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Even dogs will not eat that...

October 11, 2021       1259
“Mom, Andria grabbed the entire bread loaf again, now he’ll eat everything himself, he’ll leave us nothing,” - six-year-old Mari calls her mother for help. She knows that she will not be able to cope with her brother alone and that he will not give away the bread himself. Then nine-year-old Giorgi, six-year-old Mari, five-year-old Alexander will be left without bread, and only two-year-old Andria will have his fill...
$ 499.89
ი/მ ლევან ადეიშვილი
25 days ago
$ 3.23
ტატო რაინაული
26 days ago
$ 1.61
დემეტრე აბაშიძე
26 days ago
$ 6.46
ნიკო შელეგია
26 days ago
$ 3.23
ლაშა კუპრეიშვილი
26 days ago
$ 16.15
ირაკლი ჯავახიშვილი
27 days ago
$ 0.97

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