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Mommy, make me some cement cheese!

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September 15, 2021
5-year-old Vache thinks that his mom has bad taste - when she tastes noodles or potatoes she always says: “Try it, it is so delicious!” But Vache wishes he never set eyes on either potatoes or noodles.
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5-year-old Vache thinks that his mom has bad taste - when she tastes noodles or potatoes she always says: “Try it, it is so delicious!” But Vache wishes he never set eyes on either potatoes or noodles.

When you need to survive with 200 GEL per month, you have to choose from the cheapest foodstuffs you can get in the store - noodles and potatoes, and even they are not cheap now. Everything gets more and more expensive.

You can't even think about meat or dairy products. And there is no one to ask for...

To distract her son from hunger, the mother came up with an entertainment: they sculpt ladybirds and mushrooms together, with the cement left after the construction works at their neighbor’s place, and then they paint the sculptures. "Can you make cheese?" - asks five-year-old Vache. Cheese is his favorite food - it is even tastier than candies. And his mom gives him just tasteless food every day...

"My heart is torn like this wallpaper"

- Elsa, Vache says you have bad taste...

Elza: My poor one. Every day I try to bring him to a positive mood, I tell him that a food we have today is delicious. I don't want to show him my worries and fears. You know, it's not his fault that his mom can't buy him candy. God knows I do my best, but with no result. We're all alone.

- As far as I know you have no husband.

Elza: You are right, I never had husband. The child’s father has never seen him. But I asked you to come not to discuss that. I’d like to show you in what conditions we live and ask you to help us.

- Elsa, when we came in, we saw a beautiful corner in your yard. Vache said that you are doing this.

To distract her son from hunger, mother learned to sculpt beautiful figures with anything available.

Elza: Oh, are you talking about mushrooms and ladybirds? I came up with this to distract Vache from hunger. Our neighbor had cement and paint left after the renovation at his home. So, we asked them to give it to us. Together we sculpt and then paint. "Can you sculpt cheese?" - Vache asks. Cheese is his favorite food. He likes it more than candies. But we haven’t tried to make cheese yet.

“Mommy said we will sculpt cheese”

- Vache, do you help your mother?

Vache (5-year-old): Yes, our hands are dirty - so much fun. I made this crooked mushroom, is it beautiful? But now we have no paints left, and they are gray and boring.

- Elsa, have you always been living in need?

Elza: We never used to be rich. But we always had a roof over our head.  I used to sell flowers before the pandemic. Beautiful dahlias grow in our yard, I made bouquets and sold them. That's when we lived normally. Well, I was able to buy medications for my mother, and food for my son. And then that pandemic began... What flowers are we talking about when people have no money left for food. Everyone lost their job.

- What is your income now?

Elza: 200 GEL for three of us. A little bit more than two GEL per person per day. My mother needs pills for blood pressure and back pain. They cost a lot. Mom is still a few years away from retirement. Therefore, she does not tell us that she feels bad. What can I buy with this money? I have a good taste, and I cook well, but...

“Mom, how beautiful you are! It's good you have chosen me and not another woman."

Vache: Stop talking about food. Let me tell you poems, and you will give me a bicycle for my birthday. Is it possible?

- When is your birthday?

Vache: I don’t remember, I think it’s in spring. It will come once.

(Vache declaimed a poem about Georgia.)

"ანა-ბანა, ანა-ბანა,სიხარულმაამიტანა, –ჩემიქვეყნისსიყვარულმასადღააღარწამიყვანა.მთაშიჩანჩქერებივნახე,ბარშიია-ვარდისყანა –ესპატარასაქართველორაყოფილაამისთანა!"

- What a wonderful poem! And you are wonderful! I think your dream will come true and you will have a bicycle.

Vache: Mom, come here! Hurry up! If you declaim a poem your dream will also come true!

“Will our dreams come true if we declaim poems?”

What is your mother’s dream?

Elza: Oh, do you know what I've been dreaming about for years? I want to have my own flower shop and a small greenhouse where I can grow flowers. I even considered taking a bank loan for that... But what kind of loan can we talk about when I can’t even keep my child. When you house falls apart and you can do nothing to repair it.

Vache: Mom, show them that the door doesn't work and that I'm afraid. It doesn't close and anyone can come in.

- Who are you afraid of?

Vache: Well, a wolf can come in, or bad men, or cows. They butt and can trample our house!

"There is nothing intact left in this house ..."

- What do you need first of all in your home?

Elza: Firstly, and secondly and probably thirdly we need foodstuffs.

Vache: No, mom! Secondly, we need cheese and a bicycle. And then anything else.

Elza: I dream about a gas stove and a fridge. A washing machine still works but it is not here for long. Furniture is old and it is falling apart, a roof is completely rotten, and you can’t close the door. But how can I talk about that? I know that many people don’t have even that.

Vache: If someone has no toys, I can lend them some. Let’s go! Which one do you like?

“Well. It is not a good idea to lend broken toys, but I have no new ones.”

- You are such a good boy, Vache! Your mom is lucky!

Vache: She often scolds me - she says I am a noisy fidget.

“Come again, please! I will declaim more poems!”


Friends! Let us not leave this family in trouble. Elza and her wonderful lively son Vache urgently need lots of things, but especially they need foodstuffs. They also need beds, a sofa, table, and chairs. A fridge and a gas stove would make their life easier.

You can visit them yourself and provide them with all possible help. Their address is: Gori Municipality, Karaleti village.

We are sure that all together we will manage to change their life.

Please don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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(purpose: Elza Shakulashvili).

You can also transfer money from our website.

It is also possible to transfer money from TBCpay and ExpressPay terminals. Find our Fund under "Charity" section (You can read more about rights and responsibilities of the Fund following the link

We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support this family too! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

We have good news for you - now you can read the stories of our beneficiaries on Instagram:

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One call saves life - 0901200270.

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