be over soon... And everything depends only on how strong his heart is.

“I'm sick,” says Irakli. – “Now I cannot get out of bed, I am weak. But I have a dream. I have this dream it since childhood. I kept dreaming of saving up money and buying an electric scooter. So, I close my eyes and imagine that it is in the yard and that I get up, run up to it, sit down and then - wroom! I'm riding it and the wind blows in my face. But now I have no scooter, no health. Irakli will not be here for long... You know how I want to live my last days as a normal person..."

Wait, we will take a breath, come to our senses and continue the story... A story about a 16-year-old guy who lives waiting for death. We will tell you about his experiences, about how you can lose everything in one minute... Brace yourself. Listen!

Heart, don't you dare stop beating!

January 1st, 2021. Lots of fun and noises. We sang songs loudly, congratulated each other on the New Year. Suddenly this joyful sounds were overlapped by Irakli's doomed cry for help: "Mom, I feel bad, help me!" He started vomiting with blood, we started panicking, one hospital, another hospital - no one could help him. In Batumi, they punctured his lung so that he could breathe and live while they were transporting him to the hospital in Tbilisi...

Tamila: The year began with this nightmare. My perfectly healthy son started dying in my arms. My healthiest, kindest and most beautiful son. How could this happen to you?

Now everything is in the hands of God

Irakli: Mom, don't cry, don't be dramatic. Everything will be fine.
Everything's gonna be alright. I can handle.

- Irakli, tell me about yourself. How do you feel?

Irakli: I wish it was better. Everything hurts, but I try to stand that. I don't want to make my mom and dad upset. It was so good before I got ill. We lived so well...

- How did you live before you got ill?

Irakli: I went to school, I had friends, I worked in a cafe with my mother, helped her, saved money for my dream - a scooter.  And suddenly one day it all ended like that.

- Don't say that, Irakli. It's not over yet.

Irakli: Have you seen our house? How many kilometers did you walk to get here?  You know how scary it is to realize that if I will feel bad, and my mom and dad will start worrying again because they cannot take me to the hospital. I know that I am not here for long, but the time that is left I want to live in a normal conditions, next to a normal road where an ambulance can arrive.

What if the ambulance doesn't come on time?!

- And what were you dreaming about before you got ill?

Irakli: Eh, does it matter... Are you really interested? Really? You know, after I felt bad, no one communicates with me, except for my mom and dad. My friends were not around. And sometimes you just want to talk to someone. I just want to dream about something.

- Irakli, I am your friend, our readers are your friends. Share your dreams with us. What have you dreamed about?

Irakli: My most cherished dream since my childhood was to have a scooter! And you know, I still dream about it! I know that I cannot walk. I am too weak now. I know that I need tremendous efforts just to get out of bed. But if I knew that there was a scooter behind this door, I would probably jump out of bed and sit on it... You know how much I dream about it ...

-Is it not dangerous!?

Irakli: Not of course. I can teach you if you want. Promise me, if I get better and have a scooter, you will come and I will teach you how to ride! Agree?

- Of course, Irakli. How can I turn your offer down - we are friends! And I really want to learn how to ride a scooter!

Irakli: I am so glad. It’s so nice to hear that!

- My friend, could I talk please to your mom?

Irakli: Of course. You made me feel so motivated.

When you are sick there is no one near you. Even your friends don’t need you.

- Tamila, he is so wonderful! So strong and optimistic.

Tamila: You are right, and that’s the hardest thing to see. He has always been the life of the party. Before the last operation, he refused to go to the ward, until the doctor told him the truth. And the truth was terrible... "It is impossible to cure you, you will live as long as your heart can work." Irakli almost jumped out of the window. He started beating the wall with his fists, cried, but then pulled himself together and said: "Well, if that's the case, I'll fight as long as I can, and I'll live as long as I can."

- I can imagine how he feels. And how you feel as well... I have no words.

Tamila: I and Irakli’s stepfather, who is like father to him, do not leave him. We sold absolutely everything for his operations: appliances, furniture, everything of value. Now we don't even have enough money for food. Can you imagine how terrible it is? Kind people help us. And look where we live: seven kilometers away form a normal road. It is impossible to live here even for healthy people, imagine how it with a seriously ill son...

When the weather is bad it you have to walk seven kilometers to reach Irakli’s house.

- What about the state?

Tamila: The state assigned him 50-GEL-allowance. And did not assign him pension.

- Tamila, what do you need most right now?

Tamila: The only thing that can help us now is to settle in some place where an ambulance can drive up if my son gets sick.
We also need an oxygen tank and food.

- You haven’t got any appliances...

Tamila: How can I say that? I can lose my son soon ...

"I can lose my son soon"

- Tamila, what are you dreaming about?

Tamila: So that his heart does not stop...

(Having said these words, Tamila could not hold back her tears. She burst into tears... And Irakli asked: “That's enough, my mother is very worried, and it hurts me to look at it.”)

- Irakli what wish would you make?

Irakli: I have one wish, but it is very tricky. I want to teach you riding my scooter. Do you see? It means that I’ll be well, I’ll be able to walk on my own and I will have enough strength to hold you. It also means that I will live in a normal place. Will we really be friends as long as I live?

- Irakli, after we publish this story, you will get hundreds of friends!

Irakli: I will be happy! Indeed!

* * *

Friends, Irakli needs you as no one else! He needs our support and our presence.

You can visit this hero yourself and become his true friend, he needs to have friends the most now. His address is: Ozurgeti Municipality, village Shroma.

At the moment, most of all, he needs to change housing. Maybe some of you, friends, could offer him an apartment or pay the rent?

Irakli needs to breathe so that his life is not painful! His quarter of a lung can't cope. So, we start raising funds for an oxygen tank, medications, a comfortable bed and household appliances. And, of course, an electric scooter! Lord will condemn us if the dream of this courageous young Georgian man, doomed to death, will not come true! He wants so much to teach us to ride scooter and to love life!

We know, his diagnosis is unpromising. But we can do even the impossible for the most wonderful guy, right? Who will help us with that? Our Lord, of course! Because it was Him who made you read this story to the end.

Don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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