Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

You are deaf! Get away from us! We will not play with you!

September 30, 2021       1218
Children are very cruel. They say everything they see and call everything by their proper names. Adults cannot do that. We say: "Nine-year-old Alena cannot hear from birth." And the children in the street point a finger at her and shout: "She's deaf!"
$ 475.99
რევაზ ბერიძე
a month ago
$ 6.46
შეყლაშვილი გიგა
a month ago
$ 3.23
გუძუაძე გოჩა
a month ago
$ 0.97
ქეთევან დიასამიძე
a month ago
$ 0.32
ზუხბაია ალექსი
a month ago
$ 16.15
a month ago
$ 6.46

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