Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Mother of three is about to kill herself!

October 6, 2021       1458
Mom Inga gets 320GEL social allowance for her three daughters and herself. It is somehow enough for two weeks, and then they start starving... If this unbearable living routine lasted a little longer, it would make this unfortunate woman commit suicide without getting out of depression... But she was "lucky" - she was entitled to attend a social canteen, and now she and her daughters can get at least some gruel there. Although it can hardly be called normal food, it still saves them on hungry days.
$ 454.35
ლევან ახობაძე
30 days ago
$ 1.61
გაგა მანაგაძე
a month ago
$ 16.15
გოჩა ოშაყმაშვილი
a month ago
$ 1.61
გოჩა ოშყმაშვილი
a month ago
$ 1.61
გიორგი გაბადაძე
a month ago
$ 0.97
დემეტრე აბაშიძე
a month ago
$ 9.69

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