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Martyr Anna was born!

August 10, 2021
Her life starts and ends in every 30 seconds! Anna does not talk, but apparently, she understands a lot and expresses her emotions very strongly. Her grandmother also understands a lot - including how much strength she still needs to cope with everything.
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Her life starts and ends in every 30 seconds!

Anna does not talk, but apparently, she understands a lot and expresses her emotions very strongly. Her grandmother also understands a lot - including how much strength she still needs to cope with everything.

When you see a restless child, at first glance you might think that she is just naughty. And then you get embarrassed: if you cannot notice the disease, this does not mean that there is no disease!

Anna suffers a lot, and the whole family suffers along with her: her mom, her dad, her grandmother, and her brother Mate. One can say she was born three times! Her twin brother who had multiple pathologies died when their mother was giving birth to them, but doctors managed to save her. When she was two days old, she was operated on for the first time. Then she was operated on for the second time and two years later for the third time. Her entire belly has been stripped, she has developmental delay, but her main problem right now is that she cannot remember anything. She does not remember what meal she had just second ago, she does not remember that she sang a song just now... The only thing she remembers for sure is that she loves her grandmother.

  Martyr Anna was born...

Anna does not remember whether she ate or no. Her memory lasts for 30 seconds. During that time she only manages to remember that she loves her grandmother a lot!

In reality is grandmother Izo is not a grandmother, she is a guardian angel of her family. She is mother of her son and his wife; she is mother of her grandchildren. They love her and they know that they won’t be able to cope without her.

Izo: My daughter-in-law Mako was 16 years old when she entered my house. Since then, she is my daughter. That’s why I took care of her and my grandchildren. They are a meaning of my life.

-Could you please tell me about Anna? She looks like a widget.

Izo: This misleads many people. That is why I hesitated for so long whether it was worth asking for help at all... They might say: “What’s a problem? Many people are in a worse situation.” But, you know, we are in a desperate situation right now, and I'll explain it to you why.

“Grandma, I love you,” - the little beauty manages to say only that. And immediately a new day starts for her!

- Yes, let's talk about everything in order...

Izo: Anna was born on January 10th. Her twin brother who had multiple pathologies died on the same day, he only lived for a few hours. Almost immediately after this tragedy Anna went unwell too. The doctors said that her intestines were not working. Next day she was operated on - the doctors brought her bowel out. Two days later it became necessary to operate on her one more time. The doctors said we were striving in vain, they said Anna was not here for long. With a diagnosis she had and with that doze of anesthesia, a chance for her to survive was about 10 percent. "That's a lot!" - I did not back down. Ten percent is a lot!

- How did Anna manage to deal with that?

Izo: She's a fighter! She is a warrior! She is the chosen one of God! The doctors did not even expect her to come to senses after the anesthesia. Can you imagine that? And she opened her huge brown eyes, looked at the doctor and smiled... That day I cried all the tears and "tore" all my nerves.

- If we leave nerves apart - it probably did cost you a fortune?

Izo: Don’t even ask me that. Over the years, we have spent 180 thousand dollars for Anna's treatment. We sold everything we had: the house, the car, all the valuables, we got in bank debts. But her suffering did not end there. When she was 2.5 years old, she was operated on for the third time. Now at least all her guts are in place...

They said that this girl was not here for long, that it was not worth fighting for her life.

- She's so cheerful!

Izo: You are right, but she suffers a terrible disease - schizencephaly. Her brain is damaged, she has no memory. She can't talk. She needs rehabilitation, frequent visits to the doctor and expensive examinations to avoid the complications. And not only do we have no money for doctors, but we don’t even have money for transport. My son, Anna's father, works, but his salary covers only the bank debts. We don’t get social allowance. Well, sometimes I dream about forgetting everything... Forgetting all the pain, all the suffering.

- Izo, could you please tell us how Anna’s typical day goes? What are you usually doing?

Izo: Anna’s life is an endless game. Look how many toys she has! They gave her these toys at development centers. Knowing about our situation, knowing that we were unable to attend procedures they just told us: “Maybe you will train at home”. Of course, it is not enough, but without that the child will be doomed. She needs to train her brain all the time.

“Green, red, green, red... green, red...” - and Anna forgot everything

Izo: It is very difficult to explain. If someone comes to visit us, he will think that as far as it is tidy here and the children look happy, then everything is okay. Now you probably understand why I did not dare to write to you for so long. But even the very basic things are so hard for us. Even feeding Anna is quite complicated thing.

“I am not hungry”

“I am hungry”

- Everything is in a perfect order here! If a person lives in poverty and needs help, this is not a reason to live in mess!

Izo: If you only knew what a hard work it is. I am disabled. One of my hands doesn’t work. It is a real torment to me to wash in a cold water with hands. My daughter-in-law cannot do that - she got a spine injury due to birth giving, so she can’t do any hard work. She is young and has her whole life ahead of her. I will do my best until I am alive.

- It means that you need a washing machine.

Izo: I will never dare to ask anything for myself, I addressed you only for the sake of Anna. As I said before, she needs to be examined regularly, so that we could have track of possible complications. But the last time when we visited a doctor was eleven months ago - they took a tomography. It costs a fortune. We can’t even afford to buy proper food for the children. The cost of one day of full-scale rehabilitation costs 450 GEL! Can you imagine that? It’s an incredible money! You should be a millionaire to afford such treatment for your child. And the state does not finance that.

- I was just planning to ask you about that. Does not the state help at all?

Izo: What help can we talk about when we are not even qualified as a socially disadvantaged family?

“Show me cube... Cube is green... Cube”

“Repeat after me: “Green cube... Well-done””

- Does Mate realize that his sister is not like other children?

Izo: Yes, he does, and he experiences so much. He sometimes asks; “Will she forget that I am her brother?” It is so sad.

Mate: I ask her all the time: “Who I am?” Anna answers: “Mate. Brother...” - and I am happy. I want it so much her to start talking.

- What else do you want, Mate? For yourself.

Mate: I want very much to be an adult. I would work at a construction site then. And as a policeman. I would help my family. And save money for something.

- What is that “something”? Is it a secret?

Mate: Well, it’s a tablet. I dream so much to have it. You know, Anna can sing. She loves singing songs. But then she forgets that she sang.

“Let us sing together...”

“Please, never forget that I am your brother”


What else to add? What more to say? The most difficult thing is to tell you about diseases and problems that are not visible. This time we did not tell you about a child who lives in terrible conditions in a dilapidated house, a child who suffers terrible pain and cries and screams all day long. No! We showed you positive photos of a little cute widget who suffers a severe disease. And the pain she experiences is not physical, it is psychological. It hurts everyone around her. And she just does not remember. Does not remember her pain.

Friends, I am begging you to not remain indifferent. We must feel this story, this pain with our hearts, because it is impossible to see it with our eyes!

The first thing they need - is Anna’s treatment. A rehabilitation can help! The family also needs foodstuffs, hygiene products, and a washing machine.  Let’s show them our mercy, let’s help them. Let each of us imagine, that they might be our children. It is hard, is not it?  

You can visit Iza and her wonderful grandchildren yourself and provide them with all possible help. Their address is: Tbilisi, Gldani third micro district, block 5, apartment 33.

We are sure that together we will manage to change their life.

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