Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Georgian lepers living in hell!

August 5, 2021       1709
Friends, when you see what a life these unfortunates have, you will certainly get horrified! They are lepers. Not for us - people who know that there is God, but for officials who are obliged to help them! Will we leave them in trouble and turn our backs on them as well? Just look at the photo.
₾ 7,724.01
ია ლაგვილავა
a day ago
₾ 3
ზურაბ გვენეტაძე
2 days ago
₾ 1
სალომე ჭურაძე
2 days ago
₾ 15
ჩადუნელი დიმიტრი
8 days ago
₾ 3
ქეთევან ფაცინაშვილი
10 days ago
₾ 10
ვანო ცერცვაძე
11 days ago
₾ 20
#Ill adults

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