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I’ll go up the wall with pain!

August 12, 2021
Nona Turashvili, 53, plains. Her voice is constantly trembling. She does her best to hold back her tears, but at some point, the poor woman can't stand it. She puts her head on her hands and bursts into tears... There is so much grief and pain! She keeps crying...
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Nona Turashvili, 53, plains. Her voice is constantly trembling. She does her best to hold back her tears, but at some point, the poor woman can't stand it. She puts her head on her hands and bursts into tears... There is so much grief and pain! She keeps crying...

Then she sighs heavily and looks up at me. There is so much hopelessness and despair in her gaze! It breaks my heart!

“I have terrible pains in my leg, sometimes they don’t let me sleep at night,” - continues Nona. – “I have to take medications that can alleviate my suffering a little. But I don’t have money for medications”.

Nona lives with her only daughter Nina. The girl also has health problems, which don’t allow her to work. The house in which the mother and daughter are huddled is unsuitable for a normal life. The conditions here, to put it mildly, are terrible! The ceiling is leaking, the walls are shabby, the floor is literally slipping from under our feet, they almost have no appliances, and the furniture is so old that is about to fall apart. In order to somehow survive, mother and daughter every day... ask for alms!

It's terrible that in our modern country you can still hear such stories! Nona and her daughter are sick, they cannot provide for themselves. But no one around them wants to lend a helping hand to make life easier for poor women! Do they deserve such a life? Is this a country where poverty is legalized?

Nona: I never thought I would be begging with an outstretched hand. I feel awkward to beg. I am used to earn my daily bread working hard! But my daughter and me found ourselves in such a situation where there was no other way left but to outstretch hand and ask strangers for help.

- Nona, how did you find yourself in such situation?

Nona: I would not say that I used to live richly, but I was able to work and provide for my daughter and me. But lately it has become very difficult, especially after I have had bilateral pneumonia. It happened in October last year. I got sick and found myself in a hospital. The treatment went hard. When I was discharged from there, I got even worse - my old disease began to take a toll on me. When I was a little girl, I had been operated on my left knee joint. I even got a status of disabled. The doctors told me then that I should take care of myself, otherwise everything could happen again, and it really happened after pneumonia. Probably, one disease passed into another... So, I went to the doctors, they prescribed me a lot of drugs. Some of them are so expensive, that I can’t afford them. Suffer or starve? How can I choose? (Cries)

- Nona, please, don’t cry! We understand your feelings, we feel your pain!

Nona: I have no strength left to struggle! Do you understand? I don’t know what to do. How to live? When I found myself in the hospital, I needed money for treatment, but I did not have that kind of a money. So took a bank loan. Now I have to pay it off somehow and manage to survive. But how?

Do you have any income?

Nona: We have a social allowance - 120 GEL. And I also get a disability pension - 140 GEL - which almost completely used to pay off the debt. The only thing left for us is to ask for alms.

- Where do you go for alms?

Nona: There is one small bakery in the city, so we are sitting in front of it. When I can’t go Nino goes alone. Whether it is frost or wind, we go there. We stay there from early morning until evening. This is the way we try to earn money for food and medications. Sometimes people working in the bakery give us khachapuri... I’m hungry, but I don’t eat it, I bring it back home to eat it together with my daughter in the evening.

- Why doesn’t your daughter work?

Nona: She has problems with her mental health, which makes her unable to work. She is not capable. It all started in her childhood. My ex-husband drank heavily. He used to come home late - when our daughter was already asleep - and start shouting, scaring Nino. That lasted for a long time, and then we divorced. But my daughter keeps having mental problems. I didn’t notice them then, but as Nino grew older, they manifested themselves more strongly.

- How did you start a family with him?

Nona: I used to work in a warehouse, and he worked there too. So we met. I can’t say that I loved him, but he charmed me with promises. I, a stupid one, agreed to marry him. At first everything went well, and then he started drinking. He sold everything he had at home, just to buy himself a drink. He mistreated our daughter. I could not resist and left him. I moved to this house.

- Does this house belong to you, or do you rent it?

Nona: It is mine. It used to belong to my parents. They left one half of the house to me and another half to my brother. Neither him, nor them, nor my sister are alive.

- How do you live in such conditions?

Nona: Don’t ask me that! It is not a life, but survival. In winter, when it even slightly snows or rains - everything falls on our heads. The ceiling leaks heavily. There are cracks in the walls, so it blows heavily too. In winter we heat our home with a wood-burning stove, but the house is already old, and sometimes smoke gets into the house, we start to suffocate and have to open the windows and doors to let some air in. And when you open them - it gets cold! All the furniture here is old, worn out. A little bit more, and it will fall apart. We can't even bathe properly. In the room that we have allocated as a bathroom, the floor is falling through. One day we can just go underground. There is no rest for us!

- Do your relatives help you?

Nona: They don’t. Everyone has their own problems and troubles. No one needs me and my daughter. And I am embarrassed to ask them for help.

- Did you address the state for help?

Nona: Yes, sure. We asked them to help us. But they just silently did not do that.

- How do you feel yourself now?

Nona: My leg aches all the time,  and then at some point such pain becomes so strong that it makes you howl. A little bit more, and I'll start climbing the wall! I walk with a stick, I move somehow... There is no other way I can step on the ground. Pneumonia which I had recently also makes itself felt. If it blows a little, I feel as if my lungs are "burning". The pain is terrible!

- Nona, what help do you need right now? How else can we help you?

Nona: We really need medications and food. This is first and foremost! I would also like to ask kind people who will not remain indifferent to our problems - we need a washing machine. Now I wash all things by hand. You know how hard is it for me? With my aching joints, it’s hard for me to lift loads. But I have to carry water, heat it up, then wash a huge amount of clothes. Then at night my leg starts to hurt, so much so that it feels like I am dying!

- Nona, I would like to speak with your daughter. Is it possible?

Nona: I don't think she's in the mood today. Sometimes, it happens, she is not very well... mentally. She is not in the mood to talk to anyone on days like this.

- Okay, I see. What do you believe in?

Nona: I believe in God! I even have an entire corner with icons. I always pray a lot - I ask the Lord for salvation! And I also often pray for other people, that He would save the lives of kind people, children, give them health, and that everyone would be happy. Because my daughter and I are also part of this big world.

- What would you like to tell our readers?

Nona: Take care of yourself and hold on to each other! This is the only way we can save ourselves and help each other! I also want to thank all those who will not remain indifferent to my troubles, and God bless you!


Friends, a lot of sorrows and trials befell this poor family! A mother and daughter, have to go out into the street and beg for alms from strangers in order to somehow survive in this world.

Friends, let's not pass by Nona and Nino! Let’s help them all together in any way we can! Nona Turashvili really needs medications that can ease her suffering. The family also needs food and a washing machine.

You can also personally get to know this family and provide them all possible help. Their address is: Kutaisi, 4 Razmadze Str.

Please repost our article. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support this family too! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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