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If thief will come here, he will cry with pity

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August 20, 2021
Vaziani. People move here when everything goes too bad and you need some place to live, when you need to have just a roof over head. Zhanna and her two little daughters found themselves here, on the edge of life. Luck of love brought her here.
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Vaziani. People move here when everything goes too bad and you need some place to live, when you need to have just a roof over head. Zhanna and her two little daughters found themselves here, on the edge of life. Luck of love brought her here.

The story began long ago, in her childhood. The closest and dearest people made it start. Most terrible memory from that time is a stick over her head.  One drub, another drub, third one, forth one...

“Mom, please stop!!!” - eight-year-old Zhanna screams. But nobody listens to her. Another blow and one more.

She got used that nobody loved her. She got used to strokes of fate. She considers this dying village to be her salvation. She considers this box with shabby walls and a low ceiling with jungle of wires on it, which is about to crush you, with a toilet with no door - her home. A plate with food from her neighbor - dinner. She would never have addressed the Fund herself - her wings are clipped.

“The most important thing is that we are alive” - keeps repeating Zhanna, she believes that good people will not let her, and her two little angels die.

“It is so sad, ma’am... Why are we so poor?!”

Seven years ago, Zhanna moved to this place, which only figuratively can be called house. Everything here is figurative: walls, floor, wiring, toilet. It is impossible to bring this figurative house to some basic order, even if you really want to.

We will start today’s story with describing this “cave”. We can’t call this place home.

Right by the entrance you realize, that you need to be brave, that something really terrible awaits you.

My foreboding had not deceived me: there is nothing whole in this room.

There is no mattress on a bed, no chairs around the table, no glass in the windows, no door in the bathroom, no smiles on the children’s faces. Should I go on?

Words are unnecessary, just look!

Little Elene is sitting in the hole of the sofa as if it was a nest.

You can only have meal standing by the table, in case if you have any food, of course. Today mom poured boiling water to instant noodles.

There is no glass in the window, Elene just rides a window frame.

And this nice fluttering curtain is not a curtain at all - it is a bathroom door.

- Zhanna, how did you find yourself here? What is your fault, why do you have to live here?

Zhanna: I think my fault is that I was born. I had no childhood. Mom left us with our relatives - she started a new family. I always was a burden for her. When I got married, I thought that finally someone would take care of me, but I was wrong. He mocked me, beat me, and then left me with two children in my arms. My mom bought this flat for me. Probably, she tried to make amends this way. It is what it is - no one will let us out from here.

- Is it not scary to live here, with two little daughters?

Zhanna: I have experienced so much in my 28 years - I am not afraid of anything. What should I be scared of?

“Some people are born to live in misery.”

- You can’t lock your door, there is no glass in the windows. The wiring is out of order...

Zhanna: Do you think we would be safer in the street? I have good neighbors here. When I am out of social allowance and have no money left even to buy bread, they give food to my children. They sometimes even allow me to use their washing machine - I don’t even have a plastic basin to wash linen.

- Zhanna, I think it will be much easier to list what you have, than what you haven’t...

Zhanna: You noticed it right. We have a bed, but it is shaky. We use towels and clothes instead of pillows. The girls are not happy with that - they say their heads ache after that. We have one blanket for three of us. We have a table, but we should not touch it - it often collapses. Now I fixed it up somehow, I prop it up with a wall. We have two plates, a fork and a spoon.

Cavemen lived in better conditions

Elene (6-year-old): I want a pillow - brown and blue.

- Don’t you want toys?

Elena: No, I’ve got some. Do you want me to show? Someone threw it away, and I found it and brought it home.

“Someone threw this bunny right on the road. And I found it. I am treating her now! It’s a pity, is it not, ma’am? It is not her fault that someone tore away her ear. It hurts her so much!”

- What is her name?

Elene: Bunny has no name. Come up with something yourself. I can’t.

‘”I don’t know what a Barbie-doll is. What is it, why everyone knows her?”

Do you have any other toys?

Elene: Yes, but they have no names either. Let’s go, I will show you.

“I will assemble a girl now”

- These are pegs. Do you use them instead of blocks?

Elene: I don’t know what the blocks are.

- Have you got a doll? There are wonderful Barbie-dolls, with colorful dresses.

Elene: I don’t know what it is. I want a pillow, a bed, and a cup.

- What does your sister want?

Elene: I don’t know, she does not talk. She probably wants cartoons.

Prisoner without a court sentence. View from the so-called house. Maybe it used to be a little prison? But what has a child to do with that?

Zhanna: If we only had a TV - it would have brightened up the daily routine of my girls. At least they would look at something beautiful.

- Zhanna how can we make your life a little bit easier?

Zhanna: I don’t really know. Look, I cannot tidy up my home. Whatever I do it still remains dirty. I would have changed windows; I would have installed a bathroom door. If only someone could fix the wiring and to attach the wires to the walls, so that it were not so dangerous to be here. It is impossible to clean this floor even using bleach.

I would have put everything nicely in a wardrobe. If there were any foodstuffs, I would have cooked something instead of giving my kids just noodles.

“Ma’am, you should not touch anything here. Something can fall apart, or you can get electrocuted”

- Have you ever lived nicely? Can you recall at least one joyful day in your life?

Zhanna: I can’t. I don’t even have any photos. They never took me for walk in a park. They never gave me toys. I’ve never got toys. And they always bullied me at school. I never had friends. Well, the birth of my children is probably the happiest moment in my life. When I was pregnant for the second time, everyone told me to have an abortion. But I gave a birth. And I am happy I have two kids. How can one kill a child? She has a dimple on her cheek. You know, what does it mean? She will be happy! That’s it!

Zhanna, I don’t even know what to ask you about. Maybe you want to tell something to our readers?

Zhanna: Yes, of course! The only thing I want to ask everyone - please don’t leave your kids! Kids should be together with their parents. No uncle and aunts, no other relatives can give them what their mother can. Maybe I am not a good mother, I can’t raise my daughters like princesses, but I love them! I will never leave them. Despite all the hardships, I will never leave them. You know? Never!

- I though you would ask for something else.  Almost entire Georgia will read this interview.

Zhanna: Oh, well. We need windows. We need beds, pillows - at least two. I am used to sleeping without a pillow. I need something to lay on the floor. And a washing machine. A TV for the girls. But it is not that important. Some foodstuffs. A bit of them. Because I have no fridge either.

- It means that you need a fridge too.

Zhanna: Oh, no! I can’t ask for so many things!

- Well, Zhanna, we will do it for you. The entire Georgia will learn about your living conditions and your needs. Since this day you are not alone anymore. Be sure, you will get many new friends!

Zhanna: I hope so! To be honest, I don’t believe in anything good. Sometimes it seems to me that some people are born to suffer, that they have no right to be happy. I have no right either... But my girls should be happy!


Here we will end our story. It is simply impossible to convey in words all that pain and horror. It is impossible to show it in pictures. You can visit this family yourself. Their address is: Gardabani District, village Vaziani. Caution: it’s better not to go there if you have a weak heart.

Zhanna and her daughters need our help and support. We must save them! They are perishing slowly but surely.

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Not all people are the same. Not all of them are as kind as we are. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

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